New shoes are now available for your Avatar

New avatar shoesNew avatar shoesNew avatar shoes

The next time you sign into Xbox LIVE, check out the newly-released avatar shoes. I’ve posted pictures of a few of them over at Flickr.  . As a bonus for all you single guys, we’ve included the ever-popular socks with sandals look. Chicks can’t resist it.

As usual, all of the avatar clothing items are FREE, so try ‘em all on!

For the guys, you have

  • Flip Flops
  • High Top Sneakers
  • Socks and Sandals
  • 70’s Leather Platforms

For the ladies, check out:

  • Sunny Day Sandals
  • White 60’s Boots

Tip: It is easy to tell what is new when you are in the avatar editor, just look for the gold star. Any item of clothing with a gold star is new since your last sign in



  • desynch

    i saw these for my avatar about an hour ago; pretty nifty. the flip flops look kinda strange without toes tho.


  • Mechalon Drache

    Socks and Sandals? Good Lord who’s idea was THAT. That to me is the new low of Avatar clothing.


  • ItsNymo

    I was hoping for some more, but oh well: At least we now have a bit more variety for footwear.
    And ditto on the flip flops: XBL Avatars don’t have toes?

    though, I’m sure some ladies are a bit annoyed with continuously getting less new items than the guys…

    anywho, Thanks for posting photos as well!


  • Goodeye84

    Footwear huh? Seriously couldn’t come out with the baseball jerseys yet? Baseball season already started! Shoes are OK but it’s been 3 weeks since the last update and all we got is shoes?


  • REIGN x 777

    I wonder why my avatar needs shoes… being that he never walks anywhere.


  • Frayteez

    Major my GF REALLY wants converse for the females. Is it that hard to give them the same shoes as the guys? we have 3 different converse shoes and they dont have any. im sure a lot of girls would LOVE converse. they wear them more then guys anyways


  • Plastic Elf

    Thx for pictures, Major!)))


  • a peeking duck

    I find it funny that none of the shoe collection include socks but you go and add socks & sandals. ;P


  • JonnyDFandango

    You know what goes well with virtual flip-flops? A working NXE interface that doesn’t lag and lock constantly! Believe me when I say: we’re much more tired of dealing with it, than you are of hearing about it… but there’s a way to fix that!


  • Nex Antonius

    This is the worst clothing update yet. I wouldn’t mind so much if the update period went back to every other week, and not this absurd every other TWO weeks. With so much hype based on avatars before NXE was officially released, they sure aren’t getting much attention or care. We know there’s still a bunch of clothing options that are still “locked.” Why not just release the rest in a huge update package, then make and release some actual new clothes? Honestly, you guys could do a lot better than this.


  • Anonymous



  • Chicago Mafia

    The gf is going to love the white boots, and I’m going to love laughing at my friends that are rockin’ the socks/sandals combo.


  • Sogeman

    Now I need a Strawhat and more Facial Customizations


  • IconicSoulJA

    I love the sock/sandle combo. It looks much better than the toe-less avatar foot.


  • L0rN

    Nice, we have new shoes. Maybe along with the shoes the NXE was fixed. I`ll go and have a look. 😉



    Thank you Major for FINALLY giving us photo previews of the new Avatar update! I hope that will be a regular thing with every new Avatar update now. Now if we could just get the same thing for themes and gamerpics too…


  • WiCkEd Co 80

    They don’t have my guys size 😦


  • Flash Ferret

    Honestly, what’s with giving the girls CRAP.

    No joke Major. When are the females gonna get as much love as the boys? How hard is it to release a pair of converse and ripped jeans maybe? Some decent hoodies and fitted shirts? Not all of us like to have our avatars half clothed in absurdly girlie attire.

    And please, don’t make the converse pink -.-


  • XxLightkunxX

    Things I’ve noticed about the Avatar clothing releases

    1) Things that girls could easily wear as the guys do, don’t get them anyways. *such as similar shirts or shoes* “What the hell?” #1.

    2) Women always seem to get the short end of the stick as far as quality and number go. I mean really Major? What the hell is your team’s problem? I smell a little sexism going on. “What the hell?” #2.

    3) Color options, god damn this should be with the Avatar editing program already.

    4) As much HYPE you gave the Avatars pre NXE and early NXE you guys sure don’t seem to give 2 sh*ts about 4 sh*ts when it concerns them. Used to be “every week” for an update, then it was “two weeks” and now, as someone else mentioned, this was three weeks after the last one. “What the hell?”#3.

    5) Shoes? What, is someone on your team having trouble making more generic-looking ‘edgy’ clothes to take a break and you guys just said “screw it, let’s just give them half of what we usually give them”?

    I mean, really? You guys care for us THIS little? Come on now.



    wow clothes for an avatar no one has a need for – oh and calling ladies ‘chicks’ in sexist!


  • XanaduNL

    Would be cool if you could zoom in on your feet with socks and sandals, and make your avatar picture of that, instead of the face. 🙂


  • TaygetaVendetta

    Flipflops for the guys is long overdue. My avatar looked nothing like me IRL without them.



    i love the high tops they look sick kinda sucks that its only shoes but those shoes look awsome!


  • ieniemienie

    Great new shoes, but why only 2 pair for ladies :-s everybody knows woman like shoes more than man. Last update we also had 1 thing less than the guys. So my pley.. MORE WOMAN CLOTHING 😀


  • Bennyishere

    Good to see the high tops finally coming out, It’s the last of the accidentally released clothes from the NXE Preview that I’ve been wearing since. Hopefully this means you will make some NEW clothes, which may mean game-related stuff.


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