Halo Wars: Strategic Options Add-on Pack


boxhaloWars[1] Content: Halo Wars Strategic Options Add-on Pack
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) MILD BLOOD,MILD LANGUAGE,VIOLENCE] Experience Halo Wars in a whole new way with the Strategic Options Game Add-on. Three new game modes will require players to re-think their entire strategy and approach to the game. The modes include: Keepaway – capture the flag style game; Tug of War – who can field and maintain the strongest army; and Reinforcements – adapt your tactics as you are granted waves of troops.


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47 thoughts on “Halo Wars: Strategic Options Add-on Pack

  1. Rejoice! There’s nothing like playing this game in a party with your friends, maniacal laughter while destroying enemy bases or shifting the blame as your own team loses. Hope the add-ons keep coming!

    I also loved the story the Major told of him playing Halo Wars multiplayer and being the resource slave. It’s happened to all of us…

  2. 800 points for just new game modes? That’s just pure and utter bs. HW launched with too few game modes to begin with and now you are going to rip us off when you update the game to be what is was suppose to be at launch? File size is just 2mb. That’s not DLC, that’s a friggin’ update!

  3. Kick butt, Major! THIS is what I’m talking about! 😀

    Been looking forward to diving into this game as of late, and with new DLC! To think these add-on modes will offer even more to an already solid game…now I just gotta try and get me a points card to get this.

    And at 800 points? I can’t complain.

  4. As much as i love halo wars, 800msp is steep for just adding 3 gamemodes. It’s RE5 vs mode all over again
    Now if it included the 3 new maps I could almost justify it, but as it doesn’t then I’m afraid i’ll pass on this one.

  5. Way too steep. Glad I passed on this game. Will have to pick it up late when a greatest hits version is released and is a little more beefier with dlc included.

  6. Are you guys still complaining about prices and “blah blah blah too expensive” and stuff?

    Regardless that there’s a crappy economy about us, all I’ve ever seen *even with deals like this* on this is WHINING. Incessant whining about all the DLC that gets released.

    You guys are just….funny sometimes. Really, I’m enjoying watching the “BAWWWW” fest.

  7. 800?? COMPLETELY OVERPRICED.. There’s not even new maps!
    Then next month they release a map pack with 3 maps for another 800 points.
    1600 for a game that is hard to find a match and has serious balance issues.

    Microsoft must think we are stupid..

  8. @XxLightkunxX – If the content wasn’t overpriced then nobody would complain.
    @Raiden BR – Unfortunately I think the most target market is stupid.

    So let me get this straight, this DLC doesn’t actually add on anything new? Sod that.

  9. I love this game (when not being rushed by n00bers…seriously why do ppl wait 1 minute to play a 3 minute game…then when I counter THEIR rush (i never rush first) they quit cos they don’t have a clue what to do!….pointless!)

    This content is overpriced however. These game modes should have been included in the retail game and there is no way Im paying for them, I probably would only use 1 of the modes anyway.

    @ Lightkun, you’re an idiot. 800 points may not seem alot in monetary terms, but you have to look at what you’re buying to see if its worth it. People complain all the time cos Microsoft doesn’t bring out good enough deals ‘consistently’ which makes them wonder why they bother having these deals at all. Take a week ago…crash bandicoot with its 33% off on xbox originals WAS STILL more expensive than actually getting the game brand new on disc…the deals really are laughable.
    As for this, 800 points really isnt justified, I actually think they should be free (especially given this title has fallen off the top 10 for 2 weeks now, and only really has 25,000 max on at a time). If they want us to pay, Id say 300 points MAX for this, 100 per game mode, and they should split up the game modes so you only download the one you want. @ Microsoft they keep talkin about personalisation e.g. dashboard themes, avatars etc… and yet they don’t want us to customise the gaming experience. Just like those Lips and Guitar Hero downloads, u can download either 1 song or the pack of songs, so I suggest the same for game modes.

  10. 800 Points for three game modes is just insane – a trend that is all too familiar on Xbox LIVE these days. This DLC should be free in the first place, but if it’s premium, it shouldn’t cost more than 300-400 Points. At that price there even would be some whiners and I’d understand them. But 800, come on… A multiplayer map pack, that contains three maps would justify this price, but game modes? I really don’t know how deeper Microsoft can sink in this policy.

  11. More ridiculous price gouging from MS im beginning to hate the idea of digital distribution if it means companies just raise their prices 10 fold or hold stuff back from releases to make a quick buck.
    Not that Major cares, he wont respond about the price. Face of the community? dont make me laugh

  12. Honestly, 800 MSP is an insult. Tell whoever set decides these matters that their experiment in establishing a new price standard for gametypes has failed.

  13. I was thinking about getting this when I had read about it, but 800 pts. Needless to say, there is now another copy of halo wars at my local gamestop.

