Batman: Arkham Asylum: Insane Night Map Pack (Free)


Content: Insane Night Map Pack
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Japan
Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) ALCOHOL REFERENCE,BLOOD,MILD LANGUAGE,SUGGESTIVE THEMES,TOBACCO REFERENCE,VIOLENCE] Download this Challenge Map Pack and test your combat and Invisible Predator skills in 2 new locations, the Admin Secure Records Facility and the Arkham Prison Watchtowers


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  • KP ScuzzyBunny

    Wait…they wanted it to be free, announced it would be free, and then actually managed to get it out…FOR FREE? Guess there is a first time for everything.


  • SpaceNinjaDino

    “All available in Japan”? Do you mean “All available except in Japan”?
    Free content is always good.


  • Ai Kago

    That one guy who owns a 360 in Japan will be pleased!
    Its a good job it is free as its just recycling stuff thats already on the disc.


  • Biomonkey

    The combat challenge is really fun, in the sense there is no knife, gun, or tazer henchmen. Just regulars with pipes and the lunatics. FREE is always good.


  • A Place for Us

    Available everywhere except Japan?


    Available also in Japan?



    ^^ That’s what I was thinking.


  • r3dreck

    Darn, just went Silver and no money.


  • Arsenic13

    Free? Microsoft? WHAAAA?


  • Farron

    Bummer.. was really looking forward to this. 😦 Batman isn’t online multiplayer so I didn’t expect any troubles. So it isn’t exactly ‘free’ as some have said. You need to pay for a Gold account to get it, while lucky people on PSN can get it for free right now.

    Hopefully it will be available to Silver users in a couple of days.


  • Makavelo

    free? is this a mistake like the load runner release price? i will get this immediately because tomorrow this will be like 400ms points


  • unhappymatt1

    My daddy always said,”Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” I am grateful.


  • Sly Jon

    @Farron, seriously dude just get a Gold membership, it’s extremely good value & if you can’t afford to buy one then how are you affording to play these games in the first place? Prioritise your funds



    I love the irony on here how there was a recent post about banning cheaters in Shadow Complex, and then right there below Major’s gamercard is a Google ad for modded rapid-fire controllers. lol


  • Hawaiian c

    major you know you not playing odst on your beta console…. btw when is bungie going to release the achievements list? oh btw the cod elite would go well with the helmet. umm i would love to see Gotham i know we going to need a major over hall but what if the it was like gta like the old batman game where you could drive around and maybe fly the jet with this graphics? man it be hole new ball game in graphics


  • wolfzero01

    if its true that silver members can’t get this yet, while its free on PSN right now, then that really sucks & shows that MS will try anything to get money from people.


  • Sogeman

    I hope they dont wonder why the Xbox isnt selling well in Japan. Its because they dont release s$%( there.


  • Avrilphile

    No, I think it’s because they don’t want to buy anything they don’t make themselves.


  • Ark Hunter

    What are you guys talking about? Free sucks. Stop this horrible practice! Just kidding! Thanks for the free maps!


  • hulkster081

    okay seriously guys, if you own a 360 and don’t have a gold account, then you are missing the point. that’s like buying a 50″ hdtv and not getting HD content through your cable/satellite provider and then complain that they are just trying to milk money out of you.

    the xbox 360 is awesome because of game selection and features yes, but the MAIN reason the xbox as a console is even still around is because Xbox Live is the best online experience you can get. yes i have multiple consoles (ps3, wii, and PC) and i still say the 360 has the best online experience. so if you have a 360 and you dont have a gold sub then you are on the wrong console to begin with.


  • ushman360

    @hulkster081, oh please! I bought my 360 4 mouths after launch and yes I had gold. I’ve had sliver for about 4 months now and guess what I don’t really miss it. The thing is I don’t play online much so its something I don’t need. Does that mean I will never get a Gold subscription again? NO.

    Why do they always do time exclusives on content cause they have to add more value to gold some how, and they know there are people like me that don’t need gold! Its just away to convert people to buy gold which is dumb considering they are starting to have some comp. I don’t have a PS3 for the simple reason I hate the controller.


  • unhappymatt1

    Later for DLC and online this and that. Here’s how you can save money and show your strength as a consumer. Don’t buy Batman AA period. Get a Batman action figure and play with that. Guess what? You don’t need to buy CoD when that comes out either. Get yourself a bag of those little green plastic army men that stand up by themselves. Need for Speed and Forza Motorsport, forget that. You get yourself some Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars.


  • Silent Hunter65

    @hulkster081. I totally agree with you. The 360 was designed around Live and MP gaming. It’s like eating pancakes without syrup. Sure you can do it, but it just isn’t the same.


  • Velete

    Just make a new gamertag and get the 1 month free Gold, download the DLC then play it on your silver account – simple

    I had a gold account for several years since launch, its totally not worth the money anymore for the absolutly crappy services you get ( content thats free on its PC/PS3 equivelents, ‘exclusive’ videos that have been around for months etc )

    Yes the 360 was designed around live and MP gaming, but that was years and years ago when their was nothing else availible that even closely resembled it ( except PCs, but kiddies dont like them)

    After all this time the gold service has got shabbier, not got cheaper like everything else around has and MS showcase how far out of touch they are with their users by bringing things out like games on demand games charged at 4x the price they are in your local shop:P

    /me sticks with PC gaming as always, its more competitve and you get all the games that arent even slightly playable on a console (RTS,MMORPG,FPS – arguably)

    If i really need to do some console gaming online ill use my PS3, for free…


  • AIaskanGrown

    Microsoft released something for free? did hell just freeze over?

    i realize this isn’t a big release, but still its free and from Microsoft, which to me signals the end of times.

    don’t worry tho, i am sure they’ll start charging 30dollars for a 15dollar game again soon.



    Nothing wrong with free and the game seems great so far.a Keep those free map packs coming.


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