Bound for Baghdad


I am a few hours away from stepping on a plane for the first leg of my journey to Baghdad, Iraq for the Iroq-Band competition taking place next week. I am honored to be asked to support the event, and I am looking forward to meeting many of service men and women that are Xbox LIVE members and blog readers who have emailed me countless tips to prepare for this experience. We’ll be recording a bunch of video for upcoming Inside Xbox segments which will air next month. With all of the travel and security involved in this trip, my online time (blog posts, twitter, twitpics and flickr) will be extremely limited. I will try to post updates to twitter if the opportunity arises, but I want to warn you that I’ll be unusually quiet (which I am sure won’t bother some of you) during my radio silence.  

During my absence, my podcast co-host e will be keeping you updated on Xbox LIVE ‘stuff’ here on the blog, while litheon will continue to keep the site and chat online and running as usual.

Thanks and I’ll be back in about 10-days with what I am sure will be extraordinary stories to share with you.




  • whodatcool1

    Have fun Major.


  • Chiron7936

    Good luck and godspeed Major!


  • Rockwell7

    good luck major nelson


  • CALZ88

    go on major….dnt forget the kevlar xbox


  • Major Nelson

    Thanks. It’s an odd combination of excitement and fright I am feeling.


  • Laz PsEG

    Enjoy yourself and stay safe, Major. This trip should be a heck of an experience.


  • Maurerk

    Good luck and enjoy yourself!


  • JackBurtonHERO

    Have a safe trip Major!!! Say Hi to the troops for me!


  • mnemo

    Have a good journey! Should be an exciting trip.



    Have fun over there!


  • JohnEQ

    Have fun on your trip…Oh!!! and bring plenty of suntanning lotion. Oh! And another thing…don’t stop on the side of the roads, not so nice things happen when doing so. I expect plenty of pics too!!!


  • Devinant

    Good luck Major!

    We can haz lolcats? E, WE WANT LOLCATS!


  • lollip0p

    Good luck and stay safe, Larry! Have fun and thank the troops fo us!


  • Magic Whiskey

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime, actual adventure! Embrace the excitement AND the nervousness and just go with it! Can’t wait to hear all about your time there.


  • Ganon255

    Watch out for the hissing spiders.


  • Zeouterlimits

    I wonder if we should time how long e actually does some posting :D.

    Enjoy Major, already looking forward to hearing your tales!


  • A Place for Us

    What games will you be playing there?


  • DJHepcat

    enjoy and stay safe


  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Bring Dragon Skin armour


  • eviel khon

    Stay Safe and take care.



  • yolarrydabomb

    Lets all party on his chatroom.


    Have a safe trip!


  • Anonymous

    “Thanks. It’s an odd combination of excitement and fright I am feeling.”

    that’s what i call ROCK !
    I hope vidéo games and music will bring a little peace.
    who can afford a 360 in Iraq ?


  • Mr Mcfluffin

    Safe trip Major…have a great time


  • Ganon255

    Larry you are doing an honorable thing, our troops need all the relief they can get.

    What I don’t get however is how our government has killed more people in Iraq(some estimates are over 1 million) than Saddam Hussein himself ever did(estimates 500,000). And the country is in no better shape than it was ten years ago, if not worse.

    What good have we really done for the Iraq people? We are a worse threat to the Iraqi’s than they or Hussein ever were to us.


  • jg101987

    Good luck and have fun Major.

    let the lolcats begin!


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