Limited Edition Xbox 360 Wireless Controller and Play and Charge kit



Wireless & Quick Charge Kit
In case you missed it, Xbox 360 has teamed up with GameStop to design an exclusive limited edition Wireless Controller that will be available next week.  Bundled with a Play & Charge Kit, the controller features a new design which sports black carbon fiber with red accents.  This controller will be sold exclusively at GameStop, EB Games and Micromania retailers in the U.S., Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand. 

The suggested retail price will be US $69.99, and you can place your pre-order here. I’ve uploaded some high resolution photos of the bundle if you want a closer look.




  • Beasty Drummer

    The red makes it hideous. You guys should have made it all Carbon Fiber. Now that would look cool.



    @ UnarmedGorilla agree with you entirely.


  • Honeycut1

    That looks terrible


  • hollywood79

    Actually, I kinda like this controller. It is pretty funky looking. I know the price $69.99 seems a bit steep but you have to consider that not only are you getting a controller but a rechargeable unit along with it. It’s a good deal IMO.

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    I like it, might buy it


  • Logic Squirrel

    Um…. not worth the price tag, also that unholy creation is real ugly.


  • SamF2000

    Not really crazy about the Colors, kinda ugly IMO. Besides that I still can’t understand how these accesories are so expensive. Even with the plug n play charger $70 is crazy price. How about changing colors to Silver and black and making the price for the controller $20????


  • Vasilii Zaytsev

    Coming up on the four year anniversary, but the D-pad is still broken. *sigh*


  • simon zephyr

    d-pad fixed yet?


  • SkinnerY2K

    I wouldn;t buy this.

    Give it a month and Microsoft will be banning all non Microsoft controllers like they are with the hard drives


  • RidinSlow

    Here are 2 Controller + Play-n-Charge kit packages that start at $15 lower than this bundle:

    Unless you are really into this design, there really is no savings or reason to go for it.

    Isn’t it about time Microsoft releases a controller with a rechargeable battery built into the controller and drop the price of the current controllers by like…$10?


  • Wulf684

    I for one thinks this is an awesome design. I totally dig the radioactive sign.
    Too bad this is not available in the Netherlands… eBay, here I come!


  • doyouheuyahoo

    Yeah great ! Something for european gamers 🙂

    Errr… A controller for $70 ? So you mean €70 ?

    Ok no thank you 🙂


  • RockNBurn

    No Brazil love? Come on major…
    BTW, when do we get a brazilian Live?


  • CLEV3R1

    I gotta say, that is one ugly controller, is that really the best they can come up with?


  • RockNBurn

    @SIRIUS L3G3ND: The car paint finish is kind of sexy =d


  • DeusExMathias

    Personally, I like the design – it does look like an Umbrella Corp. logo – and I need a new controller as my daughter dropped my black elite and now the B button has almost no resistance to it anymore. I don’t, however, need another Play & Charge kit. I’m not shelling out $70. 😥


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