Geek out your Avatar

While E3 is happening, it’s time to channel your inner Geek into your Avatar! The following items are now available for download as part of the latest release of apparel for your avatar:


Work Shirt

70’s Plaid Flares

Jam Jar Glasses


Knitted Vest

Gingham Shirt

Thread Skirt

All clothing choices are free, and will remain available. It is easy to tell what is new when you are in the avatar editor, just look for the gold star. Any item of clothing with a gold star is new since the last time you signed in to the avatar editor.



  • Frayteez

    No pics this time? 😦


  • JackBurtonHERO

    Super Sweet those glasses look good!!!


  • Frayteez

    when will the Avatar Marketplace be released??


  • tyrone hawk

    Hey! Where is the “I told you Sony fanboys! MGS for the 360” T-shirt?


  • Exu

    Sounds a bit crap to me. We now wait three weeks and get a more limited selection.
    Would I be right in suggesting you’re drawing this out so all these preloaded clothes are unlocked by the time the Avatar closet upgrade comes out?


  • Pastime Gamer

    Thanks for the notice! The clothes are cool!


  • Special C

    Exu try not to complain about Free stuff…..

    If someone was giving me free clothes all the time I wouldnt complain about how long I have to wait for them. And why does it matter if it’s preloaded? If someone bought a bunch of clothes and had them in his closet would you complain because he gave them to you for free at intervals instead of all at once?

    Thanks MS for the free Avatar clothes. Its appreciated.


  • Doh Ray Egon

    That’s great! I can’t wait to try them out…when I get my XBox back from being repaired…from a 2nd E74 failure. 😐


  • Anonymous

    you gotta be kidding, some people…

    Thanks Major for the free goodies, anyone know what the arcade game(s) will be tomorrow?


  • scott topic

    just checked out the new stuff. not bad. i am looking forward to some new games that will actually use the avatars!


  • Monster Warfare

    Sweet, I will check this out.


  • Fat Lebowski

    Bowling shirts, where are the bowling shirts. The Lebowski needs his shirt… man.


  • XxLightkunxX

    I for one can’t wait for the Avatar Marketplace. I mean you gave us pretty much what we wanted; clothes that unlock with the games we play, new things to add to them, props…

    Much love, Major Nelson. Thanks a lot! I hope that with the Marketplace for Avatars we can get a color changer and I, for one, am all set on the customization. 😀


  • Ark Hunter

    When’s all the new stuff coming? Will it be like a fall update or just come as they come?


  • NoiZeKilla

    According to Marc’s letter:

    Finally, we’re continuing that spirit of customization and self-expression with a virtual closet full of premium clothing and interactive props to download and PURCHASE for your Avatar.

    I will not pay real money for virtual clothes…I am happy to unlock them, but I have no more nickels and dimes left! I need those for virtual laundry…


  • yolarrydabomb

    I wonder wheres the no shirt?

    Naked avatar would be funny!


  • Muzzymate

    I’m still waiting for my avatar to rock out in a Borat mankini!




    Hey thanks for telling us what you won’t do.
    Can you post that on your my space to let those people know what you won’t do.
    While you’re at it can you tweet that too. Thanks man

    P.S. guys tomorrow I WILL NOT be looking into the sun or pushing someone into traffic (except hmmm) okay I won’t.


  • Anonymous

    you guys coulda done better


  • DHartmann

    Good news
    We need more !


  • Sausage Villan

    come on !!!, when will we get some avatar clothing options that are actually cool …. i want my avatar to have armor weapons cool clothes ; not these generic preppy mall clothes


  • FR3SH JIV3

    When is the X360 baseball jersey getting released? I have had this on my avatar since the NXE preview and can’t take it off or I will lose it 😦


  • wolfzero01

    great so now my avatar can look even dorkier, why can’t you guys release better stuff or more clothes that tie into games like the Lost & the Damned clothes that were released when it was

    I hope there is an announcement soon when the avatar store is going to show up


  • Zeuxis

    Come on, what is this crap? seriously, save some time and money and stop releasing this junk Major, I am sure most people here wouldn’t mind if you directed your effords thowords the new avatars ‘shop’.


  • northerntrack

    Oh no free stuff!
    Quick, I better waste some time moaning about something that doesn’t cost me anything….

    So funny on here sometimes.


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