Arcade: Lode Runner

Lode Runner
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: It’s an all-new Lode Runner gold mine: 3D graphics, frenzied 2D action, lodes of modes, 220 levels, multiplayer options, puzzles, a level editor and more! Run, climb, blast blocks, outsmart enemies and grab the gold by yourself or with a partner! Battle up to three friends on Xbox LIVE in a frantic game of tag, where the first to die return as enemies! Survive endlessly spawning foes. Create and share devious levels. It’s the mother lode! This game requires the Xbox 360 hard drive or the 512MB Memory Unit for storage. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

Edit: This was incorrectly priced at 800 points. That has since been corrected.


  • IconicSoulJA

    WOW! I take back everything I said about this game. I played it with the Devs today and loved the Co-op mode! This game was worth every cent. They were bummed about the price drop and felt like people were blaming them. They wished it were handled differently in terms of pricing.

    Anyway, the game is worth the money. I feel Microsoft should fix this!


  • loopingstar

    I feel sorry for the game developers . I was just about to buy this then noticed the price had jumped up – no way I can stomach parting with the points now . The days of arcade has pretty much been a shambles ! It begins with the more than boxed game retail price of Family game night and ends with this some can get it for 800 , others have to pay 1200 scam ! What a shower Microsoft are . This wasn’t a last minute mistake either because MN had announced the 800 points cost on his podcast 3 days previously !
    Another lost sale , deleting the demo from my hard drive NOW !


  • oO MG81 Oo

    I went to buy this the other day then saw the price was 1200MSP!. That’s a no deal for me, 800 would have been a sale but 1200 for any Arcade game is simply more than I’m willing to pay. I ended up buying Lumines with the points instead.


  • SuburbanBoy TM

    Free from the shackles of gold at last! XBL arcade pricing has gotten completely out of hand. PSN has been producing some wonderful original arcade titles recently, that put the majority of offerings on Xbox Live to shame. And best of all they have been reasonably priced, and better yet there are regularly quickfire sales on the Playstation Store with many games discounted in price both new and old titles alike, (that aren’t subscriber specific, ala the pathetic gold only 120 points off crap were expected to stomach). Not to mention its great being able to share games with upto 5 friends over PSN. Talk about amazing value for money!

    Lol that sounds like im advertising the PS3, believe me I’m not, I’ve been the 360’s most ardent supporter, but this nickle and diming and constant screwing over of europe has forced me into a more neutral stance. I mean if Steam can do deals for full price games like the orange box + the lost coast for $9.99/£5.69, and still make a profit, then something is clearly amiss with Microsoft’s pricing structure.

    So yeah thats me through with Xbox Live Gold now as of today’s newly found Silver status. Sure am going to miss Call Of Duty, and clan matches over live. And no im not one of those people who can’t afford to purchase a sub, and that whine on just for the sake of it. Simply don’t like the arrogance I’m seeing shown towards customers inparticularly UK/european based folk, especially on a product I’ve seen returned 5 times. It’s just not worth it anymore… So whose with me? Probably no-one lol, but even I can see the cracks appearing in the most loyal of 360 fans


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