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If you’re enjoying Ghostbusters: The Video Game, then I’ve got a little something special for you today. My friends at Terminal Reality sent me a few of the master audio files directly from the game to share with you. There are clips of of the PKE Meter, Capturing Sequence and two clips of an angry Stay Puft Marshmallow man.  I have created two ZIP files. One is the WAV version (the masters) the other is a 96k MP3 version.  Each ZIP contain the same four files in the appropriate file format.


Right click and choose ‘Save as’ (or something similar) to save this to your computer. Go ahead and make this your ring tone, new mail sound or whatever you think is cool. I’d love to know how you use it.


Download the Ghostbusters audio .ZIP file (WAV format, 3.50 MB)


Download the Ghostbusters audio .ZIP file (96k MP3 format, 316 K)


These are for individual, personal use only.



  • CajolingHickory

    Really like the sound effects. I will probably use them in my Visual Effects Compilations (Personal Stuff)


  • Major Nelson

    The MP3 file is now fixed.


  • Warrengonline

    @Major Nelson
    Think you can get this some attention:

    It would be nice.

    Even the original on XBLA as a part of the Sega Classics would be nice.

    This has been a sad, sad, sad past 30 days. David Carradine The Ku Fung Master, Ed McMahon the Great, Farrah Fawcett the Hottest Angel in the Galaxy and now Michael the King of Pop and Unique and Original Dance Moves.

    May they all rest in peace and never be forgotten.


  • Blue Thunder28




    Hey Major, were you going to make a post about 1 vs 100 being available to Silver members this weekend, starting tonight? I just found out about it on


  • Goodeye84

    Is it just me or does Major actually have a game in his gamertag played games called Xbox 360 beta?

    Wonder what that is.


  • Goodeye84

    Also Major.

    Can you guys seriously up the amount of reminders we can make for 1vs100?

    If your going to put out that many in the schedule for us to set up reminders on it would be nice to set the reminders up on all that are showing.


  • Baron Brain

    Thanks Major Nelson!

    The MP3 download is definitely now downloading in full! Woohoo!

    Also, being a Mac user, I can absolutely confirm that both audio archives uncompress correctly and work perfectly on Macs! (If you’re having a problem, make sure the required Quicktime codecs on your system are not missing or corrupted…)


  • Alex Atkin UK


    Actually, having an external drive does not mean hacker heaven.

    Its plenty easy enough to take the HDD off the side of the 360 and view its contents, but its not at all helpful except for transferring Xbox savegames and custom soundtracks for backwards compatibility (not savegames are compatible this way) or keeping a backup of your 360 HDD contents on your PC. Beyond that, you are no closer to hacking the 360 other than the save game hacks which Microsoft are banning people/wiping their gamerscore for using. The DRM used for the 360 protects everything else so they could just as easily be sat on an external USB drive.

    It would be extremely useful to be able to download videos from marketplace to one even if it could only be viewed on the 360 it was downloaded with. It might be useful for Arcade games too, but it might not work for full game downloads or game installation as USB uses a lot more CPU time than native SATA does and is also a lot slower (in theory).

    However as the 360 uses a 2.5″ SATA drive to begin with (which btw you CAN’T get a cheap 1TB drive in that size, a 500GB 2.5″ costs the same as a 1TB 3.5″) the drive speed may only be a problem for full games. I suspect installing a game to a USB hard drive would make it load a LOT slower than from DVD directly. However, I personally would probably prefer that to the noisy DVD drive although mostly, I just wish Microsoft would release a 500GB upgrade HDD for the 360. If it was the same price of the 120GB upgrade they would still be making a good profit.

    Once full games are released for download people are going to get pissed at running out of HDD space. It would certainly be a big factory stopping me from downloading, my 120GB is always full and I wouldn’t want to delete one game to download another. I only keep games I play often on the HDD as its quick enough to install a game from DVD. If I bought a downloaded version of a game then did not play it often, I wouldn’t be able to delete it as it would take so long to download it again. So I would be unlikely to risk buying it in download format.


  • metallicorphan

    anyone else think that Major is teasing us with his xbox 360 Beta tile card and his Xbox logo T-shirt on his avatar?


  • amacvane

    The “Xbox 360 Beta” is for those individuals who are internally testing the Avatar Awards program announced at E3.


  • coma darkvale

    lol awesome im so putting this on my ipod lol worked fine for me by the way


  • Warrengonline

    @Alex Atkin UK
    I’m sorry, I combined modding with the ‘hacking’ crew. The Xbox allowed any owner to add ad PC drive to the it which allowed loads of pirating and emulation add-ons. The Xbox360’s HD is some weird mac/win format and can only detect and use up to 120GB (partitions up to 120GB). So a ‘standard’ HD would not work. And even though the Xbox360 can see HDs & Flashdrives formatted in FAT (not sure about FAT32). I would love to have a 500GB or 1TB for saving: photos to to share in Photo Party (and download from Photo Party), share my music (with friends while playing racing games – i.e Burnout Paradise – bandwidth issues), download ful retail games, but be able to license them to a portable media (SD, mcrosSD, CompactFlash) not just to my new bigger HD. As you said the Xbox360 uses a 2.5″ SATA drive, wasn’t the HD Drive external?

    I was using the Xbox as the hacvker’s subject as it was, most still rejoice on what they could do to or with it. I personally skipped the system as the controllers really did not fit well in my small/medium hands. We can only hope and wait for a larger drive. I’m surprised that HD watchers aren’t demanding it.

    MS and many companies would stand to profit LOADS via Xbox Live DLC and Retail Product just by offering a larger HD. More content (not just retail games, photos and videos), customizing (games where the character could be anything from a human to a race car named Desire), and more. I’m ‘IFfy’ on the retail game download and lately if an Xbox Original that is worthy of playing – I look it up on the net and get the CD to save HD space.

    Sorry it took me so long for this reply, Little Big Planet is quite a nice game, but PS Home is well, has a lot of ‘nothing’ to offer currently. Thank God for NXE.


  • Moose205

    Major Nelson, any word on when the DRM Transfer Tool will work again? Seeing as it’s been over a year and it keeps saying “Your next chance to use the tool will be 6/26/2009


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