Demo: Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes


Feel the forceContent: Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in India, Japan and Korea
Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) FANTASY VIOLENCE] Live the Clone Wars and play as your favorite Jedi and Clone Trooper in a brand-new story. Leap and slice your way through enemy lines with the acrobatic power of a Jedi. Wield an arsenal of elite Clone Trooper weapons — from rocket launchers to thermal detonators. Fight alongside your friend on any mission, at any time with drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay.


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25 thoughts on “Demo: Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes

  1. “Be careful folks! RT @Stepto Hrm. I spy with my little eye some *illegitimate* ODST players. No early play for you. Commencing permabans.”
    Enjoy your permaban, oO MG81 Oo! lol

  2. Hmmm… Sound great with the co-op and especially jump-in and drop-out feature. I’ll TRY to check this out this weekend. Impressive cover art.

    @o0 Daz 0o
    Your gamerpic is scary mate. >:]

    Rock Band Beatles coming 9/9/09 and Scribblenauts on DS 9/16/09 and Peggle Nights for Xbox360 is somewhere out there, though I’ve unlocked that on my DS and it only gets better!

  3. Maybe not Republic Commando 2, but at least you can see the Delta squad helmets which are unlockable in the full game. From the demo, I’d say this game is going to be pretty much what I expected. Fun, simplistic and probably quite short .. but a perfect father / son game.

  4. It will be interesting to check on oO MG81 Oo in about an hour and see if he’s still active 😛
    Cant wait to get home to download this, might even stop me playing Batman for an hour….

    or not.

  5. You guys are a bunch of haters. Some copies of ODST leaked in to stores over in Europe. He won’t get any sort of ban. As long as the game is a legit version (and not a pirated copy). oO MG81 Oo, shake the haters off. Anyway, I played the demo of Republic heroes and it looks like a early ps2 game. This game is going to flop so badly. What a dissapointment. Lucasarts should just give up on making Star Wars games since they can’t do them right.

  6. wasn’t keen on the demo at all,some of the action happens off screen because the camera has not caught up(playing as a Jedi on the bridge after you rebound the missiles using the force)

    on the republic Heroes part those puzzles were getting tiresome…i hope they are not in the game all the way through the Republic Heroes campaign

    oh,and some of your guys AI kept on getting stuck behind obstacles,which i also noticed on some E3 videos as well,was hoping they had sorted it out…but at least not for the demo

    i am a big fan of Star Wars,but i didn’t like this demo at all..even Yoda started to piss me off in the game

    right LucasArts,you have had your fun with releasing stuff that will do so-so…now get to it and finally release Star Wars Battlefront 3(and no,don’t go straight to SWBF4)..if that means giving i back to Free Radical(now Crytek UK)then so be it!!

  7. OMG.. this game is going to… suck bad. I can’t believe how horrible the controls are. Just when I thought they could never ruin Star Wars again (SWG anyone?) they go and make this.

  8. I played this, it sucks. I tried like 5 times to jump across a simple gap and fell to my death. The perspective makes it very hard to work out where you actually are on the screen. Also the NPC kept getting trapped at the side of the screen. Garbage.

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