The MNR Show without Major Nelson

While I was travelling last weekend, and Stepto decided to try their hand at a show. How did they do?


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Host: Stephen Toulouse (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter

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Note: This is a new version that Stepto compressed. However the settings do not work with the embedded Flash player so you’ll have to go old school and download it.

56:12, 25.7 MB, (MP3


55 thoughts on “The MNR Show without Major Nelson

  1. Well I enjoyed the fact that they totally geeked out several times & with no Major they were able to run long on the geek out sessions. Of course I enjoy it with him my only request is get a system that you are willing to let them play with that has at least three inputs so we can get Laura too. Also please get you mom on again.

  2. For the record, a CNC machine in NOT like a 3D printer.

    A CNC machine is just a kind of milling machine that has rotational control of the work piece (A milling machine gives some degree of full XYZ planar milling, but an arc or curve is hard to do reliably).

    A 3D printer is a machine that lays down a material (usually ABS plastic) in very thin layers, eventually building to a 3D model. FDM machines and rapid prototypers are usually what these are known by.

    The image of the “BanHammer” Stepto saw was made by the latter. A CNC machine would have had smooth sides, instead of the layered look.

    Sorry. Used to work with both, and there are huge differences (frankly, FDMs are easier to use to produce a piece).

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