Beatles Rock Band coming Sept. 9th

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were on stage at the Xbox 360 Media Briefing when it was announced that Rock Band Beatles will be releasing on September 9, 2009. With all proceeds from All You Need Is Love to go to Doctors without Borders.


  • Mr Barrel Roll

    very cool, looking forward to it


  • w0lrah

    Can’t wait, though unless it actually has new controls for some reason I can’t see why they don’t just do this as a DLC expansion.


  • Ark Hunter

    That had been announced a long time ago (the release date) wasn’t it?


  • krisguy787

    I would even pay another 1600 points to import these into RB2 after buying the game.




    1. They’re releasing new controllers.
    2. It’s a stand alone game like every other pack they’ve released.


  • Batman8304

    It’s not just a standalone game, it’s got whole new features. 3-part vocals is a first in any of the Rock Band games (or Guitar Hero, for that matter), for one. I’m sure there will be more info released as we get closer to the release date.


  • BFBeast666

    I don’t care. I respect the Beatles, okay. But I strictly refuse to shell out any more bucks for another rhythm game this generation unless it’s “Extreme Metal Band/Hero”.


  • Sausage Villan

    yeah i hope they allow you to import the songs to rockband 2


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