Xbox 360 System update now available (no new features)

A few minutes ago, the team released a system update for the Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE. Sometime over the next few hours when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you’ll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update. This update addresses interruption issues that some Xbox LIVE users may have experienced when playing a limited number of Xbox 360 games.

There are no other changes or enhancements in this update…in other words no new features.

This update will be rolled out to all Xbox LIVE members around the world over the space of a few hours, so you may not get prompted for the update immediately.


Thanks for your patience.



  • SegaMasterSystm

    Lag?? I keep reading about this horrible lag when using the guide button. A lot of people are and have reported this. Yet I have zero lag when I press my guide. If we are all connected to live then we are all running the exact same version of dashboard. There has to be some common denominator here. I’m using an Elite I purchased when Elites first came out..Any one else with one of these have this issue?


  • Pastel360

    A fix to the party chat would be awesome, but we are not getting it on this update


  • CheekyLeeth

    A mandatory update, to fix ‘interruption’ issues, which has interrupted anybody who was playing at the time it went live! I had to lol at this.


  • CompactDstrxion

    SegaMasterSystm from what you tell me your Elite is a Zephyr model 360 (i.e. has HDMI but pre-Falcon) my Premium is like this and I have these Guide freezes.

    The only thing I could think of is that my NAT is moderate but it shouldn’t be causing horrible freezes like this especially as when I clear the cache it solves the problem (but not for long!).


  • Souks83

    My audio through HDMI is still broken.


  • Goodeye84

    I was thinking this was hopefully an update for 1 vs 100. They said spring would be nice to get an actual update on it of when.

    No but this is MS so they probably wont until a couple weeks before and it will probably be a “NXE preview” like thing where only a few get it.


  • troyBORG

    I had an idea for an option that would be nice.

    Let us adjust the video overscan area!

    When I do though HDMI it pushes the video over to the left. (With the Video Calibration App I get almost no red on the left and huge on the right.) With Component it is centered.

    Just add something like they have in that video app where you can move the “edge of the screen” so you can zoom it out so it fits to your screen better.


  • KiloOscarZulu

    Hopefully this fixes the issue I was having with my friend playing RE5 co-op over Live. We can connect and play, but after some random time have elapsed, we would get disconnected. The funny thing was that we would be in private chat and chat session was going fine, and we were both still logged into Live.


  • Louie

    So what does it do exactly?


  • dive4ever

    How about a solution to expired live ID’s. You say this is a new and rare problem, but I have been trying to redeem the same pre-paid card since December 2007 and have always got the same can’t sign in to live error even though I am signed into live when I do it. All the great advances in technology ad we can’t fix this one problem???

    I have no had my red elite for two weeks (I think) and it is still in the box because I cant recover my GTag on it and if I try it will be wiped from the original launch 360.

    I only have another week or so before I will have to return the new one unopened as I am using up my warranty by having it sit on the floor of my office.



  • dive4ever

    by the way, this gamertag is only being used for online forums as the one I have had since beta days can’t be used for anything else due to this problem with live id’s


  • MetalGearFloppy

    Would be nice to know what games have been suffering from these “interruption issues”… all sounds a bit vague to me.

    Any news or even acknowledgment of the marketplace/guide/party chat issues yet Major?


  • X Ray Hamburger

    There needs to be an update where it fixes the error codes lol. My system has been breaking on me for 2 weeks now. Will work for a few minutes than the screen goes to a bunch of random colors, all while the green ring on the console stays green.

    From what I can tell, the way they addressed the RROD is by getting rid of the RROD error code lol. And the way they address their devoted customers is by telling them their console is out of warranty when it really isn’t.


  • Mastaglach820

    Party chat drop outs is due to a lack of bandwidth on a users end. Xbox Live takes games as the priority, so if said person does not have enough bandwidth to support both the game session and chat session, said user gets dropped from the chat session.


  • Warrengonline

    Have you ever gone to a friends and tried to recover your gamertag there? THEN transfer it to a MU (Memory UNIT)? I ask as one of my friends just bought his fiancee the red Xbox360 and he has NOT transfered NOTHING to the system, he just uses his Memory Unit and so far no issues. I will say, your issue sounds ‘special’. Dormant gamertags expire and that recent live id (gamertag association versus expired time log in access seems to sound like your issue. Am I wrong? I would suggest, get your details in order, then call the 18004myxbox and be patient.


  • Turtle502

    applied with no problems. UNO was terrible this past weekend, so hopefully this will fix those problems too.


  • Ark Hunter

    @Absyrtus I’ve had that problem sense NXE was relased. I finally just stopped using the code. I’ll need to start back in a while though as I’ve got a growing baby who likes buttons.


