Demo: Tropico 3


Content: Tropico 3 Demo
Price: Free
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: The time is yesterday and the Cold War is in full swing. Through means devious and dubious you have seized power in the Caribbean island country of Tropico, where you now rule as the all-powerful “El Presidente”. You decide whether you want to use your army to secure your power base in the best traditions of corrupt, unscrupulous tyrants everywhere or lead your people to prosperity in your role as generous elder statesman.


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11 thoughts on “Demo: Tropico 3

  1. Nice to see this on two levels:

    A different genre, of the sim variety on a console which I like AND also they have given us a demo.

    Great stuff, hope to try it soon!

  2. I LOVE this game! I love the controls on both console and PC and I feel that I have mastered it.. The demo is long too and I’ve played the hell out of it. I’ll definitely pick it up when its 30 or so dollars used.. though I want it now. Very addicting.

  3. This game is awesome. However I already bought it on PC. One of the rare startegy/tycoon/city building games thats done well and isn’t just a quick gimmick game to make a few bucks.

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