Your last chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree at Best Buy


It’s not too late so head over to for details. The contest ends April 30th so you’ve got just a few more days/hours left to enter the contest.


21 thoughts on “Your last chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree at Best Buy

  1. Atomic Napalm: nothing “typical” about it, so take your sour grapes elsewhere.

    It’s a US initiative that Microsoft happens to be associated with. The UK could do something similar.

  2. @Twilight Now. Tenner says there are more 360 players in Europe than USA. That’s where the initiative should be. Also try being shoved to the side time after time because of location.

  3. Just out of curiosity. Why do people who aren’t in North America visit I’m Microsoft has other sites dedicated to your country.

  4. yes yet another promotion for USA residents only… start thinking about the rest of the world like mexico wich is the 4th contry most important for xbox360 sales in the world

  5. Why don’t you take out your frustration on companies within your respective countries?

    They’re the ones who put out the goodies and sponsor these things, not Microsoft.

    Go complain elsewhere, doing it here won’t get you anywhere if you haven’t realized that yet.

  6. Major Nelson will predominantly post about US promotions. Deal with it. I don’t whine when he doesn’t mention any Canadian promotions (which do in fact run). I’m pretty sure Microsoft UK or Microsoft Germany or Microsoft wherever-you-are run their own promotional contests and such.

  7. Oh look, Xbox Germany has a Lips contest where you can win a free semester’s worth of apartment rent BUT IT’S ONLY FOR GERMANS WTF ARGH RAGE MICROSOFT IS &@!$&*% US AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  8. Twilight Now, why the fook are you posting to yourself. It is up to MS to find promotions/competitions for other countries not the consumers. There is nowhere to complain as if you phone they just fob you off so here is a good place as any to have a whinge. Major Nelson is not just for US residents he is the “Director of Programming” not “Director of Programming of USA”.

    Some of what Najor does is mentioned below

    “Hryb is often credited with defining how game companies use community and social media to interact with their customers, which has lead to the industry investing in community outreach programs”.

    Maybe he could give the company he works for some hints on how to “interact with their customers” as consumers never get a answer.

  9. @ Twilight – Actually I would complain about not getting a chance to go to the Stanley cup, but unfortunately, I don’t think the Pens have it in them to make it to the final round again this year. Dang Wings 🙁

  10. Ile just get some toilet paper to whipe that shite off your nose.

    People can post good and bad on here if you dont like hearing negative comments i suggest you dont use the internet.

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