This weeks Deal: Spyglass Hill Golf Course for Tiger Woods ‘09

This weeks Deal of the Week is now available.  Spyglass Hill Golf Course for Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’09 normally 600 points is now available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members for 400 points, a savings of 33%.


Add Spyglass Hill to your Xbox 360 download queue



  • N3WB13 R0N

    i was hoping maybe a halo map or gears of war map or maybe another xbla game but golf course who would buy this.. o.O;; i guess someone who really loves golf but for my self no buy for me this week..


  • krisxx

    and next week is just as bad, with some NBA DLC pack.



    lame. deal of the week should be for each category. ie dlc, arcade, xb original, etc. give us more options and variety, its never a deal for me.


  • Willeth

    On the other hand, it’s always a deal for someone.



    “On the other hand, it’s always a deal for someone.”
    understood, but its tiger and how many are actually playing it? so is the deal better to hit people who do not have something and get them to buy it, or to entice the little people who play it to purchase? look what the deal did with alien hominid, top 10 of arcade purchases. i bet this does not put tiger in the top 10.


  • HT UK

    These deals of the week are never very good, they seem to usually offer content that no one wants, and the discounts are never that good anyway. Steams weekend deals are so much better!


  • Warrengonline

    Oh… All I read was “spyglass” and I thought that terrible conception of chess was back to haunt me. Maj, did you mention the LIPS Contests going on where gamers can vote on the three entries!? Nice work on there. I can’t remember her name, but the girl in the third entry has a really powerful voice. Nice little event, I actually sat through all three. All were really cool.


  • wolfzero01

    It would be nice if the deal of the week was an overpriced xbla game or a couple of map packs, instead of dlc that only people who are fans of the tiger woods games would buy, and at 400 pts it still is too much


  • Sneeches

    another lame ass deal!!!!!!!!! FU Microsoft, you blow A$$.


  • Oatmeal25

    EA should have included this game from the start. It’s included in 2007.

    More weekly deals is a great idea. Either from multiple categories or rotate through the massive stack of older XBLA and DLC content. (How about any DLC that’s over 2 years old become free or greatly reduced?)

    While we’re complaining. The marketplace needs to be revamped again. Casual browsing isn’t enjoyable and the “new releases” section doesn’t show enough titles to accommodate all the music packs. There needs to be a separate music game new release section.


  • wiirule111

    Its of course a deal for someone, but they should have deal on good stuff that everyone can enjoy. Stuff thats 1 year is okay.. When they have a limited deal like this, they should have had 2 deals.

    There is alot of games that dont sell good anymore, and they would get more money income if they sold some 800 point games for 400 points.

    2 sales a week for a game for 800 points.. or 1000 sales at 400 points that week. Its 50% off, but they would get much more money back on something that collect dust. It dont need to be the best game, but good enuff to make alot buy it.

    Atleast there is a weekly deal thou. Better than nothing.


  • metallicorphan

    hmm,this deal of the week thing started of good,especially when Arcade games were getting cheaper…but you have to be a fan of the game(and actually have the game)to profit from this kind of stuff,and if you do have the game,chances are for 200 points more it wasn’t going to stop you getting it when it was first released


  • darkjester74

    So far the only deal that has been any good (to me anyway) was Alien Hominid at $5.


  • twisted poke

    Worthless. Anybody with any interest in this (Hard core TW09 players) already have this. Other than Penny Arcade, this month’s deals have been absolutely pathetic.


  • dbert721

    The Tiger Woods DLC courses should have been priced at 400 points in the first place. I may have even bought a couple after the initial TW ’09 release. Now that TW ’10 is just around the corner, who wants this? Pass.


  • Anonymous

    zzzzzzzzzzz ea shovel ware.

    proper lame.


  • Ark Hunter

    Ugh. Has there been any good deal of the weeks this time? They’ve all be pretty crappy/for crappy games. Why not do something a majority of people will want? Ledgendary Maps for 200 pts? 🙂


  • Shonk

    I stopped buying this junk on 2007

    its all the same

    also why are they charging for it now?

    it was free with 2007


  • deffjams09

    I have Tiger ’09 and play all the time, but I will not be buying this. A virtual golf course is not worth $5 to me, especially one that came free in previous instalments.


  • EvilCan

    Wow, what a deal.


  • rastansaga

    with deals like this i expect the xbox download severs will be running red-hot and overloaded all week long


  • emuholic

    I also have Tiger 09 and definitely wont be buying this DLC, there is no point as Tiger 10 is out in a couple of months. This itself is a joke as its been under a year since 09 was released.


  • Exu

    What a load of cack, we’ve only had one “deal” this month. Give us a press post on May’s deals, won’t you?



    This is one of my problems with the DLC structure as it is. This kind of add on should be discounted anyway. Who will buy this in two months when the next game comes out? Why not discount this forever, or even give it away, to reward the folks who still play your old game?

    If a game is old, not selling anymore, and people aren’t playing anymore, why not give away the DLC? Maybe rekindle interest in the title, build momentum for a sequel, etc.


  • WiCkEd Co 80

    WOW what a deal.


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