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I know many of you have been having problems with getting online and finding a match in Battlefield:1943. I just heard from EA, and they wanted me to let you know that “Battlefield 1943 has been so well received and in such high demand we exceeded our server capacity. I know many have a hard time getting in, but a lot of people are playing and overwhelmingly love it.  Because of this many people at DICE and EA have been working non-stop since the game launched to add more servers so that we meet the demand and keeping our community as up-to-date as possible.  Because of these efforts we will have enough servers to meet these player count demands very soon.”


That’s the latest update directly from the developers. Assuming things stabilize, I also want to make sure everyone doesn’t forget that starting tomorrow, July 10 at 19:43 CEST/7:43am ET/10:43am PST the Coral Sea Community Challenge will begin as planned because a lot of people are playing and EA wants to start tracking this and reach that goal of 43M kills as possible.


For all the latest updates on the servers and the Coral Sea Challenge, watch the official BF1943 Twitter


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  1. exprohoudn: it isn’t odd because EA wasn’t caught out by demand. Read my previous post. EA couldn’t get the credit to build out the network and server infrastructure. Now that they have the money (thanks to everyone who bought it on day 1), they can do the build out.

  2. So happy that I paid 15 clams to see a searching for game screen. Why would I want to play a game… that is just silly.
    I call this a fail on both Microsoft and EA.
    The one time I have been able to get in and play I loved it. Great game, runs smooth and brings back all the good times i had with 1942.
    But the server issues is a fail here on both companies parts no matter how you look at it.

  3. I hate to break it to you, but this will change nothing moving forward. We’re in a day and age where publishers don’t care if they ship a broken game (Fallout DLC) or a game with non-working components (Castle Crashers) or a game that barely works (Battlefield 1943).

    They don’t care because for the most part, you’d have a hell of a time returning a physical game disk, and in the case of XBLA, there are no refunds.

    And since there’s a ton of people who will go and buy instantly, there’s no need for accountability because even if you got frustrated, even if they don’t fix the game, it doesn’t matter, they have your money and its over.

    And that’s why no one learns from these fiascos.

  4. Why am I not surprised…I was going to buy this after work today but I will wait to see when/if they get the “server” situation taken care of.

  5. it’s still taking sometimes 10 attempts to connect then i get 2 matches in and the 3rd i always have my xbox freeze completly up. im getting rather frustrated with this cuz now my dashboard is freezing also. wtf why dont they test these games better hell ive already found a black hole ina bunker on guadalcanel. dont get me wrong the game is awsome but grr on the server issues

  6. The Detective – If companies didn’t care then they wouldn’t do anything to fix it. Your argument is completely flawed because all of the examples you’ve listed were games that were eventually fixed (Castle Crashers taking the longest for obvious reasons). Your theory suggests that companies are an entity of one who care little about those who give them money, and that consumers willingly buy into a product knowing they are being screwed. If nothing was done to fix the problem then they probably wouldn’t make a lot of money…

    I’m sure it’s just as frustrating for a company to invest more money and time into a product that they wanted to be done with (minus small bug fixes). It’s just more of an investment to hold the game from consumers, especially if there is a impending release date that has to be met. What simply happened here is EA and Dice didn’t have the server infrastructure ready to handle the amount of people.

    Honestly I think companies would fair better from these storms from fans and others if they were completely honest with what happened, instead of letting people speculate.

  7. Still takes 10mins or more to connect to a server – and when I do connect, I can only play for about 5 – 10mins before the entire xbox360 locks up.

    Shame on Microsoft for allowing such low-quality software onto your network! SHAME!

  8. Can get into games on my own after a few attempts now, but not with friends, forget it! They need to sort that out asap. The game has also frozen solid on me a few times. Some major bugs to be ironed out. Great game, but severely hampered.

  9. “EA couldn’t get the credit to build out the network and server infrastructure.”

    You’re seriously trying to argue that EA, with an annual revenue of over 4 billion dollars, needed to get credit to add servers?

    Microsoft, take the game off marketplace, how can you continue to sell something that does not work?

  10. I’m so frustrated with how the launch of this title was handled. I bought the game on day one and I have not been able to connect to play. Everytime I try, I get a Connection Error – Failed to connect to EA Online.

    I am also disappointed as to how much preparation EA had for this game. Its like they didnt have faith the title would sell? I think they underestimate the Xbox360 Market. A game of this category is going to be huge, specially when there are no titles that compete with it directly available, for the time of its release. What they should have done, was thinking whatever amount of players they thought would join, and multiply it by a 3 factor and add the servers in advanced.

    I live in Texas, and I have seen a lot of people saying it works for them. Maybe they have the servers spread out per timezone and the Central timezone has not been upgraded yet… I frankly do not know. I just think its ridiculous that at this time and age this stuff happens.

