Headed to TGS 2009


With bags packed and passport firmly in hand, I am on my way to Tokyo today for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. While I am working from Japan, my blogging and twittering activitiy may be a little erratic. As usually happens when I leave the country, e will be stepping in to help with some of the blog posts, while litheon will keep the engine running. I’ll be doing some twittering from Japan, and (assuming things don’t get lost in translation) I’ll also be posting audio from the TGS 2009 Xbox panel (while my regular show will return the weekend of Oct. 3rd.)  Have fun Tuesday when Halo 3: ODST launches, and watch Inside Xbox on your console for my reports from the TGS show floor.



22 thoughts on “Headed to TGS 2009

  1. Lost Odyssey 2 is still just in the rumor stages yet, but that’s a good one to add to the wishlist! How about we get some announcements for more truly exclusive JRPGs for the 360 like Lost Odyssey or Infinite Undiscovery, and not ones that are only “exclusive” for about a year before the PS3 gets a version with added content? First it happens to Eternal Sonata, and then Tales of Vesperia (getting a LOT more content in the PS3 version) and now a PS3 version of Star Ocean: The Last Hope was just announced too. I love that they’re being released for the 360 first, but I feel pretty screwed when not only does a PS3 version gets announced later, but it ALWAYS ends up getting more content instead of just being a straight port.

  2. Heya Major,

    Here’s hoping you guys have some interesting stuff to announce at TGS. I’ve been a fan of the Xbox brand since day one and even started out live when it first hit beta on the OG Xbox. You guys have done fantastic with the 360, but this year has been a bit lackluster, and Sony is looking to catch up in a major way if you guys don’t do something. ODST will undoubtedly sell a ton, but with only that, L4D2, and Forza to carry you through the holidays, I worry the Xbox team might seriously be losing some steam. I hope you guys have something exciting for us.

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