2nd Annual Summer of Arcade kicks off July 22nd


TMNT 2 M v C 2 Blowing things up is fun Trials HD From the creators of Gears of War


Edit: I’ve updated the below schedule to reflect a last minute schedule change.

Last year was big, and we’re bringing Summer of Arcade back with some of the most highly anticipated titles from this years E3. Mark your calendars* with this full schedule for the 2009 Summer of Arcade:


July 22: Splosion Man™  800 Microsoft Points
(Twisted Pixel Games/Microsoft): Fools they were, to tread where knowledge should stay forbidden.  For what emerged was not a man – it was a Splosion Man. "And all who saw him were sploded, for he was the fire and they were but meat." Able to splode himself at will, the Splosion Man launches his way through levels as an uncontainable force.  From Twisted Pixel Games, developer of the award winning The Maw™, Splosion Man will keep you on your toes as you play through more than 50 single-player levels and 50 multiplayer levels. Nominated by GameSpy, Gamespot, IGN, and 411mania, this meat-riddled splosion-fest took several Best of E3 awards including Best Platformer and Best Downloadable Game.

July 29: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 1200 Microsoft Points
(Backbone Entertainment/Capcom): One of the most popular fighting games of all time, “Marvel vs. Capcom 2,” arrives worldwide on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Choose from 56 legendary characters from Marvel Comics and Capcom history, including Ryu and Wolverine. With online multiplayer over Xbox LIVE and enhanced HD graphics, decide your own dream team in the ultimate tag-team fighting experience.


Aug 5: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™: Turtles in Time Re-shelled 1200 Microsoft Points
(Ubisoft Singapore®/Ubisoft®): Cowabunga dude! Marking the franchise’s 25 anniversary, everyone’s favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game is back with a brand new look in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled.” The arcade classic has been revamped with all new 3D graphics, but the same classic beat ’em up gameplay.

August 12: Trials HD 1200 Microsoft Points
(RedLynx/Microsoft): Nominated for GameSpy’s Best Downloadable Game of E3 award, “Trials HD” is guaranteed to get our heart racing.” Put on your helmet, and rev your way through “Trials HD,” a full-featured, physics-based motorcycle racing platformer in stunning HD graphics. Tear up more than 50 tracks and test your metal in two unique game modes: Race and Skill. Create, share and download an unlimited number of free tracks with the level editor, and customize your rider to fit your personality.

August 19: Shadow Complex 1200 Microsoft Points
(Chair Entertainment and Epic Games/Microsoft): Winner of numerous Best of E3 awards including Best Downloadable Game from 1UP, IGN, GameTrailers and G4TV, “Shadow Complex” is the next evolution in downloadable games. “Shadow Complex” marries the quality and depth of a full retail title with the stunning visuals of Epic Games’ industry-leading Unreal Engine 3, and a classic side-scroller. Set in the world of Orson Scott Card’s best-selling novel, “Empire,” Shadow Complex provides more than 10 hours of in-depth gameplay and introduces a compelling universe.




  • wiirule111

    Monkey Island 1.. I finished it several times.. i bought it on Amiga floppy, PC Floppy and PCD CD. I bought it 3 times.. and at only 800 points.. i will buy it again.. 🙂

    I can afford all these 1200 point games, and money isnt an issue. Its just that some is overpriced, and i refuse to pay 1200 points for TMNT for like 45 mins of gameplay, and probably no replayability.
    The exclusive games on PSN is actually overall cheaper than the Live games. I like Live better, but i buy games in both console shops.

    BF1943 was clearly worth 1200 points thou.


  • Anonymous

    Prices are too high. 800 has to be the standard, not 1200 …


  • StefanTheMongol

    Trials HD is the only I think is overpriced. It goes for less than $10 on STEAM. Go get it there.


  • Three0neFive

    Aww… Why does the only game I’m excited for this summer (Shadow Complex) have to come out when I’m 500km away from my xbox at ProgNatoon ’09? 😥


  • sho220

    i don’t comment much on prices, but these are pretty ridiculous. any old game, regardless of how re-done or HD’d up it is, should never be more than $10/800MSP. to me, shadow complex is the only game worth $15/1200MSP. however, i’ve played tmnt and mvc2 multiple times. maybe it’s worth $15 to someone who has never played those games. anyways, i would’ve bought tmnt and mvc2 for $10 each but, at $15, it’s no deal like howie mandel!


