Xbox Live Service Maintenance


On Tuesday, June 16th from 7:01AM UTC (12:01 AM PST) for up to 24 hours, Xbox Live will be offline for maintenance. As a result, Xbox LIVE and the ‘My Xbox’ section of will be unavailable, and the Xbox forums will be in read only mode (you won’t be able to post.)

The remainder of will be available with limited interruptions.

This service maintenance is to prepare for some of the recently announced features that will be available later this year.

Let me reiterate: When the service returns, you will not have any new functions or features. This is for scheduled maintenance only.


100 thoughts on “Xbox Live Service Maintenance

  1. I can tell all of you having problems two things:

    * Guide lag can be caused by what Xcell says. I had like 2 minutes lag everytime I pressed guide, and do whatever thing I wanted (like sending a message or trying to invite someone). A friend told me to delete some installed games, and I haven´t had that problem again (just a bit laggy).

    * If your marketplace goes really slow, that´s because it´s currently checking your entire download history everytime you press anything. That has been proved too.

  2. This is a video about the laggy marketplace. First Gamertag has almost nothing purchased on the marketplace and the second on, my main account, about 700 items in total.

    This Video is to all the people who want to tell us over and over that it is all about the connection speed and/or the free space on the HDD.

  3. @ KMetalmind ….

    Exactly right… what amazes me though is that we, as a community, had to figure out the causes for the issues, with no official help/word from microsoft. Big thumbs up to the community and a big thumbs down to MS for that!
    As far as I know there’s still been no official acknowledgment of the issues has there? Maybe there has been in some little corner of the web, tucked away in the shadows somewhere, but nothing public!
    I feel sorry for the average xbox 360 gamer that doesn’t spend a great deal of time on the internet/forums… to them it’ll seem like the 360 is just, well, poor! They may even think that’s the way the machine is supposed to work.
    I know it doesn’t make good business sense to acknowledge your product has faults, but to blatantly ignore the issues (from a public perspective) is pretty rude.
    I’m assuming/hoping the problems will see some kind of fix in the Fall (that’s Autumn to the rest on the world) update, but these issues shouldn’t have to wait til then to be resolved, it should of been done by now…. after all, we are paying (well, most of us are) for this service.

    The fact that Microsoft must be losing money through lost sales due to the painfully slow marketplace must bother them… well, it’d bother me in their shoes.

    I could go on, but this will end up as a wall of text… which is never nice…. lol.

  4. Wow now I know what causes the problem, I am amazed.

    Why on earth would it need to read your ENTIRE history just to check if a few items listed on screen have been purchased? Anyone with a modest knowledge of databases knows thats really poor design. It should be indexed accordingly so you only have to ask for results for what is relevant on the page.

    It also makes sense that if this is indeed a database issue that they do have to take Live down to fix it. You can’t really alter the structure of a database while its live plus they may need to do a lot OF processing on it to generate new relationships in your download history, so you can be more selective about which parts of it you ask for instead of asking for everything every single time.

  5. Same laggy guide for me…
    The more you have on your HDD, the laggier the guide becomes. So ppl wo actually buy stuff from MS are the screwed ones…

  6. +1 for Computerdude103’s use of the word bogus!, lol. Paying for a service we haven’t been able to properly use for months is indeed bogus. And what’s worse is the people like me who’ve spent the most on DLC and Marketplace content are the ones worst affected by the lag.

    Off topic but where is this weeks top ten Live stats?. I know Major Nelson is away and stuff but isn’t e or someone standing in to update this blog?.

  7. Wow, 24 hours downtime so that my Avatar can pole dance? Seriously ‘e’?

    Maybe it’s time to change the infrastructure setup to avoid downtime, like you’ve been saying you’ll implement for over two years.

  8. is v.slow for me right now.

    It takes a v.long time for anything to load – i just get a loading icon & a white page.

    & its not my Internet, as every other page is fine.

  9. hey major, good to hear that the laggy dash is being worked on. When abouts are we to get the facebook update? Looking forward to that! This summer or fall? Cheers

  10. @K1ILLER HORNET… i’m having the same problem with as well!!

    Also the market place is REALLY slow since yesterday (when i try to click on an item for info/purchase)

    Signing in on my 360 is ok…. just the MP is slow!!?? also!!?

  11. I get the feeling that the guide slowdown is due to any number of factors, be it too many games installed on your hard drive, a long download history, or something new. regardless it sure would be nice for MS to step up and fix the issue and let everyone know that it is going to be fixed instead of sticking their heads in the sand and banning people who bring it up.

    does this mean that there is no spring update this year? or does this count as it, even though nothing new is being added, except preparing for useless features like Twitter and Facebook (although the Lastfm thing should be interesting)

  12. I’m not really excited about the new update. There is nothing really special there. But they really need fix performance. The guide button is ridiculously slow. Waiting for a list of items when you go to specific game on gaming marketplace is SLOW. Add a Change Status option in the My Xbox selection. And for god sakes add preview for themes and gamerpics on Xbox Marketplace. It is so annoying having no idea what your being sold.

