This weeks Deal: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

This weeks Deal of the Week is now available. The Xbox Original Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex normally 1200 points is now available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members for 800 points, a savings of 33%.


Add Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex to your Xbox 360 download queue






    @ Mr Barrel Roll: If you were referring to my comment, I never said that they would never discounted it again. But they are a lot less likely to do it again since they’ll probably assume that most of the people that want it would already have gotten it, especially with a game that old.


  • Mr Barrel Roll

    Fair enough, but you get my point — better to put discounts for content from older games that people might already own, instead of ‘Generic EA Sports Game 2008.’ Or something like this, that, let’s face it, most people never were interested in in the first place, and won’t be any more interested with a promotion like this.

    If I suddenly saw a discount for some of the GH packs or CoD2 maps, I would happily dig out those game discs to play those again. And give MS my money while doing so. Just take a look back at what used to be popular, since people are likely to own those but don’t play them any more, and discount stuff there.


  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    I lol’d, you are funny, Major.


  • Beyond Genocide

    I’ve NEVER bought anything from a marketplace ‘Deal of the week’. Honestly, it’s never worth it. I mean if I saw some thing like some GoW2 or Fallout 3 DLC %33 off, I’d buy it in a heart beat. Too bad I already have all of the GoW2 DLC though :s.


  • next DNB

    this is brutallllllllll

    i agree with everyone on this thread, the deals suck. stuff is overpriced on xbl in a recession.

    go thru my gs, ive dropped a lot on xbl, but im on strike now major.

    no more ms points till something interesting happens (never)


  • Anonymous

    whoopie do. yawn.

    what about halo 2 and games that actually sold well.

    Rather than crap ?


  • IconicSoulJA

    Remember that Twitter event were they said they’d listen to our comments. Seeing as they don’t read these posts and reply, I doubt we’ll see much come out of M$ from the Twitter event. Sad and when I thought Microsoft was actually listening to consumers. I really think that Twitter event was a way for them to test their new Twitter/presentation software and we LIVE members were guinea pigs. Sad and pitiful.

    Microsoft has yet to release a statement about the Lode Runner pricing either.


  • StaticFree

    33% off really just does not feel like a “Deal of the Week”.

    I snatched up the Braid DotW and the CoD4 map pack DotW because those felt like actual deals. I believe each of those was at least 50% off. 33% off of an already overpriced old Xbox game is not a great deal. I can get this game at a local store used for much cheaper than the ‘deal’ price.


  • SnowPhoenix9999


    Nope, Braid was 1200 -> 800 Microsoft Points (33% off) just like this one:

    I don’t even remember any CoD4 map pack deals for the Deal of the Week, but when the program first started, they had the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack available for 400 points instead of 600 (again 33%):

    Now there have been deals that were more than 33% off. Penny Arcade Episode 1 was 800 points one week as opposed to its normal price of 1600, and Alien Hominid HD was 400 points instead of 800 another week, making both of those 50% off, but 33% seems to be more within the normal range.

    On a side note, I bought both of the aforementioned 50% off deals even though I still have yet to play them. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing that soon. I’ve heard they’re good.


  • Mike0707

    Still too expensive. I enjoyed that game though.


  • xTheTruth72x

    anyone know of a reliable source that gives a calender or some preview of coming deals of the week? i mean, if i knew what were the deals for, say, a month, i would know that everything sucks for the month (which most of it has) and spend my points on some other arcade game that i’ve been wanting, but saving my points for when it goes on sale. their profits would rise for sure off of people like me who are very frugal about spending their money, especially in this economy. wake up MS! quit being greedy/derka!


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