Show #327: COD WaW Map Pack 3 and Guitar Hero 5

Co-host : e
Co-host : lollip0p
Interview: tephen Toulouse, Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement (13:01 – 27:00)
Interview: Adam Gascoine, COD WaW Map Pack 3 (27:01 – 39:31)
Interview: Brian Bright, Guitar Hero 5 (39:32 – 51:24)

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Link dump (some of the things mentioned in this episode:
Xpal Portable Power

32 thoughts on “Show #327: COD WaW Map Pack 3 and Guitar Hero 5

  1. Speaking of Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement, perhaps you should put out a message telling people you CAN’T change your Gamertag for free by spamming recent players with, “PLEASE FIAL A COMPLEAINT ON MAI G4MERTAG THX!111!!1eleven!!”! It’s extremely annoying.

  2. Hey Major, just wanted to let you know that you misspelled Stepto’s first name where you list the interviews. Thanks for the show this week though

  3. If I get that message, they will be immediately reported for harassment and spamming.
    Then let’s see them try to get back on Xbox Live due to their being banned for harassment and spamming.

  4. “Hey Major, just wanted to let you know that you misspelled Stepto’s first name where you list the interviews. Thanks for the show this week though”

    Did I? Listen to the show 🙂

  5. lol so true. If you don’t like the deal of the week don’t buy it. We don’t really need to see you complaining every week, we know you hate it.

  6. Hey Major, next show can you please explain why my account was banned for a week for having the quote “nuts” (as in as my quote? You all should also revise your policy on not giving explainations to suspensions, a way to appeal a suspension and make it more fair (a person with an obscene gamertag doesn’t get a suspension, they get to change their name). This is a service we PAY for.


  7. I saw “Stepto” in the interview list and immediately looked forward to hearing this iteration of the creative profanities list. I must be an Xbox Live member!

  8. What tha heck, Major?!!
    -Did you record this show on vinyl?
    or do I need a new PC?!

    I think the latter;
    anyway good to have you guys back surfing the FM waves.

  9. The link to your flickr pictures isn’t working. The URL is correct, but somehow it got the link from the line below.

    Nice show so far (9 minutes 30 seconds in) though 🙂

  10. Stepto & Major, you talk about these scam messages, and how dumb***es can get their accounts back, but how do you report the folks who send you this spam? Is it through the option of filing a complaint about a text message or not, because the description there says it’s for harrassment…

    Also, what’s the chance of giving us the option to avoid players without having to say why? Occasionally you’ll come across people you don’t want to play with or against ever again, but to do that you have to down-rate their reps. I don’t want to do that as most the time they haven’t done anything wrong in so far as to warant a bad rep.

  11. @imagined Bug. There is a point in the negative Feedback like “player is too good”, “player is too bad” or “he doesn`t understand the game”. These options won`t downrate the rep. 😉

  12. Two co-hosts great idea Larry!

    I think lollip0p would make a great addition to the show-gram : ) (schedule permitting)

    Speaking of the preview programme, I still don’t seem to be able to access the preview section of the forums, even after re-submitting my gamertag to MS Connect. Any help would be appreciated!


    Adverts are definitely louder than the actual programs (here in the UK anyway!)

  13. @L0rN, thanks for the info. I didn’t know those options didn’t do anything to people’s reps. Still, it feels like filing a false complaint (I know it’s not a real complaint, but still).

    @c333kay: they make them louder so you can still hear (enjoy?) them while you’ve walked away to the kitchen or bathroom 😛

    Go read the comments when R-Type was released, everyone thinks it should have been 800 points.
    Maybe your right, maybe complaining about the price of something is a stupid thing to do, oh wait

    Complaining is something people should always do, if people didn’t complained about the RROD and E74 we never would have got the 3 year warranty.
    Of course something people should not do is start throwing insults at people for expressing on opinion.

  15. The timestamp in iTunes is incorrect. Should be 1:51 not 1:15 which prevents listeners from fast forwarding beyond 1:15 into the show. Otherwise great show, nice to hear from lollipop!

  16. @Drunk Ste

    You’re first comment on R-Type is invalid becasue every week You guys complain that the arcade titles are too much.

    Second, I must be missing it. Where does it say that complaining lowered the price of TMNT?

    Complaining didn’t get a 3 year warranty for the rrod and e74.

    “complaining is something people should always do” That might be the lamest thing I’ve read in here.

  17. @e — What is your veteran status? Six? It would be nice if it showed up on your gamercard on the web because unless we were friends I would never be able to look it up via the dash.

  18. @ABomb I imagine it’ll be viewable after the maintenance and the dash is rolled out to everyone.

    @e Re: advert volume – I heard a while ago that while there are limits in place for the volume of advertisements, that advert providers get around it by reducing the range of volume and then adjusting it upwards – so the loudest point in the advert is no higher than the loudest point in your show, but the lows are always louder than the lows in the show. This means that the average is louder and so you immediately notice the difference. This, coupled with what Larry said about adverts being more in-your-face by nature, gives you the effect you’re noticing.

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