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Waves 1 and 2 of the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program have been pushed out and we have seen quite a few Xbox LIVE members already download and start checking out all the new features in this update. We are collecting the necessary information for another Wave, so please hang tight if you have been accepted but have not received your update yet. A fair number of you have not provided accurate information (like an invalid console ID or serial number) so if you previously signed up, and have not received the update, you may want to visit connect and confirm your information.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you are still in luck – we are is still taking additional signups.  You can do read more about the program on my blog, or on If you want to get some of your friends to try the new Netflix party mode, get then to sign up and you can try it out together!



  • Col J Matrix UK

    I can’t seem to get on this program at all, when ever I click the Sign up link on Major’s page it takes me to the connect page but I can’t sign up to the preview program and also when I search for it, it’s not there. What’s going on?


  • Unique Girl TM

    signed up yesterday at 4pm xbox live cut off around 2 maybe 3 am bam update and i thought it took a week to be considered


  • EveofLight

    If you signed up and haven’t gotten it yet, go to system settings and and click on TEST XBOX LIVE CONNECTION it will sign you out and then check your LIVE connection and it will ask to update the system (if you were accepted to the preview program). I hope this helped those who were having problems ^_^


  • H3MANG

    i havent gotten the preview program update…
    i really want it….come on major nelson…can you hook me up!!!


  • judas invisible

    Is netflix comming to France ?


  • SUZUKI0179



  • SpaceNinjaDino

    I am in. Awesome. Already spent money on the new stuff. Love the improvements to Netflix!


  • addison84062007

    I hope I get in


  • NeoXDonut

    Got in few days ago, got my avatar a sexy Halo 3 shirt.


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