Headed for Hawaii


The Inside Xbox crew and I are on are way to Maui, Hawaii for the 26th Annual EA Sports Maui Invitational that kicks off this weekend. I’ll be hosting a reception on Saturday night with all of the teams that are participating in the tournament, and working on some videos during the few days we will be on the island.  Watch Inside Xbox for our reports from event and see a few of the sites and sounds of this tropical paradise.  If you are an Xbox LIVE Member in Maui, send me an email (Major at Xbox –dot-com) and maybe you can show the Xbox team around your island.



  • Hedfix

    Return Flight: 4,000,000 Microsoft Points

    Extra ‘EA’ Party Island: 2,000,000 Microsoft Points

    Getting robbed by EA’s ‘extra’ content: Priceless


  • Perixon

    Major, will Scandinavia get your US Inside Xbox updates or will we (still) continue to get the UK whiny Inside Xbox shows? :/ We’d like the real deal (meaning you 🙂 and not those British… uhm, “blokes” in our updates.


  • ideal rep

    I wish I was going,Great tanning weather…


  • Anonymous

    You lucky SOB, have a safe trip Major!


  • uG I Shauny

    Sweet have fun Larry and can’t wait to see your videos. Have fun and good luck to the teams


  • Lucky 13 X

    Hawaii must be nice around this time of year.
    You and the team have fun.


  • Spargo CXVII

    Aloha Major


  • Major Berzerker

    You must really hate your job. Oh wait, that’s wrong. “I” hate you.


  • xo maro

    Have a great time 🙂


  • JoeTheCrazyOne

    What a tough job you have. Although I bet the Hawaii trip will be a little easier than the one to Iraq was. Have fun!


  • RICE md

    Didn’t EA just let go of 1500 people?


  • Khufu23

    There’s always someone worse off than yourself… in your case its everyone on the planet! You lucky person you!
    Safe trip. =)


  • BeeDizz

    Nice to see my $50 a year for Live goes to good use.


  • metallicorphan

    Perixon-Acey Bongos,Mr Pointyhead and Superkaylo are great,i love their shows


  • Hawaiian c

    hey major side note its been a down poor here so get a rain coat but they say mite be sunny by the weekend btw enjoy your stay ps if you know someone here lol ask them to get you the kaimana rates hehe i think its %20 off on some rooms


  • mchiefvs360

    enjoy mr.hryb, we’re getting a show from your co-hosts; right?


  • HenkvdWeerdt

    Hopefully a complete story in the next Major Nelson Show


  • Velete

    Whats with the pepsi ads that have started appearing on the ‘inside xbox’ tab?, their not related to anygame or promotion currently ongoing – its just an auto-play commercial that loops forever!


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