Xbox 360 Warranty extended for E74


Hey guys, there have been a stories recently about the E74 error message that I wanted to address. The team is aware that a very small percentage of our Xbox 360 customers have reported receiving an error that displays E74 on their screen and after investigating the issue, we have determined that the E74 error message can indicate the general hardware failure that is associated with three flashing red lights error on the console.  As such, we will be covering any repairs due to the E74 error message under the three year warranty we announced related to the three flashing lights error, as well as reimbursing any customers that have already paid for an E74 related repair.  This applies to new consoles for the original retail purchaser, whether purchased before or after this change.  You can read additional information on the warranty extension on the support site. Today’s announcement reaffirms our commitment to customers that we stand behind our products and deliver a great Xbox experience.  

Thanks and I look forward to reading your comments on this issue.




  • LoganbeRRy03

    Greatttttt… My orginal xbox had broken three times and every single time i got the exact same one back just “fixed.” So when i got this error i wasn’t about to spend money to get another “fixed” version of mine and decided to geta new opne and fix that one myself for my brother. Well now it’s at the point wher ei can’t stop getting the E74 error so I just gave up on it. And NOW they come out with a free fix for it after I broke the warranty seal. This all happened about 2 months ago too.



    My xbox broke 3 weeks ago and now they come up with this deal. The only thing that’s bathering me is that I sold that and bought a new one with 2 year warranty on it…Nevermind now!!!


  • LittleBlueAlien

    Good news – although this should have been extended in the first place when the techies re-aliased some of the RROD errors to E74. ROFL! All is well again.


  • SkyyPlum

    Thats good, but what about doing something about the faulty disc drives? My disc drive cannot read game discs 99% of the time, and when it can it becomes unreadable within a minute so I’m stuck with a system where I can only play arcade titles and watch netflix movies. When the next MS console comes out will there be bumpers to protects disc and more importantly will there be better disc drives from one solid source? And how about a warranty like 5 years for all problems relating to the console not just 1 or 3 years for a couple issues? I paid 400 plus for my original pro and now its like a brick and my Wii is getting more play time which is sad.


  • Parassassin


    You must really suck at gaming to have such a low GamerScore after owning an 360 for that length of time!!!



    Hopefully this doesn’t happen to me I’ve already had rrod like 6 times. I wish you guys would put out a 360 with a new design that isn’t such an epic fail. The only reason I’m still with you is the other system has no games or dlc support for the ones they do have like Fallout 3. Speaking of an epic fail ‘the pitt’ fiasco really was just that. PS I LIKE TO COMPLAIN. ALOT.


  • Chief McBeef

    While I am glad that his issue is covered under the extension for the RROD, It’s a shame it takes the gaming press to bring this to light and force a change. No doubt it wouldn’t have been acknowledged had it not been for them. Same thing happened with the original RROD. And then it gets spun into “small number” and “commitment” spiel.

    Next issue for the press to bring to light a bit more…scratched discs, lack of disc cushioning pads in the drives and inability of certain drives to withstand the small shock of footsteps.


  • Chief McBeef
  • SamF2000

    Great News and smart move. This should have been done a while ago perhaps as soon as the E74 Error was widely known. Nevetheless MS Has made the right decision IMO and at least is starting to admit the XBOX 360 Has major problems.


  • SamF2000

    if its only 1 percent that’s still over 200,000 E74 ERRORS


  • jphil03

    My first xbox 360, which just got this message is under a year old. It’s so frustrating getting a broken piece of hardware, that overtime you know will either get this problem or RROD.
    Mircosoft needs to sort this stuff out.


  • BugOut Machine

    I’m very please to see MS taking responsibility for this issue. I was about to conduct an investigative report on this matter for my employer (one of the two major international news outlets *1) and literally had spoken to MS on the phone starting at 4pm EST and ending at 4:48pm EST the day before this recent announcement, requesting they waive the fee to repair my Elite’s E74 error, since this has nothing to do with normal wear and tear and everything to do with faulty hardware.

