Call of Duty World at War Map Packs now 50% off


For the next week (until November 1) all three of the Call of Duty: World At War map packs are 400 point each, a savings of 50%. Get ‘em now!



  • Darkjov193

    great deal. can save u a lot of points


  • III Bish0p III

    Wow good deal but I’ll pass. I didn’t care for that game and I’m back into MW in prep for MW2!! Its a very good deal though for whoever has held out on it.


  • Anonymous

    a little late, I just got rid of my WaW a while back. Oh well, its still nice to see some quality deals once in a while.


  • r3dreck

    Sold, and waiting for COD:MW2… it was a good game but packs too expensive, too bad I missed out.


  • PAT2K9

    Nice deal.


  • Freeleeday

    Oh, this is awesome. I was dancing around getting these all weekend. Now I have to!


  • BeeDizz

    This is more like it. I already have them. But i haven’t got them for the kids yet. I will now.


  • moocow21

    I believe they’re still (and always have been) free on PC.

    If you guys stopped paying for maps like this they’d probably have them free on consoles too. But when they are selling 1 million + at $10 a pop on consoles, I can’t say I blame Activision. They only reason they’re (temporarily) dropping to $5 is because they to squeeze the last bit of juice out of the game before everyone drops it for MW2.


  • BillyMagnumFOD

    Off topic MAJOR the Avatar games like dunk tank and foot ball pass are really lame. M$ can do better than that


  • Amblixed

    Better deal the pub games.

    Already had 2 and 3 though, 1 isn’t worth it.


  • Mr Barrel Roll

    Awesome, I held off on these because I really only play CodWAW for the Zombies, but I figure ten bucks for two new zombie maps and a bunch of achievies to go along with them is a pretty fair deal.


  • Logic Squirrel

    Woo, yeah.. no way lol.


  • rastansaga

    shouldn’t have to have had to pay for them in the first place.
    still a rip-off


  • GS HaXoR

    @ rastansaga

    Please tell me how extra maps are a rip off?

    If the developers have to pay people to design & make the map, then they have to recoup the money from somewhere.

    It’s only a rip off if the game content is already on the disc & you are essentially paying extra to have access to it.
    Or if content is intentionally held back for DLC.

    Neither of which are the case for W@W.


  • rastansaga

    @ GS HaXoR
    Well, IMHO they’re a rip-off because the content is priced too high for what is actually delivered. I don’t personally consider Whether the content is delivered via an unlock key or was “held-back” as relevant.
    As I understand it, these maps are free on the PC – and the PC version of the game is also considerably cheaper. So much for rampant piracy increasing the cost of games to the consumer, eh?
    IMHO, over priced content such as this (and Katamari is another prime example) actually harms Xbox in the long term because they deter people from trying out new genres of games. They think “I’m not trying out that game for $30 because I’ll have also have to buy the DLC for another $30 to get the full experience – and I can’t sell it if I don’t like it”
    The extra DLC should be aimed as an incentive for new people to buy the game, not a money grab from existing owners.


  • simon zephyr

    remember the days when developers put efforts into map making as well as distributing it for free?


  • Garratose

    Very good


  • JaggedCrane

    Maps and extra content is made to keep the community active. On Xbox it’s just a way for Microsoft to make a quick buck.


  • Sly Jon

    W@W is a terrible game


  • oAssassin Xo

    I think the Full Games that you download would be a great price at 50% off. lol. Heck they might actually be close to retail price at 50% off!


  • Lynch182

    they release extra maps to cover the cost of developing the game, and to make a shed-load of £££. i’m sure i’ve read somewhere that download content for call of duty more than covers the cost of making it. spread over all formats they must sell over 10 million download packs (x3) @ £7.99. it’ll be a disaster for them to give it away for free. in my opinion they could half the price and still make profit, depends on what microsoft are charging to sell them.
    Also, i think all the maps are made prior to release, and then put on the shelf for later dates. they know that they will be selling extra maps so why wait to make them?


  • SuMeRiaN

    Thankfully MW has taken steps to separate themselves from the disaster of a series known as Call Of Duty. COD2 really got off on the wrong foot, it was months before we had online play and even longer for PS3 owners. COD3 = FAIL WAW = FAIL

    I can’t wait for MW2 so I can put Treyarch behind me once and for all. Next go round I will not be buying any COD games from Treyarch.


  • Brainp0wa

    I would rather they have bundled all the zombie maps into its own pack. Now that is something I would have paid money for. Even at 50% off, paying five bucks per zombie map is too rich for my blood.

    Halloween was the perfect time for a zombie bundle, but nOOoooooooo.

    Maybe I should just trade W@W in now and re-buy it when they release a GOTY edition.


  • StabaCadaver

    “Off topic MAJOR the Avatar games like dunk tank and foot ball pass are really lame. M$ can do better than that”

    Complaining about stuff that is FREE, haha.

    “Maybe I should just trade W@W in now and re-buy it when they release a GOTY edition”

    When was World At War game of the Year?


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