The Days of Arcade are coming


Starting March 18th, we’re kicking off the Days of Arcade promotion. Much like the Summer of Arcade last year,  (but bigger) the Arcade team has lined up six-weeks of blockbuster titles :


The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai


Hasbro Family Game Night

Lode Runner

Outrun Online Arcade

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

UNO Rush


First out of the gate on March 18th is Hasbro Family Game Night. Following that, I’ll post each Monday what that weeks Arcade release will be.


As you can see, that we’ve got seven titles..for a six-week promotion. The Arcade team decided they’re going to surprise you one week when they double up the fun.



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  • JUBS

    Just like Castle Crashers, the best arcade game (The Dishwasher) is probably going to come out last.


  • murph17

    nice one Alvinium. put me down as +1 for Miner 2049’er 🙂


  • SkaMike

    YES!!! Puzzle Quest!!! Dishwasher looks good too!


  • SilentMerc3nary

    Hmmmm…where’s Banjo-Tooie. It’s supposed to be an April release.


  • LausDomini

    I just found out that PopCap Volume 2 is going to have Feeding Frenzy 2, Heavy Weapon, and Peggle – surprisingly I own none of those so gonna save some cash and get the disc.


  • Quicksilver4648

    Uno Rush! THANK YOU!


  • swyzak

    sounds like awesome fun!


  • SAKY

    Glad to see Dishwasher FINALLY make it to XBL

    Battlefield and Quake waiting until “Summer of Arcade”?


  • Computerdude103

    Since when is a crap title such as “Hasbro family game night” considered a blockbuster title? This promo probably just includes games that paid to get advertisement. Microsoft becomes more of a joke.


  • Quicksilver4648

    I will be buying Hasbro Family Game Night, UNO Rush, and maybe Outrun Online Arcade.


  • Bopher1

    Peggle comes out next week, March 11th.

    This 6 week thing starts the 18th


  • xTEC4

    Yeah, finally PQ: Galactrix! Hopefully its in the top part of the release cycle.


  • SuperMuchBrown

    you know … I’ll never understand why you can’t just put things up on the marketplace as they are ready. why does it have to be on a schedule that MS dictates? Once cert is done put it up


  • Turtle502

    Uno Rush! Just need to justify the points now… :


  • Warrengonline

    The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai – “DOUBLE CHECK!”

    Flock – “Hmmmm… possible Check”

    Outrun Online Arcade – “CHECK!”

    UNO Rush – “CHECK!” (plus a few friends, check, check, check, check…)

    Status: Online Party Mode: Now Enabled! Finally some arcade games that have been long awaited and about to be delivered. Hasbro Family, I’ll look and see.

    Thanks for the post Major Nelson… Tell ‘Jeannie’ “Great a good job!” 🙂


  • X Ray Hamburger

    I’m all about Lode Runner. Will probably get Outrun as well. The rest I’m not sure about. Glad to see I’ll be playing Lode Runner finally in the next month.


  • Helvedeshunden

    Hmmm. Four guaranteed sales at 800. Perhaps one more if the demo is good. One sale at 1200. Zero at 1600.

    400? Grabbing them all for the hell of it.


  • JDBizz

    we require peggle updates…


  • tabicat

    Hey Major, you know we’re in a recession, right? That means that these games should be no more than 800 Points each.


  • Nitramuse


    I’m afraid so…


  • JoE 15

    Damn I was hoping Battlefield 1943 would be in this list. Oh well.


  • DamianIsabel

    and where is Banjo Tooie…
    I was so hoping for early april, it seems we will get it later than sooner…


  • ik00R

    i don’t get it? blockbuster titles? but beeing me reading everything about everything it seems like blockbuster is a pretty loosely used term by microsoft….



    Wheres Radiant Slivergun, Space Invaders Extreme, Marvel VS. Capcom 2 and Arkanoid Live. Now if that was the games being released i would have purchased every week. but alas i will try those games out at least.


  • Darth Guybrush

    W00t! Thanks Major!


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