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When we launched the Marketplace on last year, you could for the first time, send content from Marketplace directly to your Xbox 360 download queue from any computer. Normally, it’s pretty easy….you click a link and add the item to your download queue, but I’ve noticed some confusion and questions regarding these links and more specifically around regions. 


Here are some of the questions I’ve seen, and some of the answers:


Q: When I click a Marketplace link on your blog, I see content that is not for my region. How do I fix this?

A: To easily ensure you are looking at Marketplace content for your region, go to and look on the top left hand side of the page, click the link that says International:


From the next page, choose the appropriate region for your Xbox LIVE account. This will ensure that you will see content that is available in your region. Now when you click Marketplace links, you’ll be directed to the appropriate content.


Q: If I change my region on will it actually change the region my Xbox LIVE account is associated with?

A: No. When you select a region on, this does NOT change what region your Xbox LIVE account is associated with, it only filters to that specific region. Note, the region that your Xbox 360 is set up for is the only region for which you can download content. In other words, your console region trumps your region; I’m just showing you how to make sure you can easily find what is available for YOU.


Q: How do I confirm for which region my Xbox LIVE account is set?

A: Sign in to the LIVE ID Billing and Account Management site with your Windows LIVE ID. At the top of the page click Go To Personal Information. On this page look at the Country / Region field for your region. Click the image below and you’ll see my Country/Region is United States.

Find out your region!

Q: Why is (insert game add one, movie, video etc.) not available in my region?

A: Read my post on Marketplace content. It may help explain the (sometimes) circuitous path of licensing and legal issues that can cause you angst.





  • QualityJeverage

    I wonder how many times people need to have it explained to them before they’ll realize that Major is not sitting there on a throne, laughing maniacally and shouting “No! No demos for the EU! MUAHAHAHAHA!”


  • HunCity87

    that is a great visual though! lol


  • kamihacker

    good, what about Countries not listed in there? mine is not listed (Venezuela) and I actively buy DLC – I know our market probably is not as big, but there’s plenty of people who import from USA or Colombia, for instance a Gears of War 2 I bought in Colombia (90 minutes away down the road) has some extra maps I just can’t download – I know I can vpn, but I would have preferred you guys just not offering them inside the game, it gets our hopes down and your image as a company goes down too

    my two cents this week



  • YaoIsGod

    So if I take my US system outside of the US, I can still download everything that is available to US?


  • Arsenic13

    -Off Topic

    When will we hear about all those suggestions we made over Twitter? I think we are long over due for a dash update with features. I know the seasonal updates are gone but i didnt think that it would take longer than before. A survey or something would be nice.


  • OrochiOkami


    Not without a vpn set up. The Marketplace servers will see that your ip address is outside of the U.S. and if you are trying to download an item that is ip blocked(ex.- CODWAW map pack 1 or Gears of War 2 Snowblind)it will tell you that the item is not available in your region. Not everything is ip blocked, but it seems that a greater number of items are being released with ip blocks.


  • Warrengonline

    Thanks Maj, I totally got caught in work and gaming and never did my test run of this. Though this involves Thanks!

    To be honest on that, I rather just have a list of things that ARE going to come forth with NO DATES. Ad say like a month before its release (AFTER it has been tested), then release it. Life has only three FastForward Buttons – fun time, boredom, sleep. Time flies!


  • Sayayindark

    Hi Major, I´m from Venezuela and my country is not listed, I can´t download some content from the US Store and I´m sure that 90% of people from latin america have the same problem.

    I spend a lot of money on MS points to download content, maybe you guys (MS) should take a look to the latin-american market as Sony did.



  • Zeuxis

    Hi Major, I have my xbox account since XBox 1 when I lived in UK. Now I work in Canada. Why can’t I change my region? I can no longer buy anything from marketplace because I don’t have bank account in UK anymore.

    I asked you for help with this about 3 years ago, was ignored and Xbox Support doesn’t have a clue after spending hours on the phone….


  • ValeYard13

    Thanks Major, great post! Also the link to the post on regional content was very illuminating, thank you! I liked your choice of words with ‘Angst’ since Germany and the USK is often one of the countries where content doesn’t come out 😉


  • LeiChat

    I have another question about the Marketplace.
    My Live ID linked to my profile and Marketplace seems to be linked to my old console.
    Whenever I queue something on the Marketplace site it appears in my Xbox dashboard active downloads as failed, “linked to another console”.
    Is there a way to update my profile so it’s linked with my new console?


