Show #310 : Xbox LIVE Policy, H.A.W.X and Wheelman

This week’s show:
Co-host : e
Special Guest: litheon
Stephen Toulouse stop by to talk about Xbox LIVE Policy
Interview: Thomas Simon, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. (22:01–37:44)
Interview: Shaun Himmerick, Wheelman  (37:44–53:02)
Name the Game
Xbox 101
Much more…

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Link dump (some of the things mentioned in this episode:


  • PiNkEyE69

    None taken.
    My son is happy with the way things are, he said he would rather not hear what other people are saying online as it tends to be quite offensive. As for not making new friends, again he’s not interesting in doing do right now – he’s happy with the mutual people we play with regularly (seeing the majority of my almost full friends list are people i’ve actually met). When he gets to the point where he wants to hear what other random people are saying and make new friends online then we’ll have a talk about it but for now he’s just really happy playing online.


  • zxcoolbird

    major keeps cutting people off lol


  • Resilient 1

    Great show Major. Losing the codes is an awesome idea. Kinda gimmicky in the first place, and honestly your show is one of the best podcasts out there. No freebies necessary.


  • CyberKnight

    Major, have you considered audio books while you work out?


  • Warrengonline

    Good, as long as he is having fun playing, that is the bottom line.


  • Kuji PR

    Awesome show major, and thanks for removing the codes!


  • RidinSlow

    You said on the show that you would post a link to the “future surface” thing with the floating paper? Where’s the link? I’m interested to see what you were talking about.


  • Lethbridge
  • uacostajr52

    BRING BACK LITHEON IT was cool having that younger voice … Well not all the time…


  • Raw 2 Dawg 2

    I think that’s a fine decision about the codes. They got a little obnoxious. I always though you could have made more of a game out of them though. Maybe a scavenger hunt type of thing with clues for the numbers, like “How many people were in the rogue Bad Company squad including you?” (4) Keep up the great work.


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