Be a part of the Xbox LIVE team meeting

Later today, we’re having one of our regularly scheduled team meetings with the entire Xbox LIVE team. We do this every so often and it goes something like this: the Xbox LIVE General Manager (Notwen) provide updates and members of the team will do demos of cool unreleased thing we’re working on.

The meeting is only open to members of the LIVE team, and while what we talk about and demo is stuff we can’t share publically yet, we do want to give you a chance to be a part of the meeting.

Here is how:

Before, during and after the meeting, we’ll have a screen showing real time updates from twitter that are tagged with the twitter hashtag of #heyxboxlive.  This big screen will be in front of the entire team, so you’ll have a attentive audience. Ever wish you could say something to the entire Xbox LIVE team?  This is your chance. The meeting will be today between 3pm and 5p PT. (what time is that in your time zone?) I am posting this now, so you can start thinking of what you’d like to share with our team….but don’t post too early or we won’t see ‘em!

I’ll also post a reminder when we get closer to 3pm on my twitter page, and once the meeting kicks off you can watch the comments/suggestions etc. stream by here.

Thanks for being a part of our meeting.


  • oO MG81 Oo

    @MeS FEAR
    I appreciate you trying to help but I already said that isn’t the cause of the problem.
    I just wish Microsoft would at the very least acknowledge the issue and say they are working on a solution. There’s a whole section of my consoles features that aren’t working correctly and I would like it fixed. It’s ruining the experience. I know there are thousands of others experiencing the same problems, it’s not unique to my console or setup.


  • MeS FEAR

    i thought this would help cuz when i did it, it helped me. The Downloads appear very quick. Maybe i had luck and not many people were online at this time on xbox live. But before i did these steps, xbox live was slow so. But thanks for trying it. I hope microsoft will fix it soon cuz i know that its ruining the experience.Microsoft u know what to do…we pay…you have to give us a 100% experience and not a 50% experience


  • KBalam GT

    hey Major

    My name is william, i live in guatemala now but i used to live in boston MA,
    were i bought my xbox, but as i said i live in guatemala now and i have my
    xbox live gold suscription and some microsoft points, the thing is that i
    love to play call of duty worl at war and when i’ve tried to download the


  • Nanakai

    “We also took great satisfaction when we saw someone make a suggestion for a new feature that we are actually currently working on, really validates that we are delivering what you folks want. Of course I can’t comment on what those might be, you’ll just have to wait and see :-)”

    Well if it was any of the 4 things I said, then epic win to you MS. All mine were amazing, perfectly feasible (maybe not so perfect for the FFVII-IX suggestion, but still somewhat feasible lol), much needed suggestions 😛 Now all we need to do is wait…


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