News from Tokyo Game Show 2009

TGS kicked off today and Xbox has just rolled out a few announcements:

  • Forza fans will see the return of the fan favorite track Fujimi Kaido track to Forza Motorsport 3. You can see a video of the new track and more at In addition, a slew of Japanese cars that will be available for Forza Motorsport 3 were also announced.
  • In Xbox LIVE Arcade news, Snoopy Flying Ace, Toy Soldiers, 0 Day Attack on Earth, Bomberman Live Battlefest and RayStorm HD will be coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade.
  • A community unlockable level was announced for Joy Ride, along with three new game modes.
  • South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play! will launch on October 7th for 800 Points

We also announced broad developer support for Project Natal. Many of the industries most creative minds have signed up to support Natal. Today in Tokyo at TGS, CAPCOM’s Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man and Dead Rising, Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of Super Monkey Ball and Konami’s Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series will discuss the possibilities for the groundbreaking new experiences that can only be achieved with Project Natal at a special creators panel. I’ll be recording the complete audio of the panel for posting later this week.

More Tokyo Game Show details on


Edit: We’ve added many of the trailers we’ve released at TGS to Xbox LIVE in HD.


  • Sogeman

    New game modes for Joy Ride? They should start with what the normal game modes are or when it is gonna be released. Start at the beginning not the end.


  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Lost Odyssey II and Halo Reach trailer. That’s all I want.


  • HsitH

    Wondering what Kojima can do with Natal, can’t wait to hear it. Thanks Major!!


  • x2i4eva

    The joy ride part would be better news if it was actually out yet but as it is free I guess we can’t complain.


  • amacvane

    Toy Soldiers? Unexpected, but… possibly awesome? Likely not, but I’ll try to keep an open mind.


  • Aqualung812

    I agree, I want to hear nothing about Joy Ride until there is a launch date. It might be free and even more cool than Duke Nukem Forever, but it is meaningless without a date.


  • metallicorphan

    have we got a date for Joy Ride yet?..that’s the free one isn’t it?


  • Morgon

    Ooooohh. Super Monkey Ball for Xbox?
    The only problem is that I didn’t like the SMB for Wii; but I don’t know if it was the controls or the content, so it could very well work out for Natal.

    Looking forward to it, either way. 🙂


  • metallicorphan


    SMB isn’t actually announced
    ‘Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi, creator of Super Monkey Ball’

    but,i don’t see why not,for that title to be one


  • Str8fe

    HALO REACH will be epic. Can’t wait for the Beta!


  • AlphaWolf Fang

    Woohoo, Snoopy Flying Ace 😀 As long as it approaches the brilliance that was Red Baron on the PC in the 90s then I am going to dog-fight until my hands cramp up 😀


  • r3dreck

    You guys gonna make the new features live at the Keynote (you didn’t have it yet right?)?


  • Mike Kelehan

    I think it’s kind of disappointing that Snoopy and Toy Soldiers are the only games MS announced. I would’ve liked to see a new RPG; they haven’t made one since Lost Odyssey.


  • Judau X

    “I think it’s kind of disappointing that Snoopy and Toy Soldiers are the only games MS announced.”

    TGS isn’t over, though. There’s still time for announcements.


  • Anonymous

    Final Fantasy XIV is all i need to know. fuck Xbox Live’s policies!


  • Boe2

    Still hoping for Radiant Silvergun to come to XBLA, but I guess I’ll give RayStorm HD a try.

    Please? I have a bet running on this 🙂


  • Sneltje

    Nice indeed but Forza will be the bleep and to day will have the DEMO for Forza Motorsport 3 wOOt!



  • darkjester74

    Wait wait wait…You mean the console that runs a Microsoft operating system has a game called “0 day attack”?!?! Please tell me someone else gets the irony of that statement! Great, now I need a malware scanner for my console. 😐


  • Wingman1977

    If what we saw at E3 with Natal is possible and does happen, this could very well change the way we play video games.


  • Monster Warfare

    South Park game eh? Sounds cool.


  • kev873

    I hope they announce Lost odyssey 2 and Infinite Undiscovery 2


  • Maniac3000

    Where are avatar unlockables? I’m still waiting for those despite having been promised at the launch of Splosion Man. Is Microsoft abandoning the idea so they can make more money from the marketplace? That really shouldn’t surprise me.


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