Deal of the Week: N+

N+ is da deal

Xbox LIVE Gold Members can now grab the Arcade game N+ for only 400 points. Normally 800 points, this Deal of the Week will be available until Monday, July 13th.


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  • Nex Antonius

    I bought this around launch at 800 points, and it was well worth that price. 400 points is a steal, and it has unlimited replay value, thanks to it’s great level editor. Oh, and there’s three DLC map packs also available.


  • a peeking duck

    CARNAGE RULES: hear, hear. Gotta love the whiny, self-entitled nerds.


  • TheDonWeezee

    Major Nelson: Please let us know when the automatic refunds are supposed to take place. Thanks!


  • Exu

    Good deal, but I can’t help feeling that many of these deals should have been made permanent ages ago.

    Arcade Hits is a joke and needs to be expanded greatly, while Live also begs for a “Bargain Basement” for other pieces of discounted content.
    Not to mention some content should just be free now. Example: 400 and 800 points for a couple of sodding Call of Duty 2 map packs? Ridiculous.


  • moocow21

    At last the deal is a good one that I can’t complain about now that it’s fixed. The game is well worth 800 points, let alone 560 points, but my discontent was over the fact of how cheap a deal that was and how you’d still need to buy 800 points to get it. Now it is a truly good deal though, something I don’t get to say often about something on XBL Marketplace (sorry I had to throw that last jibe in :P).


  • DustoMan

    It’s back up to 800 points on the Marketplace link. WTF?



    How can people download it if the marketplace is STILL down?


  • Judau X

    You know what I think is funny, Carnage? The fact that Major Nelson’s post about the announcement of MGS: Rising only got about 30 comments or so, but as soon as these guys see something they don’t like, they go on and on with over 100 comments about how much they don’t like it (the “Silverlight ads on 360” post, for example). It seems to me that the majority of the members here are only here to complain; they rarely seem happy. Its a wonder that Larry puts up with most of them at all.


  • WinterSnowblind

    I wasn’t a huge fan of N+ but I’m still happy to see deals like this, they’ve definitely picked up in recent weeks and started offering content that people actually care about, thanks 🙂


  • Ark Hunter

    Yes, more 50% off (or more) please. 33% not that great…


  • Mr Knocturnal

    I knew this game was going to be discounted eventually, glad I waited.


  • Warrengonline

    Hmmm…. My friends really bashed me for just entertaining the thought of buying this compared to playing the free flash version when this first came to XBLA. “But this one has achievements!” 🙂 So, I went and grabbed the DS version, nice game. 400 MS, hmmm… Decisions, Decisions….. (wishing for Peggle Nights)….



    Got it for 400 points.


  • As4x

    Are the refunds actually taking place? Because I’d like to have back my 160 points in order to buy BF:1943… Pretty please *_*


  • yoKenny3

    There are some bugs within the save system and there’s a few but constant online lag.
    Is anyone going to fix this? 😕


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