Xbox LIVE Preview Program: Zune, Facebook and Twitter


I am happy to announce that we’re doing an Xbox LIVE Update Preview program for upcoming features such as Zune, Facebook and Twitter. Much like we have done in the past, you’ll need to visit the Microsoft Connect site from this link and sign in with your Windows LIVE ID that is connected to your Xbox LIVE Gamertag. 

Once you do that, you need to fill out the "Xbox LIVE Update Preview Sign Up" survey in order to be considered for receiving the Preview System Update. We’re asking a few questions about where you live, your home network, ISP connection and a few other pieces of information. We are looking for a good cross-section of our members in order to get the best feedback we can.
The Xbox team will then review all of the applications and if you’re selected we’ll send you an email notifying you of your acceptance in the program.  A couple of points before you head off to register:

  • We’re looking for multiple thousands of participants, so your chances of making it in are good
  • This opportunity is open to all Xbox LIVE Members in regions where Xbox LIVE is available
  • Just completing the survey does not automatically get you access to the Preview Program. We’ll be making final selections from the completed surveys and send you an email if you are selected.
  • While both Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver members can sign up, Priority will be given to Gold members in the selection process.

For additional details and specific requirements, head to


If you are accepted, you’ll hear from us in about a week. Make sure your information on Connect is updated with a current email address so we can email you if you are accepted.


Sign up for the Xbox LIVE Update Preview Program


Good luck!



Update: The sign up period for the preview program is now closed. Good luck!



    i just signed up i hope i get it!


  • I Resendetra I

    I signed up, been waiting for this for awhile. I hope I get in on the first wave this time, but any wave is fine with me as long as I can test this new update out. But I’m wondering like everyone else, why no


  • I Cristiano 9 I

    signed up since 2:00pm but i was having problems to log in mayor nelson but i do it hope i can get in the first wave last time i was at the 2nd one..


  • ObiCiscoNobi

    Hope I get in on this preview, I was syked about the last preview I previously got accepted in. Can’t wait to use facebook & twitter on my console.



    Thanks Major!! ^_^


  • Bawitdaba1337

    Signed up, waiting in line for the big movie.

    Sort of surprised about the content of this update, I was hoping that the Windows Live Messenger protocol would be updated on the 360 to allow multiple locations to be signed in as it currently does on PC.

    Also hoped that media connectivity and codec support would be improved… I would love to enter a UNC path/IP and user/pass and be able to stream my media without WMP or some 3rd party program… Every Windows OS can do this as far back as I can remember, this shouldn’t be that hard to add simple networking and give users the choice to avoid complicated media library setup and sharing.

    While Arcade games are exploding on Xbox Live right now, normal games that I have taken the time to install on my hard drive still require me to put in the disc to play. As this is not required for Arcade games could this be possible for a future update? It’s such a hassle to swap out games when you already have them installed…

    Feel free to drop me I line, don’t respect my privacy settings I have none 😛

    Love all of your team’s work, and I enjoy listening to your show while I work. Thanks


  • SUPER X4

    Alright, just signed up. This is going to be awesome!I hope I get in. : )


  • doomsoth

    Should be interesting.


  • Speed24Racer

    Signed up rock on


  • Louie



  • KefkaticFanatic

    Huh, I guess it was rather pointless for me to sign up, as I won’t be getting Gold until Lost Planet 2 comes out and won’t be able to use any of the features with this update anyway.


  • Anonymous

    Sweet! Signed up.



    Hope to get in the first wave. I did last time there was a preview program. But I also hope grandmothers all over the world don’t hog the xbox to check facebook. (I had too) 🙂


  • Honeycut1

    Excellent, hope to hear back from you guys in a week


  • Goodeye84

    Sorry for the Typos in my earlier post on your site Major thats what I get for writing it via my iPhone haha.

    @Bawitdaba1337 Umm doubt you will be able to ever do that. The reason you have to have the disc in the tray while it plays from the HDD is to ensure that you actually own the game. It’s a piracy issue.

    I hope all of us that signed up today get in (heck everyone that signs in I hope we all get in first wave haha.


  • Twilight Thorn

    Just read in the CNET review of the update that you can’t listen to while playing games. I’m pretty disappointed considering that was what I was looking forward to the most :(. Oh well, I still wanna try out the Twitter app and the Zune 1080p streaming.


  • JQ 117

    Epic, Signed Up! Even My Avatar Is Looking Excited Right Now! XD


  • Dopefish

    I’ve seen a few silver members sign up. Why? You can’t use any of this stuff, anyway.


  • Supreme Entity

    Interesting. I signed up (obviously) and was intrigued by the amount of questions that were asked in this Survey compared to the last Update Preview.

    Manufacturer of TV? FOR WHAT? Model of TV? Does it matter? I mean, what is that all about?


  • X Ray Hamburger

    Awesome, hoping I get in.


  • lightsup55

    Awsome! I’m in! Now to tell my friends about this.


  • Xbox Sonic

    @Supreme Entity That’s all about the display resolution.


  • Dj Ron360

    Thanks for the heads up major, I sure hope to be one of the first.


  • Maniac3000

    I did not expect the inquisition.
    What is meant by “17. Do you have a wireless network set up? *”?
    I have a wireless network, but my Xbox is wired. I’ll answer yes anyway.
    Seems like this will be more restricted than the previous program?


  • dgmn

    Cheers Major – just awoken here in the UK and signed up once I’d caught up on my Twitter feeds .I am really looking forward to seeing how the Twitter app works on my 360 (and hoping I get in to the preview programme again).


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