Arcade: Trials HD

Trials HDContent: Trials HD
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) Fasten your helmet…and unlock the full version of Trials HD. This physics-based motorcycle game has over 50 brilliant tracks and amazing HD graphics, in two unique game modes. Customize your rider, unlock bikes, climb global leaderboards, and compete with new in-game friend-scores. With the level-editor, create and share an unlimited amount of new tracks. Trials HD is an experience you haven’t seen before! There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see



  • Warrengonline

    Waiting, ready and willing for Shadow Complex. Should you wait? Answer these questions:

    1. Do you want to ride, do tricks and stunts by yourself? (Yes or No)
    2. Do you want to not play a great 3D-isk game with 2.5D gameplay, with HUGE enemies? (Yes or No)

    If you answered 1. as No and 2. as Yes. Wait for Shadow Complex. If you answered any other way, sell some games and buy them both. 🙂


  • Mongey Mongrel

    This game is awesome. 2nd best XBLA game ever just behind braid . But I finidhed braid in a few days and didnt play it again and I think I’ll be playign this for a while. Some of the hard courses are insane


  • JQ 117

    I have two Words @Majornelson that would make this game Awesome
    “Avatar Support”
    I so want to drive my Avatar on a dirt bike like this game, joyride doesn’t count thats like a calmed down version of mario cart, I want my Avatar on games like this “Trials HD” no these boring card games that just place your Avatar in the corner.

    Someone Go Tell the guys that made “Trials HD” to start woking on Avatar Support, even if its cost a bit for it I’d pay it.


  • Ghost of Kirin

    This game is Excite Bike on Steroids! It’s awesome fun! I loved it! Will definitely be making a future purchase.


  • PsychoFemm

    I didn’t know anything about this game… and when I saw that it was a bike game.. I thought.. “meh”…

    but we downloaded the trial anyway.

    OH MAN! It was so much fun. My hubby and I kept trading off the contoller like the old school days {since it isn’t Multiplayer 😦 }

    we had to buy it. Then a bunch of our friends bought it and I will say .. for not being a multiplayer game, the competition between us is fierce! especially with how they integrated your friendlist leaderboard into the gameplay. awesome. just awesome.


  • DanMW

    This game is great, one of the best XBLA so far. I’ve sent friend request to you guys(who have the game) to compare times and share tracks (in the future, haven’t made any yet)


  • Warrengonline

    Just got around to playing this game today and my finger ALMOST slipped over to Buy Game. This game is UTTERLY AWESOME! The ONLY, THE ONLY reason I did not purchase this game is because I love to share. I can forgive the non-multiplayer (dual horizontal screens for online and local play), but if I made a track, I can only share it with my friends. I can’t boast and tell them to buy this game, but I’ll do a shout out. IF Shadow Complex was not coming out next week this would have been and insta-purchase. The pyrotechnics are “Wo!! Did you see and feel that!?”. If I lived at home with my nieces and nephews – I could easily overlook the sharing and multiplayer drawbacks and purchase the game. I dunno, if some how an update is released between this post and the release of Shadow Complex – I’m IN TOTALLY. It’s like the Dirt Bike game in Thrillville: Off the Rails, only Trials HD is 1000 times better.


  • Big Scooby 82

    GREAT GAME. This game exceeded my expectations and came out of nowhere. I have a hard time justifying a 1200 point purchase but this game IMO is what Castle Crushers or Braid did for me last year and is more than worth it. Everything about this game is top notch. Someone said (and only him) that it had some bugs. I have yet to find them. I don’t think there is one flaw in terms of playability at all. Its a blast to play, it has an awesome replay feature, even more amazing bike mechanics/physics then some of the best retail motorcycle/stunt games out. The lack of multi-player is replaced by an awesome track editor with the ability to upload them for your friends. You can also compare your times or score with your friends on the fly. This is a must own for every 360 owner. Period.


  • rook4eva

    Im gonna grab it when i get some more points.


  • ToothlessFrog

    This game is a blast. It does get EXTREMELY hard later on (maybe too hard), but the game is amazingly fun and addictive. Give the demo a try and then get ready to click the buy button.

    I have to agree that $15 is a lot for an arcade game, but if all arcade games were this good, I’d never complain about the price tag.

    On that note, I am a little worried as I look at my growing list of arcade games (now at 135) what will happen with the next system. I truly hope they migrate the purchased content over to the new system.


  • ManiacCat

    Great game.


  • Si7777

    This is such a good game. I went and bought Trials 2 SE on the PC to complement it also!


  • zorniki77

    Guess this is THE best Arcade game I´ve bought so far. Not many times did I try the demo only to instantly buy the game after 5 mins. No matter the price. This game rocks!


  • HFC

    I’ll keep it to this….A wonderful, wonderful game. Hats off to all involved in making this happen. Actually felt like VFM at 1200 points (as did Battlefield to be fair) for once!


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