  • foomfoom2

    The system is fundamentally broken, Major. I bought my Xbox 360 in Japan and my marketplace is stuck to Japan. However I don’t live in Japan anymore so even if try to download something from the Japanese marketplace, it checks my ip address and sees that I’m not in Japan. I can only download it if it happens to be available in my current country. However I can’t access my current country’s marketplace, because the system won’t allow one to change that.

    You can’t do both checks Major. Either check people’s IP addresses AND allow them to change their marketplace location, or if you force us to stick with one marketplace then don’t do an IP check. You can’t do both. It doesn’t make sense and it screws over anyone who moves to a different country.


  • Lucky 13 X


    Details on what is happening can be found in the below Major Nelson blog post, or at the US site.


  • LittleBlueAlien

    this blog should be renamed to “how region settings block you from getting 1/2 the arcade titles and services like Netflix unless you’re lucky enough to live in North America”

    Yeah – that’s a good title.


  • CheshireTomcat

    I agree with foomfoom2….I originally bought my Xbox in Germany but I work and live in UK.
    It is not possible to change my account to an UK account. Furthermore the nice support ladies told me I should not use my UK credit card on my German account since this could be detected as credit card fraud. The only way to access UK content is to create a second UK account and this is what I have done. It is very annoying, because my primary account (with all my GS and friends is still German)

    Their reasoning was: Everyone would do this if it were possible to change countries….I don’t aggree since the IP checks make sure you are in the correct country


  • Sneeches

    @Little blue alien – not north america dude, america. I’m in canada and dont get half the sht that the US does.

    Oh and this post major is a joke right? You mean to tell me there’s iddiots out there that dont know how to set their country on the site? Not that it matters.


  • Hobbess253

    “In other words, your console region trumps your region”

    Your console region only matters on a handful of content that’s really tightly controlled such as Movies and TV which checks your IP I believe. I can download UK exclusive DLC with my UK account in Canada on a Candian bought and owned 360, eg basic stuff like free gamer pics or wallpapers that’s region specific.

    It’s the underlying Windows Live ID that is what causes all of us people that are cheeky enough to move and live in a different country problems. I understand MS’s reasonings in tying this down in that they don’t want people switching regions to take advantage of exclusive content or legally block content like GoW in Germany. However there should still be a method to change it in legitmate reasons with proof. There are plenty of people stuck using workarounds like buying pre-paid points cards or the like, the funny thing is the problems occur when we want to spend money on our 360, so why doesn’t MS make it easier to make more money??

    Anyway long standing problem that I don’t think is going to be fixed anytime soon!


  • LittleBlueAlien

    i often wonder why ‘Major Nelson’ even bothers – but then I remember that he’s a ‘Microsoft Product Evangelist’ and he gets paid to do SFA apart from talk up how ‘good’ our paid Live service is.


  • TES7769

    Major, people don’t want to be given rational and very legitimate reasons why their particular region may be excluded from certain XBL content, they want to take it personally and lash out at anyone their small minds feel should be held responsible.

    We live in a time when if some people cannot get instant gratification, they throw a fit(regardless of age,sex,race,creed,educational backround).Unfortunately this phenomena
    only seems to be geting worse and unfortunately spreading outside North America and Europe.


  • foomfoom2

    There is no rational reason for it to both restrict you from changing marketplace regions AND checking one’s IP. As has been stated, this affects people who move to a different country causing them to no longer be able to access certain content.


  • The Phazer

    “A: Read my post on Marketplace content. It may help explain the (sometimes) circuitous path of licensing and legal issues that can cause you angst.”

    Where’s the post that explains why when companies outside the US are willing to offer the 360 huge amounts of video content FOR FREE Microsoft UK turns them down, like here – ?

    Will you please stop lying that Microsoft’s lack of international support for content is because of licensing issues. It’s because Microsoft doesn’t want to expend any effort outside of the US.



  • freshtex

    I’m just Fedup!!!


  • LittleBlueAlien

    @Phazer – nail on the head, mate.



    Good info Major!


  • AK47Autolock

    Now it’s just too bad mine won’t stay locked into United States. Every time I close my browser and reopen it, my region get’s changed back to United Kingdom. I go really excited about a sweepstakes one day, only to realize it was for the UK. 😦
    I also noticed the UK has a nicer landing page than us United States folks.


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