It’s official: Xbox 360 Elite Price Drop


Starting Friday, August 28th (tomorrow) the price of the Xbox 360 Elite is getting a one-hundred dollar price cut in the United States.

Here is how the new pricing breaks down:

Xbox 360 Elite $399.99 now $299.99*
Xbox 360 Pro $299.99 now $249.99*  While supplies last
Xbox 360 Arcade $199.99 $199.99*
    * (ERP) Estimated retail price in the United States

Betcha didn’t see that coming…did you ?

 New Xbox 360 Elite boxNew Xbox 360 Arcade box

In addition, we’ve rolled out some new packaging, that some of you may have already spotted in your local stores. I’ve uploaded pictures of the new packing images to my Flickr account you can take a peak.




  • Bender318

    In Canada, we now have the elite for $330 including the wifi adapter and Halo 3. But our arcade versions are now $230.
    But honestly who cares, everyone posting here already has an xbox, and how many people even buy another one?


  • BustedChain

    Major: Next time you are walking down the hallway at work and pass a marketing or budgeting geek who was (even partly) responsible for deciding ship an “elite” console without ANY sort of HD cable… please kick them in the nutz for me. Also, if that happens to be the same person who decided that we are stuck with proprietary WAY overpriced hard drives that are VERY difficult to upgrade (as in MS’ automated tool sucks and doesn’t work right…you still have to redownload licenses for content to work offline)… please kick them in the nutz a second time or pass it on to the proper id10t.

    A reliable 2.5 inch 500GB drive is $80 now, shipped. There is no way 120GB in a stupid gray case should cost $120. 150% the cost for 24% of the space. Getting screwed by about 600% = priceless. Microsoft needs to unlock the HDD and allow it to be upgraded. Especially since DLC is being pushed so hard not just in full games, but Rock Band here pretty soon is going to start pumping out even more tracks. The money is in the DLC, not in proprietary hard drives. I only have a math minor and this is painfully obvious, surely an economist there at MS could figure out that the hard drive is a limiting factor that needs to be addressed.


  • sho220

    HazyCloud said:
    “However, the target demographic will pick up the Monster or some other cable that is ridiculously overpriced. Couldn’t that have been spent on Xbox 360 games or accessories?”

    I think that is an excellent point. I am also sad that no HD (component or HDMI) cables are being included with the elite. Why even call it “Elite”? I also agree that the price of the 120GB HDD and WiFi adapter should be lowered. Microsoft’s strategy has worked fine since 2005. But, Sony finally took the plunge. Right now the PS3 at $299 is a better value than the 360. Even with crazy PR spin (360’s better games, XBL’s large community, etc), the two still can’t be made to look equal to a new buyer.

    WiFi Adapter: MS has have to have made their money back on it by now. Slash the price on it, no one will be mad. USB adapters for laptops (G/B) are about $30. Given the 360’s adapter also supports A, I think a $50 price point is fine.

    120GB HDD: Right now on Amazon, the 120GB drive is $120. $1/gig is really pricey. A Seagate 2.5″ 7200RPM 320GB SATA drive is only $79.99 on NewEgg. Please, lower the price of the 120GB hard drive or allow us to buy, install and format our own.


  • krisxx
  • MartinChris

    Can we get something straight: Microsoft did NOT reduce the price of the Elite by removing cables. At manufacturer level, you’re probably looking at about $3 tops. Not only that, but the HDDs cost nothing like we’re charged for them. Remember, they’re just standard 2.5″ SATA HDDs in a fancy enclosure.

    MS have a strategy where they want you to pay for as many ‘options’ as possible – why else is the HDD-included Pro being dropped in favour of the HDD-less Arcade? To top it all, the Arcade is increasing in price in the UK by £30 ($50) with items being removed from the SKU. Also, our Elite is only dropping by £30, with accessories worth £35 at retail being removed. MS needed to pay for their awfully built machine’s faults as the repair bill has been astronomical – like any spineless company, they’re making the customers pay for their mistakes. MS – grow some balls and issue a product recall. We’ve still consoles suffering from E74 and RRoD now. The design is at fault and until you change it, you’ll be forever fixing them.




    Why don’t you leave? The only reason I hate my XBOX is because of all the little b!tches that cry about it. Can you all just leave or die already.


  • a Master Ninja

    Blu-Ray, built in wi-fi, and free online make the PS3 an undeniable better buy. Microsoft better be prepared to lose a lot of ground this Christmas.


  • SeeUInTheFuture

    Lower price of HDD and make some bigger ones k thanks. Otherwise GOD will fail miserably 🙂


  • ZprivateZ

    Whens the rumored super elite comming Major? with the 250gb HDD


  • Sticky Owens

    According to some news pages, some german sites are already listing the new 250gb xbox lol

    The 120gb elite is the new “pro”


  • MartinChris

    @CARNAGE RULES – welcome to the grown-up world where people are allowed to have a difference of opinion than yours. I (and others) have as much right to be here than anyone. The fact you don’t like it indicates you have a little growing up to do yourself…..


  • Segaswirl

    Microsoft need to start getting more exclusive games announced. Somehow I don’t think Forza 3 and Halo:ODST is going to be enough to sway peoples decisions when it comes to console buying. They also need to release a game that can show what the 360 can do. I’m sick of hearing about Killzone 2 and MGS4 and how they wouldn’t run on 360 because it’s incapable.

    If Microsoft are planning on keeping the Elite at the same price as the PS3 then they better bundle something good with it. Nearer Christmas,they could maybe do a bundle that includes GTA4 and the 2 episodes or something. If things stay as they are, I can see the 360 getting trounced.. sadly.




    Didn’t your mother ever tell you “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? You’re complaining about a company that you think did you wrong or is doing something wrong and yet you stay and support that company. What kind of moron keeps giving money to a company that the truly don’t like? It’s time to leave, Chris.


  • SamF2000

    Yeah the Elite is $100 cheaper now but it comes with no HDMI or component cables.
    Still a move in the right direction though but I feel MS Should have at least included HDMI Cable which cost around $5-$10 in reality. Anyone paying $90 for HDMI Cables are being robbed.


  • Ai Kago

    I bet Microsoft announce they are scrapping GOLD subscription soon and offer it all free…BUT with advertising.


  • IconicSoulJA

    @Ai Kago

    There are more ads on Xbox LIVE than on PSN. The only time I see ads on PSN is in Home or in the Playstation Store. The XMB is free of ads even though the online service has ads. Xbox LIVE has so many ads, I wonder why I am paying for the service.


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