80’s Arcade hits now on sale at Amazon

If you are in the US and want to pick up some old school 80’s Xbox LIVE Arcade titles on the cheap, head over to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace section of Amazon for some pretty good deals. 


18 thoughts on “80’s Arcade hits now on sale at Amazon

  1. Hey, not bad. I picked up Joust, and there are a few others I’d have bought if I didn’t already own them. Thanks for letting us know about this. I would have completely missed it if not for your post, Major Nelson.

  2. @CARNAGE RULES That’s sad since we are in an economic recession. I’d think I would be in your best interest to look/wait for deals.

  3. The prices appear to be changing by the hour on Amazon.com. “Dig Dug”, “Gauntlet”, and “Joust” were $2.96, but they are now back at $5.

    Major: Might want to fix that spelling mistake in the word “LIVE” of “Xbox LVE Marketplace section of Amazon” in your posting.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. That $2 reduction was just enough to get me to buy Joust again.

    There are also some great arcade game deals out there on collection discs. Just got Namco Museum Virtual Arcade (Amazon: $20) and Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged (Amazon: $10!).

  5. bionic commando rearmed went on sale last week on the PSN, looks like xbox live is going to copy…

    Anyways these amazon deals need to come to amazon.ca as well…Canadians/Europeans always get left out..fucken US!!!!

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