What are the top NFL teams among Xbox LIVE Members?


Last week, NFL Jerseys for your Xbox 360 Avatar went up on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Now that they’ve been on sale for a week, I pulled the sales data for the past seven days to see what the top teams are (according to sales) among our Xbox LIVE Members:


1. Pittsburgh Steelers

2. N.E. Patriots

3. Dallas Cowboys

4. Philadelphia Eagles

5. NY Giants

6. Chicago Bears

7. Minnesota Vikings

8. San Francisco 49ers

9. Green Bay Packers

10. Denver Broncos


This list represents the combined sale of both Male and Female avatar Jerseys




  • wolfzero01

    so how come MS didn’t do what Sony is doing with the jerseys sold for the Home avatars in regards to Breast Cancer Awareness. if they had I would bought one


  • Silent Hunter65

    How ’bout them Steelers!


  • Lucky 13 X

    Yeah, I was hoping for a Breast Cancer Awareness jersey myself wolfzero01. I have already bought one for my avatars on Home.

    Probably they could have a Charities Lifestyles section dedicated to things like that and Child’s Play with part of the profits of any sales in this section going to that specific charity? Xbox has done several charities in the past such as Children’s Miracle Network.



    i was almost positive that K.C. would be in the top three. Hmmmph. LOL
    GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!


  • eiVaL

    if you made the Cowboys blue jerseys rather than the plain whites they’d prolly be number 1. =/

    oh well, lets get some MLB so i can rock my Yankees jersey an then get the NBA jerseys and possibly some college ncaa football jerseys, an then while we at it, just do every sport available on tv the states available on xbl avatar, including HOME and AWAY colors and alternate jerseys. im now on a strike of purchasing anything not sports related for my avatar now that you’ve finally started offering them.


  • bowski477

    Im waiting for NHL jerseys 😛

    Everyone has a right to spend their money how they want.



  • CallSign Iceman

    Nice to hear that my Steelers are #1.

    I’ve been a longtime Steelers fan since Terry Bradshaw & the boys.

    Go Steelers Go !! 🙂


  • Vice Destroyer

    Regarding your thought that soccer shirts were already available on the avatar store. What is available are shirts with the relevant flag of a country on the shirt. So they are nothing like the 08-09 edition of national shirts. Not even 09-10 editions. And that is not even considering that individual club shirts are also not available. Are you a Manchester United fan? Chelsea fan? Real Madrid fan? Seville fan? Celtic fan? You are? Then you are out of luck.

    So, in short. You were mistaken.


  • VGO ottoman673

    Hey, i’m kind of glad the Ravens aren’t in the top ten.

    We don’t have stupid fans that waste money on XBL jerseys.



  • Steeltrooper58

    I’m also wanting NHL jerseys.
    Go Pens!!


  • Kenjuan

    @Vice Destroyer: Ahh, ok. Back when MS was promoting that update, I just assumed they meant replicas of the official ones.

    Well, that’s weak. Kinda like having U.S. state flags on generic NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL jerseys, instead getting the official uniforms of each individual teams.

    @wolfzero01: Now, that could get me to patronize the Avatar Marketplace–as long as ALL the proceeds go to the charity. I was disappointed to find out that only a portion of proceeds from the Beatles DLC I purchased went to Doctors Without Borders, after being told otherwise by MS.


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