Gears of War 2 All Fronts Collection coming July 28th

New campaign AND multiplayer content are coming out in July for Gears of War 2. Complete details on the official press release.


  • waldo15


    Whoever came with the pricing structure should most definitely revisit this crazy price breakdown (hint, this is a MS published game soooo…) . I went home yesterday trying to figure out how in the name of DLC obscenity the standalone Dark Corners (only the maps) could be priced equally as the retail version, when the retail version does in fact include much more than the DLC. If this is a ploy to get folks to go retail then sure, it works. But I already have all of the maps, and the two extras (video and theme) are not interesting to me. I was expecting the maps to be fairly priced definitely but as it stands today, what else is there to do but but the retail package? I would be buying the same content twice; but then I’d also get nailed if I buy the content off of XBL since I am paying a lot more for relatively less content. Either way I see it is obscene. And we thought that Horse armors were a thing of the past…

    I mean, this has to either clearly be a joke or a big, terrible marketing idea.


  • leearco

    No Epic, no more money for you.


  • AFLunatic730

    I truly do not care about the price, it’s the fact that this game (online) is absolutely ridiculous. I understand it uses some pretty heavy graphics, but I’M SICK TO DEATH OF WAITING 20 MINUTES FOR A GAME just to have a host that’s downloading 5 movies and everyones (except his) gameplay suffers for it. It’s ridiculous and TU3 is, simply put, NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Make the host the best connection available and enforce a stronger penalty for lag switchers/zone alarm abusers. Your mommy probably bought you your disc and you don’t care but I’ve spent $85 on this game between media and DLC and I’m sick of the fact that it collects dust because Epic’s programmers suck. Maybe I’m an idiot for buying it, I just figured since it’s 2009, companies would actually have their shit together enough to produce a FAIR GAME (See Call of Duty).


  • Anonymous

    I think they should put the price down for people who bought the map packs, they would get more sales definately, the new maps cheaper or something I don’t know.


  • StaticRest

    I am actually excited I am an avid Gears gamer, and having an american xbox overseas means I cant download any new content so having a retail disc that I can buy off of amazon is great for me, I can even buy one for the hubby in Afghan!


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