The Days of Arcade are coming


Starting March 18th, we’re kicking off the Days of Arcade promotion. Much like the Summer of Arcade last year,  (but bigger) the Arcade team has lined up six-weeks of blockbuster titles :


The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai


Hasbro Family Game Night

Lode Runner

Outrun Online Arcade

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

UNO Rush


First out of the gate on March 18th is Hasbro Family Game Night. Following that, I’ll post each Monday what that weeks Arcade release will be.


As you can see, that we’ve got seven titles..for a six-week promotion. The Arcade team decided they’re going to surprise you one week when they double up the fun.



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  • Watson SE

    Kind of looking forward to ‘Lode Runner’ but the one I really want to get is ‘Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers’.


  • DamianIsabel

    once again, Banjo-Tooie was confirmed by Rareware to come out in april, can you contact your sources major nelson?
    it would be nice to get an update, this is my most anticipated title for arcade.


  • SkyyPlum

    Can’t wait for Uno Rush and a few of the Hasbro titles like Yahtzee, Boggle, and Battleship. I heard 800 pts each game on Hasbro, is that right Major? Even if they are 10 dollars each I’ll buy them cause I’ve been waiting a long time for these to come to the arcade. Thanks for the good news Major and not sure if you keep an eye on your old school but the Orange beat Marquette today 🙂


  • G23xF4KH0UR1x23

    UNO Rushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!yeaaaaaaaaaaa


  • Watson SE

    What would be interesting to know is whether. during the six weeks of “Days of Arcade”, we will get no other (i.e. unannounced) Arcade games. I would think so, but it would be good to get it confirmed from an official source. In this case, once the “Days of Arcade” have begun, we know that we can not expect any other games during this period.


  • flashuk1983

    still no 1 Vs 100 then?


  • halfdeath17

    So excited it’s finally coming out.


  • Coilshot

    I was hoping to see 1 vs 100 soon, but this list is good also.


  • Shonk

    Not going to bother if its like the last one

    Any games over 800 wont be getting my cash


  • iamk3w1



  • Exu

    Peggle Deluxe for PC recently had a massive price cut, down to £2.55 for those in the UK and $5.00 for our American cousins.
    But that’s not all, enter the code ‘blitz1’ at the checkout to halve the price to £1.28/$2,50!
    (Not sure what it is in €s but I’m sure a European friend can log in and check…)

    So, Microsoft, about that XBLA version…


  • Binarynova

    “Like the Summer of Arcade, but bigger…”

    Um really? I actually think that the Summer of Arcade’s lineup was leaps and bounds beyond this. But hopefully there are many fans who have been awaiting these games. I just wish that anything on this list jumped out at me as something even worth demoing. That’s kinda disappointing considering I just bought 1600 points that I’d love to use to buy something worthwhile.

    To each their own.


  • HFC

    Loderunner – awesome. That takes me back…

    While we are on the topic of games worth a re-make in glorious HD (and the Miner 2049’er suggestion was a good one). I’d like too see:

    Bubble Bobble.
    New Zealand Story.
    Crystal Castles.
    Rainbow Islands.

    I’d also love to see WipeOut but I guess there are complications with that one.


  • mattricks1983

    Outrun next please! Been waiting so long for it!


  • JockStrap Hawk

    Uno Rush is most welcome 🙂


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