A message to the Shadow Complex community


The team at Chair Entertainment continues to look for ways to enrich the “Shadow Complex” experience for players even if it means taking action by deleting leaderboard information generated by those who try to compromise our game.

This week the Xbox LIVE enforcement team will begin taking steps against players verified as cheaters. These players have not only violated the spirit of the game, but they have also violated the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use. Moving forward, initial steps will be taken with a number of player accounts that belong to verified cheaters including:

  • The player will be deleted from the “Shadow Complex” leaderboard
  • The Xbox LIVE enforcement team will investigate individual players removed from the leaderboards for potential resetting of the user’s gamerscore. The reset would include all games, not just “Shadow Complex.”
  • Those accounts determined by the Xbox enforcement team to have their gamerscore reset will be branded on Xbox LIVE as belonging to a cheater, and this information will be reflected in the gamer profile, both on Xbox.com and in the Xbox Dashboard on the console.

We believe that our players deserve a level playing field, and both teams at Xbox LIVE and Chair Entertainment are committed to providing the best overall game experience on Xbox LIVE. To learn more about the LIVE policy on gamerscore corrections, please read the FAQ on Xbox.com.


For more information on the Xbox LIVE terms of use, please visit Xbox.com


Update: Chair has made a forum post that goes into a little more detail around the cheating.





  • Thief000

    Me neither, I only knew about the sequence bypass for the master challenges.

    And on a sidenote!
    Do you guys and gals at the enforcement team know what angers multiplayer gamers the most?
    LAG SWITCHERS, like users of the device available at http://www.bestlag.com.

    Those are the worst bunch of ***** I have ever encountered.
    During the last Gears Of War 2 double XP weekend I must have encountered at least 7 people using such methods and I reported them for cheating as well. You know they are doing it when they send you a message with “please quit” or something along those lines at the start of the match. They are XP farmers who want to cheat on the system with bots.

    I’m always polite and reply with a big FU and try to stand ground, because there is no way I’m going to take a -1500XP or more hit for such *****. I hope you have a way of tracking them because THOSE people deserve to get banned from the service PERMANENTLY because they ruin the experience for other players as well.


  • AIaskanGrown

    they need to do this to CoD WaW, its the most played online game (currently) and the leader boards are a joke.

    yeah i am sure that guy got to level 30,000 on nazi zombies in a legit way…


  • Seahawk NL

    It is always good to hear that the fight against those cheaters continues!!
    But what a lot of gamers will see on lots of games, is the thing that i won’t work at all.
    Look at games at GoW 2, and Call of duty etc etc, the cheats are still there, people still flying around like superman shootin the crap outta everybody, Disapearing under the map, and the story goes on and on. And if fellow gamers talk to those individuals, they get cannonized with all kinds of crapwords!! Maby the developers could also throw in everything they got to stop this no-sence gaming!!


  • Langis Langley

    If the “cheating” was a result of hacking with third-party tools, then I’m all for it.

    If it was the use of in-game exploits, however, this is wrong.

    How does one “cheat” in Shadow Complex anyway? Can anyone fill me in? (And no, I’m not asking to try it myself.)

    @z0rk: Agreed 100%.


  • Rdeal

    I think they should go one better and ban them,cheating is cheating no matter how you do it,i know most of the glitches in games but i never use them because it’s cheating.
    People saying they should leave them alone because they are just using glitches must be the ones using them


  • Boe2

    though it’s likely no more than a drop of water on a hot plate, these kind of statements put a big smile on my face :). Buuuuuurn.


  • Langis Langley

    @ Rdeal:

    “I think they should go one better and ban them,cheating is cheating no matter how you do it,i know most of the glitches in games but i never use them because it’s cheating.”
    – That’s ridiculous. If a bug in a game is exploitable WITHOUT the need for third party tools (which appears to be what Chair is targetting), using it is not cheating. If a tactic is not meant to be used, it should not be in the game. Do you also get angry if you get corner-trapped in Street Fighter, or hit with an infinite in Marvel vs. Capcom 2? The latter is definitely not intended by devs, and the former is an example of how attitudes like yours eventually damage gaming.

    “People saying they should leave them alone because they are just using glitches must be the ones using them”
    – Yes, and people who fight for homosexual marriage must be homosexual themselves. Except that I also fight for it and I’m purely heterosexual, which should trump this silly argument right here.


  • SpaceNinjaDino

    So I found a video that shows how to skip the first half of the game in less than 7 minutes, but it’s Chair’s fault for having a method to bypass a missle door. It’s bad design and/or a bug. The game should be patched, but they make it sound like some guys hacked the game or IP packets.

    I haven’t used this method and not planning to, but it is simply an unintentional warp. I had to watch the exploit twice because I didn’t understand the “cheat”. Last week, I found myself very close to the exploit. I just did not attempt the jump since it looked like certain death. Now I need to be careful how much I explore because I might find another unintentional route?

    Real cheats (hackers) should be banned or wiped of their status for sure.

    For this situation, they should 1) patch the game, 2) wipe the leaderboards regarding impossible normal times, 3) remove that one achievement from the user that was wiped.
    More punishment than this would be cruel and uncalled for.


  • Thief000

    SpaceNinjaDino, that is actually the 4% Master Challenge bypass that’s supposed to be there (the one where you vault inside the furnace). Look it up!
    You can at the utmost fastest finish the game in about 30 minutes with this bypass and your score will be far less than perfect. Now if you look at the leaderbords, you know there is something wrong.


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