Deal of the Week: Fable II Pub Games 50% off

Save 50%...if you are a Gold Member. 
This weeks Xbox LIVE Gold Members deal of the week is Fable II Pub Games. Normally 800 points, Gold Members can grab it now for 400 points and save 50%.

Add Fable II Pub Games to your Xbox 360 download queue






47 thoughts on “Deal of the Week: Fable II Pub Games 50% off

  1. Would be interesting if they have any Games on Demand “Deals of the Week” – They might be worth the purchase then! – But the Fable 2 Pub games? Seriously? Fable 2 was a short game at best, with very little re-playability (It was a good game, but not “Great”)

  2. I don’t normally talk like this but ….. EPIC FAIL!

    Like everyone else said, this game made sense as a preview of Fable II but once the full game was out, it serves little purpose. Wasting a deal of the week on it, bad Microsoft.

  3. Pub games the deal of the week??? are you playing a joke on everyone, who in their right mind would buy this game. Most people got this game for free by preordering Fable 2. You need to either get better games for the deal of the week or just get rid of the program

  4. I have the feeling that Deals of the Week, which should be about rewarding consumers, has turned into a “cut the price of garbage that ain’t selling” and hope at least some idiots will buy it.

  5. On my 360 it says that the deal of the week is 50% off all three map packs for Call of Duty: WAW (i’m in UK). On it says it’s 50% off Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

  6. Major, I generally try and keep my comments positive, but if Sony is offering Rachet & Clank at 50% off and is offering Pub Games, it’s pretty laughable. It doesn’t take much thought to come up with dozens of arcade games that would be more fitting.

  7. This is bull. Arent gold member supposed to be getting good stuff and being rewarded? Major Nelson please add something that people want. Quit adding crap that sucks like this.

  8. I would have to agree with the other commenters here. This is a pretty awful deal. The only people that could possibly want this would be people that own Fable 2 and, well, they have Fable 2.

    I would love to see the new island for Burnout Paradise go on sale, or even some DLC for SW snowboarding or stoked seeing that winter is coming.

  9. As someone who actually has played the pub games recently, I have to say myself this is a pretty stupid deal. The pub games were a decent preorder incentive for Fable II, allowing me to rake in the gold before playing to make the game less tedious (no working jobs!). And should I decide to start a new character, I’ll use the pub games to farm gold again. But had I not gotten them when buying Fable II, I wouldn’t have gotten them at all, it’s that simple. Personally they should have come free with Fable II even if you didn’t preorder, after all they aren’t even “new” content as you can play them in the actual game as well (The pub games just give you a place to find all the games.)

  10. Wow, this is pretty bad. The only reason I even HAVE pub games is that it was free. No way I’d pay even $1 for this broken “game.” You can keep your “deals,” Xbox. I’d rather have permanent price drops on older content.

  11. Should have been free FROM THE BEGINNING. Also, this game breaks your own rules on achievements since it is required to get the inital 1000 from Fable 2.
    Using this to generate interest in the GOTY, or even you own episodic price gouge, would have been a better decision. Looks like you don’t understand the idea of a PRRRRROMOTION!

  12. Not impressed at all. I continue to stand by my suggestion to offer a bit of something for everyone. Maybe a discount on a game or two one week with some extra DLC to mix in? There’s so much content out there. Why not give people what they want…some good deals. Sadly, this one fails.

  13. You get 1000 GS from episodic Fable 2 and another 200 GS from Pub Games if you buy and complete it.

    Just put on your mind that episodic downloadable Fable 2 is way more expensive than the retail edition with disc and manual.

    And, again, for about the same price of the episodic one you can buy the GAME OF THE YEAR edition that includes 2 DLC(s) too. And the Pub Games, they say.

  14. @Gambit3rd I’d dig Castlevania at a discount. You know, something thematic for Halloween? I choose to make my voice heard by not purchasing this lame deal. Better luck next time.

  15. Hey kids, not everything in life will be catered, specifically, to you. Some things will be geared towards people that aren’t you, in this case people who are now being introduced to fable through episodic content that may not have had the chance to check out the pub games yet.

    As such, complaining about this would be similiar to you folks complaining about poorly set price points on Algerian tapestries. It doesn’t effect you, and never was intended to, so just move on and keep the whining to an absolute minimum.

  16. The game was decent as a pre-order bonus, one of the games especially is a lot of fun and you get some good rewards to transfer into the main game.. But I’d never have spent ANY money on it, even at 50% off, it’s massively overpriced. Again, I feel the need to point out how well a game like Puzzle Quest sold when it was discounted. Good games + discounts = more sales!

  17. Pub Games is not fun. I bought it when it was first released to earn some money before Fable 2. Unfortunately the chance of actually winning money though gambling is very unlikely. The odds are against you. It’s much easier to earn money in Fable 2 by getting a job and buying some property.
    The only time I made profit in Pub Games was when I used the glitch that was fixed soon after. They said that ppl who used the glitch would have consequences in Fable 2, but I didn’t notice any.

  18. @monosocratic – No, you can get the required items from one of the DLCs instead. Which does not count as the original game. It’s either one of the expression or dog books from Pub Games or DLC that you need.

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