Announcing the Xbox 360 Game Of The Year Bundle

 Xbox 360 Game Of The Year bundle

Starting in May, keep an eye out for the Xbox 360 Game of the Year bundle. This limited edition bundle will contain an Xbox 360 Elite and a copy of the award winning titles Halo 3 and Fable II  for US $ 399. That’s the normal Elite Price plus two games at no additional cost. Check your local retailer for availability.

Update: I have confirmed that this bundle will be available in all regions that Xbox 360 is sold except those in Europe.

87 thoughts on “Announcing the Xbox 360 Game Of The Year Bundle

  1. If only my Xbox waited a little longer to RROD on me. Then I could have Halo 3 and Fable 2 as pack-ins instead of that lame Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones!

  2. @Imallvol: the reasons why people buy more than one 360…(1) Netflix on more than one TV (2) Xbox Live (3) more than one gamer in the house who wants to play Xbox 360 exclusives. Xbox 360 features just blow everything else out of the water, in my opinion. Which is why I wouldn’t mind adding a second console to my home. This makes it tempting, but in this economy…sigh.

  3. I personally have two Xbox’s.

    A white 60GB PRO version

    And my beloved 120GB Elite version.

    Too bad when I bought my Elite, It came with Forza motor sport 2 and Marvel Ultimate alliance, didn’t bother playing either one.

    This new bundle blows the old one out of the water though.

  4. Unfortunatelly Salamanderskill is right , the game is buggy as hell and the patch they released didnt fixed the bugs in my game, so i exchenged the game for COD WAW, and im not dissapointed at all!!! this deal is a little dissapointing for including the fable 2 game, any other game would be better from microsoft studios

  5. Rarekillerking STFU just because you didnt have any bugs in fable 2 doesnt mean that everyone else would not come across any bug, WTF, and salamander, and me and many more people if you get up your lazy back side as you said, and check the lionhead forum you will see a lot of people complaining about the bugs.

  6. Thanks Vice – also I forgot to note, shows perfectly on the Nintendo DSi Opera Browser unlike yahoo – that won’t even allow me to check my email, on over to for my .net email. Heading home for some rest and some RE5 Pro Level.

  7. FYI…Gamestop’s website is showing a ship date of 5/4, so it looks like this will be the “Cinco de Mayo” bundle…May 5th in stores, in case you are that out of it.

  8. Honestly Microsoft, what’s the point in re-re-re-re-re-re-re*the next day*re-releasing the 360 with something extra? This is starting to appear gimmicky.

    If you have so much time to ‘offer’ new bundles for the 360, spend more time and resources in fixing Xbox Live issues and the stupid RROD. Cuz you know..people actually care about those problems.

  9. Hopefully they add a warning sticker on the included controller warning people that if they press the Guide button it will cause the system to hang for up to 30 seconds.

  10. I have both but when my son and I play he is always looking at my screen. Being that he is a better shot then I he usually kills me. If we were set up on different tv’s I would stand a better chance since I am better at finding him. Time for some pay back!

  11. Most people complaining about the US only of most of Microsoft’s products need to remember that Microsoft is an American company and Sony and Nintendo does the same thing in Japan.

  12. I’m afraid the ones saying Fable 2 is buggy are correct. I quit playing because my wife was stuck in a table, and my kid just stared at the wall all day. Congrats to those that played through the whole thing bug free. Your good experience doesn’t make our bad ones any less true.

  13. wait lucky how is ur thing red any ways and also FABLE II isn’t RARE… I am part of a site called I can get that edition EASY… any ways looks lime I am going to be buying 2 of those b.c I have the $$$ lol

  14. can you give a good reason why this is coming everywhere except europe larry?

    just very confusing really as its not like there is a game which is tailored to the US market or whatever

    its an elite with 2 games which are already released in EU so why not release it in EU as well?

    legal? rubbish – people can buy go into a store and buy an elite, a copy of fable II and a copy of halo 3 in one transaction

  15. @JackFetch
    You are still having issues? The recent update that MACPH1ST0 alerted me about a little over two weeks ago. ALL of my issues were fix, the only reason I’m not playing it full-throttle is because I put it down (as I did Mass Effect – purchased in 2007, completed first play through 2009 – sad, but great adventure) while it was ‘hot’ and moved onto other games of interest. Have you gone to the forums and posted your issues?

  16. to all the people whining about europeans being shafted,get over it.yeah it suck,but MS wont listen.
    Ive already made the switch to ps3,because after my 4th 360 dying enough was enough,but sony are just as bad,the europeans get shafted by them as well.
    the only thing i miss about my xbox is live.its so much better than psn.and at least there’s achievements on every game wheras games are still being released without trophies.
    moaning about this will get you no where,you really think a business live MS would still around if they actually gave a damn about its customers? lol.
    fable2? meh! halo3? the most overhyped game ever! get left 4 dead instead,you’ll have more fun playing it than both of those put together.

  17. @Macktiger.

    You expect Major to actually reply?

    I think he thinks Europeans and ANYONE outside the U.S are in his imagination and ignores accordingly. As a director of Live programming and a conduit between the community and the Microsoft team I have to say outside the U.S you are doing a really poor job.

    As far as I can see you are simply an electronic Press release

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