  13. That’s pretty much why I stopped looking for and buying content etc. on there because it takes to f________ long to find what I want.If that’s how they want to do business then that’s fine .Let the fool who wants to wait on the lag to buy their stuff,but I won’t buy any more till this gets fixed!That’s how this will get fixed if a bunch of people do not buy squat until this crap is repaired.The problem is their is always that sucker willing to suck up the lag and still fork over money to this bad joke.Unfortunately i’ve been guilty of that myself.

  14. I long for the day when people are able to understand the concept of “routine maintenance” and didn’t have to be reminded, every single time, that nothing new is coming.

  15. Starting Fall 2008 I will be playing Xbox 360 offline because I do not use any premium Xbox Live services with the exception of online multiplayer. I will return playing on Xbox Live when Online Multiplayer is free or is part of a smaller, “basic” package of Xbox Live. This may never happen, so until then my Xbox 360 will only get connected to the internet when I want to download a demo, video or other dlc, or when I want to update my gamertag status. As for now, there isn’t even an RJ45 connector in the back of my console.

    Hey, at least I don’t have to worry about when Xbox Live Maintenance.

  16. @ RidinSlow

    that’s just stupid imo,
    just keep your console connected to the internet – you don’t have anything to loose, but much to gain even if you don’t play online.

    i personally don’t like gaming when offline, even in single player games.

  17. @Shafnitz
    Good point as that was one of my many questions BEFORE NXE. Well, Xbox Live Service Maintenance is needed and I’m glad it is on a work day for me. If it were on a day (like Sat, Sun or a holiday none work day), THEN it would be a bad thing. Netflix can be seen on your PC along with Hulu. The only REAL thing that bites is dates on your achievements gained ‘offline’.

    Can I get the time I ‘wasted’ at a broken stop light? . . . . .(sigh)

  18. Last time they did this in Septemeber 2008, my Xbox got faster and especially the performance of live. I hope it does this time too. Oh and some of the features announced are coming this August like Avatar marketplace,music marketplace, games on demand, 1 vs 100 and probably guide lag fixes. Was said so by Notwen.

  19. Maintenance is no biggie. Only bummer is I can’t play my arcade games, or DLC, since I’m on my 10th console, and I already did the DRM transfer, so no dice. Ah well. Small inconvenience, I probably won’t even be able to play that day anyways. Hope the maintenace results in some big service and guide improvements down the road. I would put up with a week’s interruption in service if it did that.

  20. @ Surly x Duff: Have you tried just manually re-downloading the licenses for your Arcade games and DLC individually? That’s what I did after I got my replacement console, since I don’t trust them to do the DRM transfer at the service center. After doing that, I haven’t had any problems playing my Arcade games and DLC offline.

  21. still slow as h3ell!!

    and MP on my 360s is also slow to the point of being unusable!!

    Being a gold member sure does have its privileges!!

  22. @K1LLER HORNET – what benefits do I get for having my Xbox 360 connected to the internet if I am not using any of the online features? I really don’t understand how you consider what I am doing “stupid.”

    The way I see it, I don’t have anything to loose by keeping the console disconnected.

  23. I’ve never noticed any lag on the dashboard for me. Maybe it has to do with older 360’s vs. newer 360’s or maybe many people don’t know how to clear their cache? Not sure and I know it probably isn’t fun experiencing this.


    I guess I don’t think of title updates. I usually watch out for when they come along so I can update. I may have missed a few, but I also haven’t gotten any new titles for Xbox 360 since December last year, so most of my games are probably up-to-date.

    No. I don’t use the inside Xbox feature. Not since shortly after the NXE was deployed. I didn’t use it that much before then either.

  25. Xbox Live Maintenance = Service of Xbox Live Down
    Test all of of your arcade games you might be playing during this downtime and make sure they work offline (without being connected to Xbox Live). This will eliminate any headache in that area.

    Now’s a good time to hit up your favorite gaming forum (besides here) and open of your ‘contacts’ to continue to talk to friends from Xbox Live. (it’s only a day sheesh)

    Look at it as improving on what we already have.

    Happy Xbox Live Down for Maintenance Day

  26. -_- I was playing a Tournament Challenge on Tiger Woods 10 and when live went down the game kicked me to the title screen without saving, just as I was winning the challenge… that sucks !

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