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 Crackdown Theme

I just got word that a Crackdown NXE Theme is coming to Marketplace tomorrow. I’m a big Crackdown fan, so I was pretty excited when I was able to get a preview of what it will look like as well.


Here are the details as they’ll appear in Marketplace tomorrow MORNING after 0700 ET/0300 PT


If you a Crackdown fan, be sure to download the Agility Orb sound file. It makes a great message tone for your mobile phone!


Content: Play More Crackdown!
Price: 240 Microsoft Points
Availability: Not available in Germany
Dash Text: Two years later, Crackdown is still an awesome game. Here’s a new Premium Theme in celebration of its sheer awesomeness. Why not dust off your copy, give your friends a nudge, and go stir up some mayhem in Pacific City?

Edit: Updated region availability


  • BustedChain

    That mp3 and wma audio file is a neat idea there Major. Perhaps M$ could work on adding value to the gold membership by making many more of these sort of sound effects available to gold members to download.

    I’m sure there are lots of people that would love to get ringers, alerts, and other sounds clips and download them to their computer/phone. I could see an interface on the 360 and on the web for gold members making this possible. On the 360 you would put in your phone# and select your carrier and send the ringer directly to your device. On the computer you could sign-in and download files and save them directly to your device.

    Perhaps eventually gold members could get access to music tracks from games this way too. Food for thought.


  • quikDC

    Great game but this content is not worth 240 points.


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