Deal of the week: Marvel Ultimate Alliance: H/V Pack

BC RAThis weeks Deal of the Week is now available. The Game Add Marvel Ultimate Alliance: H/V Pack normally 800 points is now available for Xbox LIVE Gold Members for 560 points

Add Marvel Ultimate Alliance: H/V Pack to your Xbox 360 download queue




  • Ashenkhar

    Umm…. whatever.

    I think I’ll spend some money in the Playstation store this week. In fact, maybe I’ll buy Bionic Commando there, for a lot cheaper than your so called deal of the week.


    Not even 50% off either… cheapskates.


  • Anonymous



  • BrooksterMax

    How about more than one deal a week, why not be outrageous and have two items on offer – or even three! The sky is the limit really.

    Steam did a brilliant offer over the weekend in the UK for COD World at War, it was half price, that is a Triple A title and 50% cost. That was a helluva deal.


  • xfoolsgoldx

    I fed up with the live marketplace.Im not going to renew my gold account.


  • sleepydumbdude

    Feels like I’m 10 again and getting clothes on christmas.



    @ brooksterMax, can’t agree more. The MS Marketplace / partners could learn something from the amazing offers that Steam offers! btw: bought CODwae…

    I am a live member since the beginning and gamer of the first hour, but my enthousiasm is getting lower each week, as the prices and offers are getting worse in over a long period…

    Come on MS AND partners… when will you take your customers seriously????


  • Moon Vydeo

    Love the Deal of the Week, but…….if you really want to push old DLC might I suggest two offers for the Deal of the Week. One can be some DLC, the other an XBLA game. Just an idea.


  • zfair899

    I do hope you mean it when you say you will relay these comments to the marketing staff, Major.

    As it stands, Xbox Live’s service hasn’t a whole lot going for it IMO when juxtaposed against other such services.
    When one weighs XBL against Steam and PSN, the prospect of paying for online gaming becomes significantly less attractive a prospect.
    My Gold sub is pretty meaningless atm. As mentioned umpteen times already, people should be given an incentive to be a part of the Gold Members community, and online gaming is simply not enough.

    Its a pricey annual subscription, so make the customer feel as though he/she is worth the bother.
    These offers are quite insulting. Patronising to say the least.

    This isn’t how you compete in the digital distribution market.


  • noddegamra uk

    This isn’t a very exciting new deal. Personally I think that after 2 years (or a certain amount of time) these old DLC packs for games people barely play anymore should have their prices reduced. Maybe instead of a fairly low-impact deal each week (which seems to be giving Microsoft/Xbox a bad press) there should be a monthly or weekly announcement of reduced DLC packs. A reduction which should be permanent.

    This works on another level as well. Some people get upset by purchasing some DLC and having it reduced the week or a few days later. If people knew when to expect these price drops, Microsoft may see a much greater increase in old DLC sales. From my own experience, I’m holding back on buying a lot of old DLC (such as Crackdown, old Arcade games, and certain map packs) because I’m worried it will be a reduced deal next week. If like with the Lips DLC we knew what was coming each month, we would save up and know when to make a purchase.

    I’m not sure if I have explained my idea well enough, but I think it is a much better approach at selling old DLC. It would be better for the customer (satisfaction and buying with confidense) and for the public image of Xbox and Microsoft. As at the moment, these deals are a bit of a laughing stock on many online blogs and news sites.


  • sleepydumbdude

    I’ve slowly been drifting away from my xbox since january. I’ve realized the prices for the games were too much for as old as they were and most of the games I just got on steam for much cheaper. Honestly the few good deals of the week are the only reason I’ve been using the gold service recently which isn’t a whole lot. I got my live for 30 bucks for amazon so but probably won’t spend 50 for it again. I mainly got it for the left 4 dead DLC when it came out so I could play online. Probably should’ve used my money for the PC version through steam when they had it on sale.



    Sorry Major that I have to say this, but this “deals” are completely worthless… MS Marketing Team, please have a look at Valve’s Steam platform and their weekend deals and reconsider your “bargains”.


  • quikDC

    I really hope you do pass these comments along to the marketing team. These “deals” are a pathetic joke. We pay $50 a year for a gold membership and this is all we get? If you want to push very old DLC then it needs to be a lot cheaper than this. I realize Microsoft is trying to make money but how about a little free content every once in a while? After all the RROD’s and E74’s we have all dealt with I think we deserve a little better.


  • BeAkErOo

    PSN just gave us rag doll kung fu, a $10 game for nothing, good game as well


  • BlackSmoke

    Wow, let’s see if you look at the comments for most of Major’s post they pretty much consist of people complaining. Statistics show people who comment are more likely to complain than say anything positive. Negativity is a strong and aggressive energy. Don’t get me wrong it’s OK to voice disapproval but getting on here and ranting about how you’re gonna cancel your Gold account is a bit much, just go ahead an cancel it. For as many complaining post some of you post how many positive things have some of you posted??? Kudos to those who posted offering suggestions, if you’re going to complain offer solutions.


  • Secret Fuller

    i don’t know if you know. But microsoft wants money. They don’t care what we think…


  • eolh93

    @K04 Passat – I suppose it’s a bit of a bargain if you have the game and don’t already have the DLC. But that’s a pretty small, select group of users when it comes down to it. For the rest of us, it’s just a waste of time. We’re just getting fed up with week after week of seeing meaningless “deals”. I for one have yet to see a deal on DLC for any game that I own, and even if I did, if I really cared enough to get the DLC for a game I’d have already bought it. I’m certainly not going wait around hoping that maybe one day, possibly a few years down the road, there might be a deal on it where I save a whole $3. These “deals” have such a narrow audience that they’re pointless.

    @BlackSmoke – Well, I am one of those who posted with a suggestion, so I suppose that your comment wasn’t so much directed at me, but I think that Microsoft needs to hear that we’re unhappy. Right now, the *only* thing that I get out of my Gold membership is Netflix, and honestly, I’m more than a little offended that I have to have a Gold account for that when I’m also paying for the Netflix service. I’m not really an online gamer — haven’t even gamed online enough yet to get my rep increased from the starting default. So what exactly is Microsoft giving me for my membership fee? I’m still in my first year on the XBox 360, but I have to say that right now, unless some significant changes are made to entice me to keep it, there’s a good chance I won’t be renewing my Gold account when it expires next year. I would hope that Microsoft would rather hear that and hear why than have me just cancel it, so that they can perhaps entice me to stay. I don’t expect something for nothing, but I do expect that if they’re going to charge me a subscription fee they’ll provide me something worthwhile in return for it.

    @Secret Fuller – I would hope that if Microsoft wants my money then they care what I think. Because if they don’t care, they won’t get my money, I have other places that I can spend it. Simple as that.


  • Carg0

    you can buy the Gold Ed. *brand new* + *free shipping* for $30 @


  • UKresistance

    Blacksmoke, people post great deal when it IS a great deal. Even if it is something they already have or might not want.


  • WinterSnowblind

    The logic here is pretty simple.. And I hate to hop on the bandwagon, but just looking at services like Steam you can easily see how something like this should be done.

    If you offer up more worthwhile deals, more people are going to purchase them.. and if you can continue offering good deals like that, you may even convince silver members to sign up so they can get in on the deals as well.

    As it is, no one is interested at all. I understand that you can’t offer something amazingly great every week, but the only deal I’ve ever been interested in was Alien Homminid.


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