    After speaking with two supervisors and presenting my Press credentials they said that if I saw the RROD first, they could then waive the fee. I explained that did not happen and I was told that they were “trying to help me out”. They again asked me “are you sure you didn’t see the RROD before the E74 error?” I said I would not lie to get the repair and that they needed to address the issues of faulty hardware construction and waive the fee for that reason. I think they got spooked when I mentioned I was recording the phone conversation (which is legal since they were recording as well *2). I spoke with the India based call center and my contacts were “Kurt” and “Bernard”. I was treated with exceptional courtesy and respect and thank these gentleman for handling my phone call with such professionalism.

    I hope that this is partially what prompted the announcement made the next morning around 7am regarding the OP. I also give major kudos to the two websites who compiled the data on the E74 errors, which is what attracted us to investigate the issue in the first place. Blogs and websites are what give power to the people and everyone who participated on those sites are equally responsible for pushing MS to do the right thing here.

    I also agree that for MS to state that only “a very small percentage of our XBOX customers have reported receiving an error that displays E74”. This is simply not true. If you Google “XBOX E74” you will see thousands of reports on this issue. I also would like very much for MS to replace these units with new, non-refurbished consoles, so we can benefit from the cooler running Jaspers and save headaches for both the consumer, as well as to save MS from having to repeatedly repair these units in the future.

    I’m waiting for my box so I can ship out my console. Many consumers, including myself, went ahead and bought a Jasper-based Arcade console because I figured the additional $90 would at least guarantee me a cooler running machine. You will note that many of us bought the new Arcade so in the bigger picture, MS BENEFITED by refusing to pay for the repairs up to recently.

    I will post an update both here and on my companies website to explain the outcome of the E74 repair and what they did for my console, since it will be dismantled immediately upon return by my technical team *3. Lets cross our fingers that they do whats right and full-out replace these with brand new up-to-date systems and not refurbs, or the story will run as is.

    *1: This post is being made as an XBOX 360 and XBOX Live consumer and NOT on behalf of my employer. I may reference this post in the future.
    *2: I do not advise that people use recording devices during phone conversations with MS unless they clearly understand the laws regarding wiretapping, cross-state and international law, as well as how to gain consent to conduct phone recordings.
    *3: Two of which are former Microsoft employees and have participated in both refurbishing units and were the ones who explained the cause of this E74 error to me in great detail. Change can lead to something better or something worse. How you react to it makes it better or worse for you.


  • Wils35

    Microsoft Have done too little too late. The 360 has terrible reliability, I have had 4-5 xbox 360’s, lost count cos there that terrible for problems, my brother has had 2-3.

    The call centers are terrible, the time you have to wait for a replacement is a joke, When a playstation 2 went wrong back in the day they would bring you a brand new console and take your old one, microsoft just take your old one for 2 weeks and in that 2 weeks open other peoples broken consoles to mix and match parts. So they start with 5 faulty 360’s, they take all the parts out of 360 number 1 to refurbish the other 4 360’s then they only have to send out 1 brand new 360.

    Im not a ps3 fanboy cos i dont even own a ps3 and still play my 360 elite, But being an honest person the only thing i hate about microsoft is there customer care is awful.

    Considering they are a company as big as they are im suprised no legal action has gone against them so far.

    To also lie and say a small percentage of 360’s with the E74 error is a joke, do they think people dont use forums, blogs etc.

    Its the same as when everyone was getting the 3 red lights of death, they reckon it was a small percentage when it blatantly wasnt.


  • Imallvol

    I still wish the product just worked. I just got my refurb 360 back after my RROD. It’s louder and seemingly slower. I am just not happy with someone elses refurb after I paid good money to have my own system new . . .


  • l3g3ndg4m4

    Yaaay! I just got the E74 ERROR


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