  • dive4ever

    I have spent OVER 20 hours talking to “customer” service over the last 15 months. I believe that I was the first to have the issue.

    RIght from the beginning they have told me that the code is valid, but that I have a “corrupted” GTag because the associated ID went unused.

    I cant use any codes of any type (and I have tons of them for various things because I always buy the premium editions of all the games)

    they even went so far as to threaten to send me to collections because my subscription was overdue. (the credit card expired and I cant change it on the console due to this problem)

    I told the “customer” service rep that I had the new card in my hand and was happy to give it to him so he could update things and he told me that they could not do it on their end that it had to be done on the console. See the problem??

    A week later a manager finally saw the light and changed it there.

    I could buy a memory card and cart it around with me (if it even worked) but I am a stubborn Pri*k and don’t think I should be forced to lay out more money for this problem.

    they should have told us all from the outset that even if we did not use our id for anything else, that to keep it active we needed to log into a site with it every 60 days and none of this would have happened.


  • EtTuBruteshot


    This fixed the issue I was having with the Premium Themes locking up the console when displaying the guide during game play.

    I don’t know if this is directly related to what I emailed you about, but if it is, thanks a whole bunch for the quick turnaround!

    Kudos to Microsoft on this update.



    Will this fix the annoying hang-ups associated with practically anything online with the dashboard? Playing a game and want to see which friends are online? Hangs. Check message? Hangs. Erection? Hangs…hmm, maybe MS won’t be able to fix that last one quite as easily. Too bad.


  • AntiGollum

    Absyrtus, I have the same “double login” problem you do – login from the Guide works fine; login from the “My Xbox” channel requires the password twice. It’s been like that since the NXE beta. I reported it during the beta in the discussions forums that were setup, but it went unfixed.

    There is a second outstanding problem from the NXE beta (which I also reported during that time). Attempting to play unrated video content when the Family Settings are enabled requires I enter a password, even when the “Unrated Video” options is set to “Allowed”. I’d love to see an update that fixes these 2 issues.


  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm, special situation indeed. I’ve had a friend who let his account lapse last year because his credit card expired (that was on his Xbox360 console). It took him about three months before he got it taken care of. I never asked ‘how’ as he had that issue of not being able to update his account with a current credit card. Hmmm… By what you’re saying, I hate to be the bearer of bade news, but you might have to bite it and let it go. I’m sure something could be done, but I’m not an employee or user of verification process of the Live ID aspects. And by Maj’s previous blogcast (a few blogcasts ago), once expired, its expired. Now if you really want to push you SHOULD have access to your download history, correct? Get your details (gamertag in question, email, login, mailing address, issue, etc) and see if they will redeem your downloads to your new name. I somewhat doubt they will (but if you are the original owner of the console you registered the serial with I really do not see an issue of why not), but it won’t hurt to ask as you have proof of purchase and you have not violated any TOS of any form. But again, this is only MY PERSONAL assumption (and is only a shared opinion). If they can not restore your gamertag or give you codes to re-download your premium content on a new gamertag (because you did let it expire unwillingly), you’re going to have to take it for what it is worth and stop stressing over it. I know that’s bad, but the sooner you move on, the sooner your old problem will be behind you, but no forgotten. It’s 2009 and your issue was in 2007. I’ll say “Good luck.”


  • dive4ever

    My point is that I am still able to get on Live and play any game I want, I just can’t use the marketplace. I doubt I could ever duplicate some of the achievements I managed to get in Halo 3 and even if I could, it would take time that a 38 year old married father of two has available. In majors last post about this issue he stated that they are working on fixing the problem, so I will wait it out. I was simply trying to prod the powers that be along a little bit with my original post.

    But I appreciate your advice.

    Take care



    I guess until someone finds out what exactly this fixed or Major tells us, we get to keep playing the “guess what issue/game this fixed?” game here. *sigh*


  • Supreme Entity

    @Arsenic13: You have some pretty good ideas here…

    Major, I’m not sure if you read through all these comments, but surely, as you can see, there is a serious issue with the Guide being slow, freezing, ghosting. I have this issue as well. Odd thing though, it wasn’t like this when the NXE launched for me. It was speedy, and it seems that over time, it has become very slow. I’ve done all the “cache clearing” stuff and it doesn’t help the issue at all…

    Another thing that has been brought up is the “double log-in” from the My Xbox screen. I thought I was the only one! This should be fixed. Signing in through the guide is fine as I only enter my code once, but remember the guide sometimes freezes for more than 10 seconds. Might as well enter the double code.

    Major, I’m gonna assume this, but I’m sure you’re starting to notice the laggy/slow guide screen as well? Can you pass along to MS some info so they can fix this at least?


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