  14. I want to take the time right now to express how pissed off I am. This is bullsh*t. 3 game modes for 800 points? This should be free, seeing as they developer admitted that they held it off before the game even came out:


    You guys are a bunch of asses, I don’t respect Ensenble/Robot at all. I am not buying this. No one is playing this game that much online only around 10,000 which is not alot. So chances are if you buy this, not enough people will be able to play it with each other because not that many bought it. This should of been free, their not even maps. Why is it hard for developers to release free content? $80 for a game isn’t enough god damn … The recession has hit the middle class too you idiots. Have some effing heart.

  15. 800 points? Damn. I very rarely ever complain and I really enjoy Halo Wars but that’s just too much for what you get in this dlc. I was really looking forward to this so it really pains me that I’ll be taking a pass on this content.

  16. Guess nobody figured on the new achievements which would give you something to look forward to, OTHER than the fact we’re getting added-on game modes you know..

    Anyways, I’ve already said my piece.

    But to come here to complain about 800 MS points on well, everything (as if it’s anything new) is just…

    I mean give it a rest already guys, I’m pretty sure most people just plop 800 points down on it anyways regardless of the ‘scheming’ MS is doing and for a game like Halo Wars you really can’t argue.

    waa waa waa new maps waa waa stupid.

  17. I’m with the other whiners in that 800 points is a bit too much for DLC that only adds 3 new gametypes, as much of a Halo Wars fan as I am.

  18. Count me among the miffed. I love Halo Wars… have the Elite Honor Guard and the Flaming Warthog. But this content vs cost is silly. That would have been like Soul Calibur charging 800 for Vader. I understand you’re merely the messenger on this Major, but please feed it back… It’s not like I haven’t dumped points down for things before, even ones that were questionably expensive, but I must draw the line here. Let ’em know that this hardcore halo universe fan says no thanks.

  19. I have to agree with most everybody lol as 800 pts is just way too much. Very sad since I love Halo Wars and this DLC just craps on the fans. I was concerned if these new modes would work in skirmish but now I don’t even care.

  20. ROFLMAO!!!
    800 MSP for 3 Gamemodes that you can find in other games for free?!
    This one should get free. What’s up M$, need some money to complete W7? *lulz*

  21. You know why they “overcharge” for DLC? Used games. Publishers and developers want to make money off of used games and this is how they’ll do it. Heck, Epic has talked about DLC to fight the end boss.

  22. @Kigmal – Couldn’t agree more. I suppose this is another one of those cases where the “DLC” is already on the game disc, and when you buy it all you’re really getting is a code to unlock it.

    I had been considering buying this game, but 800 points for DLC that should have been part of the game to begin with? Forget that.

  23. @Twilight Now – That’s probably true, but it’s incredibly stupid to punish the people that *do* buy new copies of the game like that. I’d be ok with it maybe if they lowered the price on new copies to make the game plus DLC even with the normal cost of a new game, but if (as your Epic example implies) they want to charge me full price for a game and then charge me for DLC to be able to fully play the game — they can go to hell. At that point I won’t even buy it used; I just won’t buy it.

    DLC should be for significant expansions and additions (like the Fable 2 DLC or the Fallout 3 DLC), not for being able to play the main game.

    They can only get away with something like that if people buy into it. So vote with your wallet, and don’t buy/support games which force you to buy DLC in order to get the full game experience.

  24. Soo… this is basically a paid-for txt.file?

    And lol@ anyone who thinks that achievements justify the price

    What are you trying to say exactly? Whats wrong with people voicing there dissatisfaction?
    If this is a continuing trend (which it appears to be *RE5*) then just standing by, being docile and accepting this form of extortion is not the type of response that should be encouraged

  25. i bought and really enjoyed halo wars but there wasn’t enough of it, unfortunately. it needed a second race/campaign or at least several more UNSC campaign missions. it’s a shame Ensemble won’t be there to give us what surely would have been a fantastic AAA sequel, now that the groundwork has been laid.

    anyway, this DLC is grossly overpriced and, quite frankly, not even worth mentioning. as one already stated; this isn’t DLC, this is an update. and one that, from the looks of it, should’ve been included at launch.

    it’s *very* disturbing to see MS continue to take advantage of the halo fan base like this. there’s simply no justification at that price.

  26. XxLightkunxX

    why come here and mock those who cant afford or deem this to expensive for what they charge?

    You most be some spoiled brat who doesn’t understand the value of an earned dollar.

    I agree with everyone else here, 800points (roughly ten bucks) is an unfair price to ask for the content being offered.

    XxLightkunxX you can keep your better then thou opinions to yourself.

  27. Years ago I sent Major Nelson an email saying their practice to hold out features only to add it back in as DLC later and charge people ridiculous prices afterwards would be the failure of the Xbox 360. I was wrong, there are a bunch of idiots out there that will purchase the stuff no matter what the cost. I, however, am not one of them.

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