Deal of the Week: Ikaruga

N+ is da deal

Xbox LIVE Gold Members can now grab the Arcade game Ikaruga for only 400 points. Normally 800 points, this Deal of the Week will be available until Monday, July 20th.


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  • Danowat32

    I got this when it was 800pts, a good, solid, if INSANELY tough shooter, it’ll melt your eyes


  • Drunk Ste

    Two deals in a row that are 50% off, I’m surprised. All deals should be like this instead of the usual 25% or 33% off.


  • ArminatorX

    Brilliant game. Brilliant Deal of the Week! “Unfortunately” I already got it the day it came out.


  • krisxx

    I already own it, but good deal. Hey Major, suggest SOTN be next weeks deal!


  • Atomicow

    One of the hardest games I’ve ever played – This game is brutal! But it’s alot of fun in co-op!



    Very good deal, althought im a SHMUP nut so i got this day 1.


  • metallicorphan

    i have never even heard of this,it must of passed me by when it was released

    as i have over 1200 points currently and Monkey island is 800 points this wednesday i may look into this


  • twisted poke

    Good deal this week. Anybody who hasn’t picked this up already definately should.


  • tabicat

    This is a great deal, and although I personally didn’t care for the game, I can see how other people can like it. I’ll download the trial again and give it a shot. I just got 4000 MS points for $35, so technically it’s even a bigger discount for me.


  • K04 Passat

    Good deal. I’ll admit it, though… I’m terrible at this game.


  • Ahmedz

    hmmm….I didn’t get this one yet….I might get it 😀


  • DanMW

    Another great deal – keep it up guys


  • L0rN

    What about the Mirrors Edge DLC? Will it be free as many newssites reported or is it just PS3 exclusive?
    Because on the PSN it`s already Free.


  • xTheTruth72x

    I say the next DOTW sould be Catan. hehe. Still good deal for this week.


  • theuglyteradon

    I bought this the day it came out, it was totally worth it then and it’s a steal at this price!


  • LausDomini

    Great choice. I can’t pass it up at 400 MSP despite knowing my completion percentage will drop.


  • Sneeches

    just added the demo to my queue, will check it out when I get home.


  • rogXue

    Nice deal Major, I think I’ll pick this up. I passed on last weeks, can’t remember what it was. I should have bought it lol


  • moocow21

    Very nice deal, two weeks in a row! I’ll download the trial and see if it’s my cup of tea.

    Last weeks was N+. Yes, you definitely should have bought it.


  • oO MG81 Oo

    Nice to see a genuinely good deal for once.


  • KazamaSogetsu

    And *that* is a deal. Passing on it would be a crime.


  • Supreme Entity

    Wow. I’m am truly shocked. I just might have to add this to my collection. At 400 Microsoft Points, this is MORE than worth it.


  • sepulturas666

    @KazamaSogetsu – totally agree man.
    At 400 MS Points this is steal!

    I hope next weeks to have more awesome deals. 🙂


  • Ready2Rokk

    Sweet game…amazing price.


  • Anonymous

    Got this at 800 points but this is a good deal of the week. 400 points is a steal and more deals of the week should be like this not some 33% off DLC of a golf course lol.


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