  • Rykin Poe

    Yea I agree that the prices seem a bit high for some of these (especially TMNT since the SNES version only takes like an hour to play through). Solid line-up though. Not quite as good as last year though. Last year I got every game released and this year the only one I am even 90% about getting is Shadow Complex (game of the show from E3 IMHO, mainly because it was the only game that I hadn’t heard about before that really got showed off and not just teased). Splosion Man is like 80% just because The Maw was so good. I think Twisted Pixel could be a heck of a studio if they stick to their guns and don’t let the business people ruin it.


  • A Place for Us

    Wow. Any deals coming? No more Arcade Hits?


  • Warrengonline

    THANKS MAJ!!! Now THIS IS HOW YOU ANNOUNCE HOT TITLES!!! Love it man! As for the prices, I’m on my own, but agree with macktiger. These prices are nothing for the fun I KNOW I’m going to get one Day 1+, Hour 1+ from MvC2. That is IF there is little lag on the online play. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD suffers little lag so I expect the same – especially for the price, but then “Happy-happy-joy-joy…” If not, I’ll still but it to have it, but play it on PS3 as it is smooth as butter on that system for some reason and the D-Pad obeys my every command. “Photon-n-n-n-n-n Canon-n-n-n-n!”

    I also agree with r3dreck that 800 MS+ games should have more achievement points added to them. Shadow Complex by Epic Games should not disappoint, so that one is on my buy lineup too. The rest, hmmm… We’ll see. And to the price whiners, hey, remember, Deal of the Week for those games are only XXX Months away. But then, remember starting THIS WEEKEND (not sure if ONLY this weekend for now) you can win prizes on 1 vs 100. 🙂

    Turtles in Time is totally re-worked, hence the price. I’m not afraid of the price, but the new style is ‘not old school’, but I’ll try the trial if there is one for it. 4 Player Co-op online and I’m sold on that too.

    My HDD is getting full…. 😦


  • BrooksterMax

    no Monkey Island?


  • DontStopMeNow01

    all great games…and all about 5 bucks more than I’d like to pay. Thank goodness for the deal of the week. 🙂


  • WinterSnowblind

    @i touch my nuts: What are you talking about? None of these games are emulations, infact emulations aren’t even allowed on XBLA. Games like Marvel vs Capcom definitely shouldn’t be as high as they are, but the point is that the increased price we’re seeing is because games are no longer limited to 150mb, and the more expensive games are typically far bigger, such as Castle Crashers or Shadow Complex, where even at $15 are better value than most full price games.


  • Blue Thunder28

    I was relying on TMNT being 800… now I’ll have to get Shadow Complex and have some extra points floating around for a while… oh this works I’ll spend it in Mass Effect DLC thx.



    i’m gonna check out Splosion Man & Shadow Complex.

    2000 Microsoft Points for 2 games, not bad.

    So they will cost me £6.67; coz i just bought 2100MSP for £7.00 😀 😀 😀


  • Chitwood7412

    Shawdow Complex I may get Trails maybe also. The rest don’t look like my type of game even if they were 800MS


  • a peeking duck

    BrooksterMax: next week! 😀


  • DanMW

    Splosion Man, Trials HD and Shadow Complex for me.


  • Radical R

    i think that people are forgetting that these games are not just “arcade” games now, its not like robotron or frogger, (lol) indeed it aint no joust either, but these r basically proper games but just via dlc. so maybe 1200 is justifiable. perhaps ms should invest in a new name for the service, as more n more of these games are not arcade remakes but remakes of dreamcast and psone games. however i agree that i wont buy any games above 800msp unless they are oober lush! (still need to try battlefield 1943 demo) guess ill stick to worms 2: armageddon for the next 10 weeks 😀

    also where did u buy 2100 points from for that price killer hornet!!?!? :O


  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Thank You Gannon255…I thought I was the only person that knew points come in different increments in different places. Here is the breakdown, in case you are having trouble with the MS pts (US only, of course, as i have no idea what they have going on overseas!): Retail prepaid cards: MS pts, 1600/ 4000, Zune pts come in 800 and 2000 in stores that carry them (Wal Mart). Using the “marketplace”, MS points are in 500 pt increments, while Zune pts are in 400 increments (meaning you can buy 400, 800, 1200, 1600…or ALL THE PRICES OF XBL GAMES!!). Zune pt purchases are easy, go to zune.net, link your g/t, purchase pts. And in case all that is simply too much for you, or you just don’t want points, USE AMAZON! They have almost the complete XBL library available to purchase for “real currency” (800 pts game cost $10)…it really isn’t that complicated, and I have a very hard time believing that someone can buy points for one game, and then won’t ever spend the last bit of points towards anything, ever. And Marvel vs. Capcom 2…REALLY? People are complaining that one of the most sought after games, EVER, “cost too much”? Oh, you bought it “new” 5 or 10 years ago for the PS2 for $15 and its the same? I don’t remember the PS2 version having online multiplayer, leaderboards, achievements, or being in HD? But it came with a book and a disc…probably a relevant detail, THEN, but to buy one NOW, it cost, what, exactly for a new one? $500? I’ve seen them go as high as $800 for a sealed new copy, and even Gamestop sells scratched up used one’s for $60. I’ll take the $15, thank you. And to anyone who wants to complain about the D-pad or how they don’t like fighting games…DON’T BUY IT! Hori makes plenty of good controllers for 360, MadCatz made some nice fightpads (with excellent D-pads) for SFIV, and Tekken 6 even has a wireless Hori, so there are plenty of options out there.


