New clothing now available for your Avatar (Hip Hop)

The following items are now available for download as part of the latest release of apparel for your avatar:


For the men we have:
Denim Shorts
Faded Jeans with Print
Striped Visor Beanie
Diamond Stud Earrings
Square Stones Ring

And for the ladies:
Oversized Jacket with Chains
Short Shorts
Sports Vest
Diamond Stud Earrings


All clothing choices are free, and will remain available. It is easy to tell what is new when you are in the avatar editor, just look for the gold star. Any item of clothing with a gold star is new since the last time you signed in to the avatar editor.


56 thoughts on “New clothing now available for your Avatar (Hip Hop)

  1. well this sure is hip hop . . .


    what a joke

    it is so hard to find anything remotely interesting to wear

    the rave clothes were a joke to ravers, and this hip hop shit might get you losers shot 😉

  2. Avatars arent gonna go away any time soon , so get over your self’s bcos sound like moaning little children.

    Where is the wife-beater vest? thats more hip hop style than any of these items?

  3. yo deadly moves, when you pay 50 bucks a year for something free on all other platforms, you can bitch about whatever you want

    for example im bitching about you being a bitch.

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