At E3? Come by and get the first Xbox Avatar prop


In his letter to the community yesterday, Xbox LIVE’s Marc Whitten (Notwen) outlined some of the new things we’re bringing to the Xbox LIVE service later this year. One of the new features we have is called props which will allow you to add cool new items for your avatar to interact with. If you are attending E3 this year, you have a very special opportunity to get the very first prop: An 2009 E3 Trophy cup that will commemorate your attendance to this years show.


All you need to do is drop by the Xbox 360 booth and sign up. Later this year, we’ll email you a code for your prop that you can download from the upcoming Avatar Marketplace.
Look for the special sign up computer we’ve set up in the Xbox LIVE section of the booth. (South Hall, Booth 1523)  If you’re having trouble finding the right section, it’s on the side facing Ubisoft’s booth.

Tell them Major sent you.



  • Tony Winsta

    This probly wont happen but never hurts 🙂
    if someones there and just wants to be totally rad 😀


  • A GIass of OJ

    I think that this is kindof stupid because of the fact that only people who live in California can go to this, because who has the money to fly across the country, so Anyone that is going to E3, and wants to sign me up for this, My email address is, please sign me up,


  • LloydXmas250

    It’s a nice idea but it kind of stinks for the general public. People saying only people in LA can get this is still not even true. I live in LA. Hell, I won tickets to the Press Conference but to sign up you have to get into the E3 show floor and you have to have press credentials or be in the industry to do that. It’s extremely limited as to who can sign up. On the flipside, I saw someone make a comment about the clothes and props costing a lot. I saw a screenshot of the Avatar Marketplace, and though it could change, they listed things for 80 points, less than a crappy Rock Band track. Not too bad I don’t think.


  • a peeking duck

    Are you whiny babies seriously getting your panties in a twist over a digital item that those who are eligible for it won’t even get until later this year!??!

    By then the new avatar store will be up and you can outfit your silly avatar with all sorts of useless junk!


  • otto888

    How is this unlocked? Download or just edits a file? If it edits the acatar editor “save data” it should be easy to get.


  • Olamire

    @ macktiger
    trophies=achivements. using props is like creating a living space for your avatar. get with the program. did anybody attend E3? send me the link


  • Goodeye84

    @Twilight Now

    Dude don’t act all self-righteous man. People are feeling left out its completly understandable for them to voice their opinions, thats what Major lets us do voice our opinion. People are understandbly feeling left out. This is basically a media only item (since you had to be at E3 to get it )and rightfully so I know myself and others it doesn’t seem to make sense posting it here.


  • Kuji PR

    Eh, what’s the point if I wasn’t even near that place =/


  • Retodon8

    @A GIass of OJ: Country? You really should get out more; there is a whole world out there! Also it’s not about where you live, but about whether you went to E3.

    Hmm, with Microsoft punishing people who cheat by removing all their Gamerscore, you wouldn’t expect this many people trying to do just that on Major Nelson’s own website. 🙂 It wouldn’t be very exclusive if everybody got this trophy, now would it.


  • Yungstar 2006

    if i may add my two penith……

    want want want….

    not fair at all that it’s only for those who could atend, many of us would like to but not a chance ever..


  • Sco77yy

    Damn, wish I could of gone. Sounds cool though 🙂


  • WinterSnowblind

    It’s to comemorate those who were actually AT e3, it seems a bit pointless if you weren’t actually there yourself. But it seems like a very cool idea, and I’m sure there’ll be doing more things like this, so there’s no need to freak out and feel like you’re missing out.

    Unlockable avatar clothes need to come soon, I want something for getting all those damn jiggies in Nuts & bolts 🙂


  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to see this post prior to my flight for E3. Is there a link where we can go and verify our presence?

    Proof at Microsoft booth.


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