  • xeno3d

    Disappointed in TMNT. Like the looks of the new 3D graphics but at least make it an option like R-Type Dimensions!

    Not having the original graphics is a HUGE let down.


  • Judau X

    1200 points for TMNT is a bit much, but the rest of the games seem appropriately priced.


  • UnarmedGorilla

    I can understand games like shadow complex and trials hd being priced at 1200ms points because of the investments made by the studios into the overall production value of a new arcade ip. What I don’t understand is why studios simply porting old games onto a next gen platform can get away with charging the same amount of money. You can’t tell me that the production costs for TMNT or marvel vs capcom are anywhere close to the costs behind a game like shadow complex. Whoever is coming up with these prices really needs to give their head a good shake. Terrible. F.


  • Red Dragon

    Where are the arcade hits? I cant afford 1200 point games. I will just have to divert more of my gaming dollars from XBL to Steam. Always great deals there.


  • Anonymous

    Not sure what economy Microsoft is watching and deciding it would be a good idea to bump up arcade games to a 1200 point high-end.

    Let’s be honest, there’s only two games in that entire lineup worth $15: MvC2 (only because compared to the price of hard to find console counterparts, $15 would be a steal) and Shadow Complex. That’s it. TrialsHD is a port. TMNT? NO WAY that’s worth 1200 points.

    Sorry, but I’m a consumer that is limited by this current economy and that means only ONE of those arcade games will be a purchase for me at the current price point. Way to go.

    Frankly, I’m getting REALLY tired of being nickle-and-dimed over everything and then watching as things that were rightfully positioned as cheaper microtransactions start to creep closer to RETAIL GAME PRICES.


  • egamer25

    I don’t care about the price points for these games… There is nothing here to interest me.


  • KMetalmind

    Wow, just wow. Are you people comparing a cheap port like TMNT or Marvel VS Capcom 2 to completely new jewels like Braid or Castle Crashers. Do anyone remember the times when you needed to be REALLY special to get into 1200 points?

    Hello there! Online distribution means near to 0 distribution costs, and there isn´t a shop who needs the money. There is no box, no manual… In some cases of Arcade games, even no localization. And literally, you are telling me that is normal that these games cost more over time. Ok, then, as we are paying around 60-70€/$ for each box game since 16 bits era, we should be paying around 100, shouldn´t we? Games like Gears of War 2 surely costed a lot more than any game from that era. But still, they are the same, with distribution cost, shop profit, box, manual, localization…

    I´ve bought many XBLA games (more than 60 right now), and some of them over 800 (Braid, Castle Crashers, R-Type, Sam & Max…), but this is getting stupid. It´s a 50% increase in prices. And I don´t really like any of those games. Arcade wasn´t created to have huge games, that shouldn´t happen at all.

    And I´m even more afraid of 800 point games like Splosion Man. 800? Yeah sure. Wait for 3 or 4 dlc content that´s “cheap” (100-150 points), like in the Maw. You will end up paying nearly the same price tag as the others.

    XBLA games have really lower costs of making too, but I don´t see that in the price. Most of them didn´t have that much developing anyway. Shadow Complex is the only game that seems to be like that.

    Let´s start killing the XBLA. Let´s start making huge games that doesn´t fit the XBLA at all, let´s overprice everything, and let´s start making bad ports in gameplay like TMNT seems to be. But then don´t ask you why new games sell 5000 copies when they sold three times more last year.

    Oh, and if Monkey Island is 800, that would completely spit at Marvel VS Capcom 2 and TMNT price. Both are remakes, and shouldn´t cost that much. Indeed, Monkey Island or Prince of Persia Classic surely had a lot of development cost behind them, but they were 800 points games.


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