Fable II DLC: Win it before you can buy it


Want to get your hands on the Fable II Game Add-on See the Future before it goes on sale tomorrow? Keep an eye on my Twitter feed tonight where I’ll be posting codes to grab a copy for free. One catch though: You’ll need to guess what character the ? is on the code to win it. If you guess correctly, you’ll get a free copy of See The Future for free.

First and for free…what’s better than that?

Oh, you may want to familiarize yourself with my code FAQ while you wait.



53 thoughts on “Fable II DLC: Win it before you can buy it

  1. @The chenry: Making at least one person on the Xbox team (regardless of where they work in it) aware of any problems is what gets them fixed. Not saying anything means nothing changes. The constant spamming does get annoying but “The team is always working on making performance better. We’ll continue to do this with ever part of the Xbox 360 / Xbox LIVE Experience.” is a very vague answer that makes you wonder if they’re fixing the guide or just trying to make it so we can download content faster, so people are going to be irritated until someone says specifically that the guide itself is being looked at.

  2. I gave up on MN’s code riddles when people have them solved within 10 secs of him posting. Seriously, if I didn’t know better, I’d think that people were haxing them. >_>

  3. @Firecrest And so did i. I hate that idea of just simply posting the code. @Major nelson could you make challenges. Don’t just post them. Im 100% sure that there are few people who won codes more than once. Why dont you do it like every gold member gets one.

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