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I wanted to make you aware of an unfortunate incident that has resulted in the loss of all data on the Halo Wars Xbox LIVE Leaderboards. This includes all singleplayer, multiplayer and Trueskill leaderboards, as well as all matchmaking data, resulting in the Halo Wars leaderboards being reset to original launch day status.

This was human error related to Xbox LIVE servers. It is not a broader service issue and will not impact other titles or Xbox LIVE experiences. The Xbox LIVE team is investigating the cause to prevent this from occurring in the future.

Thank you to Robot Entertainment for working with us through this issue and thank you to our Halo Wars community for your patience as we’ve sorted this out. On behalf of everyone at Xbox LIVE, I’d like to apologize for the incident and any frustration Halo Wars players have experienced in having their statistics disappear from the Leaderboards. You can rest assured that we’re putting processes in place to prevent this from happening in the future.



  • TidalPhoenix

    lol I’d have paid good money to see the look on the “human’s” face when he realised what he’d just done lmao


  • Freaky Priest

    This is just shows that a RAID is not a replacement for a backup. You need both!


  • DempsyMac

    that really sucks, I hope that MS does something for us Halo Wars players as you know if it was a Halo 3 or COD4 or any other bigger selling more played game something would have followed for the players.

    But really Live does not have a back up, E come on get things in motion here.


  • darkjester74



  • RidinSlow

    A lot of people probably really don’t mind it being reset. “launch day” status should reignite the flame that drives people to play the game.

    Most companies tend to do daily backups of their servers. I’m surprised Microsoft doesn’t have a backup to roll back to.


  • Devastator

    SQL2010’s newest feature when truncating or dropping tables – It will then prompt you:

    Are you sure? (Y/N)

    But seriously, I always thought it should have that when running at the command line, but I digest…


  • SpeedNutCV

    Everybody has an “Oops” moment once in a while. Give the poor soul who made the mistake a break. He or she will probably get ribbed for it enough internally (jokes, owe a round of drinks to the ops group, etc. 😉 ) I mean back in the arcade days the machines would get power cycled all the time and the high scores wiped out. It’s a “retro feature” 😉 !


  • Waagh1337

    and halo wars drops even more in price. it’s already becoming boring as hell to play with a total of 2… maybe 3 strats that people use online.


  • Joergen8

    Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with the Frogger machine. You plan things out, you have your friends, you have a system.. and then it all gets run over by a truck.


  • ExaltedVanguard

    The vast majority of the Halo Wars community is happy about the reset. Even the top players. To quote someone from the Halo Wars forums, “Robot finally satisfies the communities demands then vehemently insists it was a mistake. I love it.” FYI, it was iEchoic that said that – currently #1 on the 1v1 leaderboards and #7 on 2v2 party teams. If even the best (and thus most effected) people in the game are happy about the reset, it probably wasn’t a bad thing.

    That said, shouldn’t microsoft have this sort of thing backed-up multiple times? At least it wasn’t a major issue…. but what if it had been? What if all the gamertags from A-G had gotten wiped? We pay $50 a year for the service…. this data should have been backed up. Leaderboards don’t take up much space, either….


  • ShaggyB

    @IconicSoulJA: “Ever hear of RAID Microsoft. It’s a great technology you guys should use.”

    Um, that has nothing to do with backing it up. That has everything to do with a harddrive crashing and your data being ok…. but if “This was human error related to Xbox LIVE servers” it would have nothing to do with the data being mirrored or not.

    example if i have a RAID1 setup and one drive dies the other has an exact copy of the material on the first drive…. but if i click delete on the first drive…. neither would contain said info.

    I believe what you would like for them to have is a tape back up system.


  • tsrblke

    Everyone keeps saying “there should have been a backup.” Ect. Ect. but as MS employee Raymond Chen once said, no one notices backups until they all fail. It’s possible (no, probable) that there were multiple backups, they just all failed for whatever reason.


  • Murkel Jackson

    I never really paid attention to the leaderboards.



    no big deal it will just take a couple weeks for the new data to take effect


  • ChaosTool8

    I went from tenth place to tied for first. WOOHOO. (considering I never even played online or anything, that’s an achievement!).


  • PhilESkyline

    I think all users of the game when the leader board was reset should be given 2000 XBL points. Nothing says you’re really sorry like giving away what means most to you. In MS’s case that’s money.


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