Deal of the Week: Lode Runner (800 points)

Save 33%...if you are a Gold Member. 
This weeks Xbox LIVE Gold Members deal of the week is Lode Runner for 800 points. Normally 1200 points, Gold Members can grab it now and save 33%.

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  • Sneeches

    this game sucks. lol that’s still way too much.


  • NavComm81

    Figures, the same price that it was accidentally posted at in the first place. If it was 540 points, I’d likely just buy it, but 800 is too high for a game that doesn’t even remotely interest me.


  • Metal Advent

    I don’t think it’s to pricey, It was a fun demo, but just never parted my points for it, 800 points will most likely sway me now.


  • QualityJeverage

    @NavComm81: If the game doesn’t even remotely interest you, than ANY price would be too high. Stop whining, geez.


  • tabicat

    This is the price it should have been all along.

    I’m going to buy it. I loved Lode Runner back in the day, and I think my kids are going to like it.


  • Exu

    No thanks, this is too little too late. Just like R-Type, this game should have been 800 in the first place. Any deal on this game should be 600 points maximum to sway me.

    Tozai Games: Remaking old crap so you don’t have to (buy it).


  • krisxx

    I was able to get it when it was 800 pts before they fixed it that first day, I found it pretty fun and that it was well worth the $10.


  • Chitwood7412

    I like deals so I will try it.


  • ShaggyB

    Im gonna pass on it but had it been 400 or 600 i might have considered it….


  • TaygetaVendetta

    Was waiting on a pricedrop for this game, I’ll be getting it. Tozai did a great job with Lode Runner and R-Type Dimensions, just asked $5 too much for both of them imo (tho that didn’t stop me from getting R-Type at its original price D:).


  • X Ray Hamburger

    Good to see this at the price it should have been. Now I can finally buy it when I get points.


  • IconicSoulJA

    No one plays this online ever since its release. I only played with devs once and that was it. This game is so dead. I’d like to play with someone, anyone? 😦


  • Rick Dias PK

    IconicSoulJA: I don’t play online because their net code is terrible. Offline play on the other hand is quite good (obviously). I got it when it was 1200 and thought it was spiffy, in any case. This isn’t a bad deal.


  • Supreme Entity

    I could have sworn I read somewhere that this game was to get a permanent price drop to 800 points. (I’m probably just trippin’) Even if that were so, or true, than this game should be even less than 800 points. Sigh, yet all of this isn’t worth posting cause I’m not sure if I’d even still consider buying this game at the 800 point price.


  • BrooksterMax

    Good point Supreme Entity, there should be more permanent price drops please Major, not just one week deals.

    Can’t XBLA make more use of the Arcade Hits section, its getting very stale!


  • PriusGuy2004

    220 levels at 800 points is probably a buy for me. It’s nice to see that a somewhat recent release is now the Deal of the Week. I still think that it would be nice to offer a few more pieces of content per week so there’s a bit more variety for all of us to choose from. But for now…800 points for Lode Runner…FTW.


  • xZepher

    Major Nelson. You never fail to disappoint with these deals. Get something good for once and stop over-charging all the games.


  • rastansaga

    too little, too late. this game is dead and will remain dead.
    a one-off “deal” ain’t gonna change anything.
    blame microsoft’s greed trying to flog it at 1200 points.



    Exactly PriusGuy2004, with all the different gameplay modes, all the developer’s levels, and nearly endless custom levels from the level-sharing community, this game is a steal at 800 points. A lot of gamers probably can’t handle the difficulty of this game, but for anyone who likes a challenging, well-made remake of a classic puzzle/platformer game, you can’t go wrong with this one. Keep the great deals coming Major!


  • yamayamayaamaa

    I agree Deal of the Week should permanently go into Arcade Hits, or at least hook us up with new Arcade Hits (::hint: Crasher Casltes ::hint::). Misspelled on purpose. 🙂
    I have purchased almost every XBLA Deal of the Week, so thanks again to the XBOX 360 Team for these prices, veru much appreciated.


  • LausDomini

    I’m still playing Puzzle Quest, so 33% off isn’t enough to sway me. I’m still a huge fan of the deals though.


  • piderman31415

    If it was like, 799 I might get it but noooo 800 is too much for me!


  • Warrengonline

    @IconicSoulJA, MACPH1ST0 and Supreme Entity
    When I get my system back you all want to try the four player online? Also, Supreme, have you had any other issues like we did when we tried to Party Chat and Word Puzzle? If so, one of the other guys will need to make the game and room.


  • Stininsky

    I remember when the original came out. Got it for free back then… 🙂


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