    Last but not least, I am biased towards EA Servers are always problematic. Any game they launch that has to connect to their respective EA Server has had issues. Since Need for Speed Underground, to Criterion’s Burnout this has always been an issue. EA should do like Apple, and invest $1 Billion in getting a decent serverfarm running so this kind of issues dont happen. Because right now they have my money, but I cannot play… Next game like this EA launches I am going to pass and wait till they get their act straight.

  11. Come on guys already 3 millions Kills make the 360 finish first !!!

    if we keep that rythm the coral sea map will be unlocked tuesday at midnight GMT+1


  12. The Ticker is claiming that the fix to Quick Match and Join with Friends is complete, and also says that even more servers are being added… And yet I just wasted 15 minutes of my day trying to play a game is now completely unplayable.
    I can’t believe this mess is not only still going on, 3 days later, but has now somehow managed to get even more pathetic.

    This is not only unacceptable for BOTH EA and Microsoft, but it is quickly becoming one of the more infamous black eyes in recent memory for console DLC.

    P.S. When in the last 3 days I’ve been able to get a game, I am absolutely loving it. Fantastic work, kudos to Dice.

  13. Would people remember that the problem is not with Live or Microsoft but actually with EA. Live is fully functional it is EA’s servers that are having the problems since they failed in system development. So stop blaming Microsoft and Live.

  14. Man I have a crap ton of Microsoft points and I want to pull the trigger on a few good arcade games, and I really want to get this one, but not until everything is ironed out connection wise. And since EA is involved, I am SERIOUSLY doubting it will ever be 100% for this game. When Bad Company came out, ‘Can not connect to EA Online’ was a VERY COMMON THEME.

    I hate EA with a passion. From their lack of enough servers, to lag in their servers once you get a match, to their lack of product support after launch (Tiger Woods ’06/’07 anyone????).

    pathetic EA, absolutely common for you as well.

  15. Am I the only one that finds it funny that, even though the xbox 360 version of the game has all these problems, the coral sea counter shows that the xbox community is beating the ps3 community by about 5 million kills!

  16. Of course 360 is winning…I highly doubt they took into effect the sheer number of XBL users vs. PSN users (or they did, but didn’t subtract “PSN” accounts that are for PSP and PS2 (which is how they get their “we have the most” claims for the online service), and to be “fair” probably had the same number of servers for 360 and PS3. 360, with more users, crashed the servers, and games are constantly full. PS3, with less users, has less games, is using less servers, so the “experience” is better on that platform, but they are waaaayyyyyy behind in matches/ kills. Pick your poison…winning team with laggy games/ crap servers, losing team with better matchmaking and games. I’m still waiting it out…there hasn’t been a cross platform game yet that 360 didn’t trounce PS3, so the contest was over before it started.

  17. I was continuing to get unable to connect to EA Servers, on Sunday. So, I went to an email I’d received on my PC, welcoming me to EA. I signed in, and noticed that I had a bunch of PC profiles from games I’ve played with EA. I clicked add a profile, and linked my Xbox gamertag, which required waiting for another email. Then I powered up my xbox, forgetting to sign in, and started the game, where it prompted me to sign-in to XBOX live, then it gave me another terms and conditions screen, as it had 4-5 days ago, and now I can magically connect to EA servers. It appears that EA has brought PC complications to XBox live, thank you very much.

  18. I’d also like to say that I doubt the DICE underestimated purchases that much. They knew that there would be a lot of trial accounts hitting the servers, but those are only 1/2 hour right? Well, there were probably millions of downloads, and everyone is hitting the servers with their trial time, at the same time. So, EA underestimated the flood of trials, rather than purchases. They can add servers, but as the trials drop off, it also improves the situation too.

  19. Seems to be working for me now 90% of the time. I have friends who can’t join me even though there’s space, and vice versa, and the best squad achievment isn’t unlocking for everyone even though the end of game screen has shown them to be in the best squad for every map. Funnyiest moment so far: Steaming into a falg point on wake island in a jeep, running over 2 enemies by the flag and jumping out and popping a 3rd enemy that i missed on the way in, all the time while draining the flag point. Got 496 points for that game.

  20. I caved and ended up buying it. Really enjoying it although still getting the occasional bit of lag/glitchy weirdness.
    And is it just me or are some weapons in this game massively underpowered?. The tanks and planes don’t seem to have any or at least VERY limited splash damage. Seems like only a direct hit with a tank shell will kill an enemy soldier. Same goes with the planes bombs. I shot a shell directly at a guys feet twice and it did noting. Likewise someone dropped a bomb right next to me last night (I saw it land) and I was only slightly dazed!, wtf!?. I think the first update they do they need to ramp up the splash damage on these weapons.

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