This week on Arcade: Axel & Pixel and Sam & Max Season 2


Axel & Pixel (800 points) and Sam & Max Season 2 (1600 points) will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday.


27 thoughts on “This week on Arcade: Axel & Pixel and Sam & Max Season 2

  1. OH YEAH, SAM & MAX!

    I hope we don’t suddenly get an announcement that Sam & Max is not coming out after all, like they did with Wallace & Gromit.

  2. There is an official announcement at the Telltale Blog, that Sam & Max Season 2 is coming this Wednesday on XBLA. So chances are high we can get our hands on Sam & Max.

    Sadly the Wallace & Gromit release date is announced as “sometime in November”.

  3. What ever happend to Wallace & Gromit?
    They is no way i will ever buy anything from Telltale games again after this level of support for the 360 user base.

  4. bknight2k: I’m hoping they needed and took extra QA time. Episode 1 on the 360 was unacceptably buggy (yes, it could be played to completion, but it was entirely possible to render it unwinnable and force you to start over or reload from a much earlier save), so if they’re making sure this one works well, I’m all for it. I thought the series was well enough on PC, and would have honestly enjoyed episode 1 on 360 if not for the technical problems I hit.

  5. Too much. I won Sam and Max Season 1 and I can safely say it isn’t worth 1600. Added to that, season 2 is an episode shorter! 1200 would suit it far better.

  6. Yay for Sam & Max… I know it might not be everyones cup of tea, particularly if you’re not too familiar with old school gaming. I found the first one brilliant fun – brought back memories of the originals. (ok, it wasn’t without it’s flaws, like there were slow bits as you were walking from one place to the next … still it was quicker than a Mass Effect elevator :)).

  7. its too bad Sam & Max costs 1600 points as I enjoyed the first one, I’ve got too many games I want to get right now, guess I’ll wait for it to be the deal of the week

  8. Axel & Pixel seems to be an adventure game platformer, with a ton of minigames (ie. quicktime events at one point). Braid’s had a huge influence on games lately; Lucidity and this are evidence of that.

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